Saturday, November 9, 2019

Happy Birthday Balloons

I made a card for my grand nephew so is celebrating a birthday.

I cut a stack of balloons with a thin die.  I don`t have credits for the die as I bought it second hand.

I cut gold and blue glitter ones, pearl ones, felt ones and velvet paper ones.  Lots of textures on this card. 

I started with the bottoms ones then layered them.  Several top ones are mounted with 3D foam tape.

I cut the greeting with Dee's Distinctively Happy Birthday thin die.  I used heavy white card stock.  I then glued the words to a piece of vellum.  I used tape runner adhesive which I could rub off the areas around the letters. i used double sided tape behind the letters to adhere the vellum.

Added a bit of highlights on the edges with a navy stamp pad. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Few Renovations - Done!

Since my renovation in the kitchen a couple of years ago I had flooring and painting on my to do list.

I knew how having things white and light improved the feel of the space.  I replaced the burgundy shower curtain in the bathroom about 4 years ago and that helped so much.  In 2017, I painted the center panels of the kitchen cupboards which improved the feel in the space.

The front hall bypass closet doors and the bi-fold doors on the laundry area had wood grain similar to the kitchen cupboard doors.  The large bedroom closet doors as well had the same pattern.  I really wanted to paint these.

Well, this fall was the time! I started with the laundry area bi-fold doors.  I had to mask the metal frame then I applied 1 coat of high hide primer followed with 2 coats of interior paint.

I changed the knobs on the doors with something more appropriate. I chose white ceramic with a metal plate.

The next project was the bypass doors on the front hall closet.  Again, a lot of masking of the metal frames.  I chose to paint them hanging in place as I was not sure I could take down the doors.  These received 3 coats of paint as well.

As you can imagine my right arm got a huge work out.  Painting makes a big difference which many DIY shows spout the principle and now I know it first hand.

The bedroom closet doors are twice the size of the front hall so it was double the amount of 3 coats of paint.

I replaced a broken plastic glider one of these bedroom closet doors which has wobbled for years.  Yeah!

I have wanted hard flooring in the front hall for several years.  In recent years I was convinced vinyl flooring was the answer.  I chose this flooring from Divine Flooring.  I wanted a warm grey color in a wood grain pattern in vinyl planks. After visiting the show room I took 3 samples home.  I put natural LED lights in the front hall and chose the flooring based on that lighting.  The hall gets very little natural light. This is is called Missouri Breaks from the Voyage II line.  The planks are 8.5 inches wide and 5 feet long.  This is a click installation.

I chose a very simple moulding which is 3/8 by 1 1/4 inches tall.  It was painted the color of the walls.  It was glued to the wall which allows the flooring to move as it needs.  The crack at the top along the wall was caulked and then I painted white with a small foam brush and the wall paint.   The flooring and moulding was installed by professionals. It looks amazing.

There are a couple of pieces I want to paint in the front hall.  The small bench at the front door which my Mom made for me years ago will be painted as well as the mirror also made by my Mom will get a new color.  I want to create an art shelf in the living room so that has been put on the to do list.

I am looking at a warm dark grey with a blue hue.  I brought a few paint samples and need another couple before I decide.

I hung some of my framed photography in the hall.  I have decided that I will be using this about 4 square foot place in the front hall as my photography studio.  Nothing will live in the space on a regular basis.  I can add tables, props, fabric and whatever else I need, set up my tripod from either direction, it has good light which will contribute to a super space.  I take macro photography regularly for the Macro Monday Challenge on Flickr.  You can check my photo stream.

There were changes made in the bathroom as well.  I covered the hole made in the wall behind the vanity by the plumbers in January.
I bought a 24x24 inch piece of dry wall, measured to make the holes for the isolation valves and screwed the pieces to the existing dry wall.

After being able to replace the sink without changing the vanity in January the doors on it were on the paint list as well.  Again, 1 coat of high hide primer and 2 coats of interior paint.You can check out the white shower curtain mentioned earlier.

I added a Battenburg linen and a wide low glass bowl on the shelf in the front hall.  I have put turquoise related potpourri for now.  Once the mirror is painted that may change and it could be changed seasonally as well.   I am looking forward to putting my small nativity on the shelf for Christmas time.

It has been a huge learning experience. I'm really happy with this renovation!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Photo Blogging Challenge - Liquids

I'm joining the challenge for October which is liquid.

This was a shot taken this month for one of my challenges on Flickr.

I placed some water and a bit of blue color into a pretty clear glass jug. 

I then added a mirror and chose netting to provide a soft background.

I love the oval stopper in this jug.  The movement of the color in the water was interesting. 

I went on a photo taking afternoon with my aunt.  We headed for the river that afternoon. 

The leaves were yellow and red, the animals were enjoying time near the water, and the weather was really wonderful.  We spent several hours with our cameras and walked a good portion of the river downtown.

This is a reflection of a reed in the water with the ripple produced by a muskrat very close nearby.  I missed him because I was focused on the reflection.

I love the cream creating a pattern in the Roobois Chai Tea held in a Chines tea vessel.

This was breakfast one morning this the month.   This is whole wheat cereal, yogurt, bananas and milk.

I am working on a caffeine free tea since my doctor has recommended this approach.

I will have more on a Masala Chai Rooibos tea later.

I use liquid honey was the sweetener in my tea each day. 

I buy it from an apiary which is located in the small town in which I grew up as a kid.  I find the price in grocery stores is very expensive and I rather spent my money support local businesses.

I have known these folks for years and trust their product.

I warmed it up a little to get it to run smoothly. 

It is yummy!

Water is a regular part of my daily routine.  I down a glass of warm water first thing in the morning before eating anything.

I try to have several 8 oz glasses of water a day. 

I decided to include an orange straw as a nod to Halloween today.

It is held in a crystal glass with straight cuts along the outside.  I love how the line of the straw is offset by the pattern in the glass

Sharing PJ's LilHooHaa Photo Blogging Challenge

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sewing Project - Quilt 6 - Yellow, White and Navy

I finished another quilt yesterday.  I am using those Crushed Curry floral squares again. You can see the first quilt where I used them.  That was a great deal on fabric.  I have enough for another quilt.

Final Size: 40.50W x 54.00T inches

Technique: QAYG Mom Style

Colors: Yellow, Embossed White and Navy

Squares: 9.5 inches

I decided to quilt as you go the columns this time.  A process my Mom shared with me. It will be more efficient in time and involves not cutting the backing and batting into small pieces.  The columns were sewn together with a pair of squares in matching colors as shown on the left. The backing was left in one large piece and I starting quilt on the left hand side.  On the first column you have a roll of backing and batting in the throat of your machine but as you move right the bulk ends up to the left of the needle.  The first seam was the first column and the navy strip then I ironed the strip over and added the 2nd column.  Stitched again and iron that one over to the right. Left to right goes like this: Column 1, Navy strip, Column 2, Column 3, Navy strip, Column 4

Quilting: Diagonal across the 9.5 inch squares in a pattern which makes these large diamond shapes in the center panel.

Binding: Navy at 2.5 inches.  Sewn to the front, folded to the back and finished from the front to catch the fold over on the back.  Makes a really nice finish on the front.

I decided to leave the striped flannel as the backing to provide a warm and soft layer.

I paired the yellow floral squares with white embossed fabric which adds to the quilt but not another color. Coordinates with the pattern in the yellow squares.

I was limited in the amount of flannel I had so I made it 6 squares tall and 4 squares wide.  I wanted to increase the width so I added 2 navy stripes which helped to bring the navy I was going to use for the binding.

Lessons Learned:
  • This process is definitely faster in putting the quilt together.  
  • I have decided to use a neutral thread on the inside seams. I am getting some cones of thread from a lady at quilt group.  Grey, Black and White.  That will help a lot. Thread is expensive.
  • Adding another row of squares helped with the symmetry in the design of this quilt.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Photo Cards - A2 - Appreciation Gift

I put together a few photo cards as a gift for our pastors.  October is Pastor Appreciation month and we got them a cake and we expressed our appreciation for all they do for us.   Cards are always nice for communicating with those far away or wanting to do it with a handwritten note.  All popped into a gift bag and ready to go.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Ready 2 Go Christmas Stack Kit - Set 13

I started with a light blue card base.

I adhered a lavender card stock layer leaving a small border.

I recycled a card with an angel announcing the birth of Jesus.  I added a gold star brad over the one on this layer.  It was adhered to the card front.

The greeting was color printed on blue card stock and fussy cut to the border. It was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

A quarter sheet insert with a seasonal sentiment was added to the inside of the card.

More purple for this card in a deep colored card stock which works with the tail feathers.

I added a white layer leaving a small border.

I added the iridescent purple snowflake with a purple small brad onto the silver greeting layer.  It was then adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

A quarter sheet insert with a seasonal sentiment was added to the inside of the card.

Another shade of purple for this card.  I chose a grape color textured card base.

I then layered a warm green layer to the card front leaving a small border.

I added the small gold star brad to the Holy Family layer then it was adhered to the card front.

The greeting was color printed on warm white card stock and fussy cut to the border. It was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

A quarter sheet insert with a seasonal sentiment was added to the inside of the card.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Ready 2 Go Christmas Stack Kit - Set 12

I started with the water color layer that I had leftover from this set of cards.

I printed my Bethlehem design onto vellum and embossed it with gold powder.  They were cut to 3.5 inches square.  It was aligned behind the hole in the layer created with the Stampin Up Window Frame thinlit and taped in place.

The vellum greeting was created in the same way as the Bethlehem.  I ripped the top and bottom edges.  It was layed across the water color layer and the ends pressed to the back and taped down.

The water color layer was mounted to the white card front with 4 pieces of 3D foam tape.

A quarter sheet insert with seasonal sentiment was adhered to the inside of the card.

I started with the Holy Family Ornament which I made for a project last year.  There were a few leftovers.

I chose to keep the card quite neutral to allow the ornament to shine.  I picked a kraft card base.

I added designer paper layer by Creative Imaginations - The Studio Barn.  It is just an ivory background with texture printed on it.  It is cut to 4.00 x 5.25 inches.

I added an cream and gold 1/8 th inch ribbon across the DSP layer with the ends tape to the back. I tied a short length to simulate a bow on the right hand side.

This layer was adhered to the card front.

I then mounted the ornament to the card front with 3D foam tape.

A quarter sheet insert with seasonal sentiment was adhered to the inside of the card.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

R2Go Christmas Card Stack Kit - Set 11

I started with a dark teal card base of textured card stock.

The silver layer is metallic card stock cut to 4.00 x 5.25 inches.  It is adhered to the teal card front.

I trimmed the teal foiled ornaments recycled Christmas card to 3.75 x 5 inches.  I managed to keep the essential elements.

I placed 3 teal snowflake sequins on the teal ornament layer and made holes with a push pins and inserted tiny round pewter brads to hold them in place. I pressed the prongs apart on the back.

The teal ornament layer was then adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

A quarter sheet insert with a Christmas sentiment is included in the kit.

The card started with a set of recycled Christmas cards each a little different.

I chose a warm grey card base to repeat the color in the pencil drawings on the card.

I placed some red metallic paper on the bottom half of the card which was adhered then trimmed to the card edge with scissors.

The card layer was then adhered with 3D foam tape.

These look great!

Ready 2 Go Christmas Card Kit - Set 10

Working on card kits for my stack card class on November 4th.

I started with a red card in the landscape orientation.

I added a piece of red plaid metallic paper which was cut to 4.00 x 5.25 inches and adhered to the front

I added the Christmas green tree brad to the gold foil NOEL label cut with the Stampin Up Apothecary Framelits. I made a hole with a push pin, inserted the brad and pressed the prongs apart at the back. I added 2 pieces of 3D foam tape and adhered it to the card front.

The gold fabric snowflake was adhered in the top left hand corner with a Bling Zot.

I started with a red card in the portrait orientation.

I cut a layer of green card stock to 4.00 x 5.25 inches.  I added a length of red cotton ribbon aligned left of center and taped the ends to the back. The layer was then adhered to the card front.

The musical holly accent square as adhered to the card front over the ribbon with 4 pieces of 3D foam tape.

I added a greeting in the bottom right hand corner.  It was color printed and punched out with the Stampin Up Modern Label punch.

It was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

You can check out my R2G card kits on the tab above.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Exchange Cards

I started with a warm mustard yellow card base.

A piece of Serendipity paper in warm earth tones was aligned along the left hand side. 

I layer 2 oval die cuts in graduated sized to create an accent layer.  I added a brown Tim Holtz Tattered Leaves die cut in the center.

The greeting was color printed onto bright yellow card stock.  I trimmed and flagged the right hand side end.  It was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

I applied some brown chalk as need to blend the elements together.

I chose a deep warm blue card base.

I added one of my large greeting layers trimmed to 4.00 x 5.25 inches.

I added teal handmade paper flowers by Prima held in place with silver sequins and silver tiny brads.  I placed around the card front as I wanted.  This layer was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

These are off to my partners.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Recent Photos

I attended the Grand Opening of this antique store on Saturday. There were a lot of folks who dropped by to say Congrats to Alex Archbold who owns this great store. 

I have been checking out his Curiosity Inc YouTube channel since the spring.  I was looking for antique stores here and his store came up.  He bought this store which was built in 1913, made some renovations, and filled it with great stuff. 

You can check his channel to read about his adventures in finding treasures, the Potter's House, and helping others who need a hand up in life.  I can't wait to see the cutest panel van he has purchased as his delivery van on the road!  Check out the store if you are in the area.

This is the book on my night stand these days.   It has been there for a while as it different kind of reading than fiction.

I have renewed my commitment to meditation as a way to relax before bed which helps to get a good night's rest.  I found a couple of music mpg which are a very nice way to end the day.  Away from the TV and computer screen.  I have put them on my MP3 player.

It was election day here so I went early in the morning.

I visited a couple of parks on Saturday since the weather is still nice. 

The colors are interesting as the leaf on the left is what we normally expect but I found these Maple Tree seeds which looks silvery and sparkly.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Welcome to my Kitchen & Card Making

We had our ladies fellowship group meeting today.  I forgot my camera so I don't have photos of the delicious food we were served.  I bring my own tea these days as I am drinking caffeine free.  One of my favorites is Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings.  I have been adding one of these and a Rooibos tea bag and steep them together.  I add a bit of honey and cream and it works.

Not the same as my favorite black tea which is Masala Chai from Chai Wallahs.

I hope they design a Rooibos version because the flavor is the best.

Following our time of fellowship a couple girls stayed and we made cards.  One girl had bought an All Occasion Stack Kit and the other brought a Christmas Stack Kit she purchased last year but did not put together.

I started some Thank You cards for when I visit Compassion House in November.

I started with a Soft Suede card base.

I added some designer paper measuring 4.25x5.5 inches.

I added a warm teal label cut with the Stampin Up Apothecary Framelits.

Then I placed an oval cut with Nestabilities of a ship on the seas. 

The greeting is warm teal as well which was color printed on ivory and punched with the SU Decorative Label punch which was adhered with 3D foam tape.

I started with a dark warm teal card base.

I added a couple pieces of designer paper in a warm Bermuda Bay color.  I had some nice texture on it.  They were adhered to the top left and bottom right of the card front.

I added an aqua circle onto which I mounted a white silk flower held in place with a gold glitter star brad.  It was placed to overlap the DSP pieces.

I added a greeting printed in warm green tone and punched with a circle punch.  It was adhered with 3D foam tape.

I added 3 gold flower sequins on the bottom edge of the left designer paper piece.  These are held in place with Bling Zots.

I started with a royal blue card base.

I added a piece of Serendipty paper in blue tones which has been embossed with the a swirl folder.  I placed it aligned on the left.

The greeting was color printed then I ripped the top and bottom edge and adhered it to the card front with 3D foam tape.

I added a green raffia bow along the right edge of the serendipity layer.  It is held in place with a tiny gold brad.

The card on the below has similar pieces just put together a little differently.  The Serendipity layer was adhered along the bottom edge.

The greeting was color printed, cut square and adhered to the right hand side. 

I added a piece of navy seam binding and trimmed the edges.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Fundraiser - Caramel Popcorn Bowls

Our art group is having a Dessert Auction and Paint Battle tonight to raise funds for our programming.

I was going to be away this weekend but my plans changed so I decided to at least donate some desserts to the auction.

I have been making this famous Caramel Popcorn for many years and I can almost make in my sleep.  With a last minute plan I could whip some of this up in a hurry. 

I purchased some bowls with wide mouths to ensure the max amount of treat in these bowl.

I has peanuts and almonds in my version.

It is well covered with caramel and is mouth watering.

I wrapped the bowls in cellophane, tied them with wide ribbon and added a tag with the ingredients.

I hope the event goes really well.

Dropping these off this morning.