Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sewing Project - Coin Purse V2

I created my Coin Purse V2 today.  Based on the first one I did in Sept 2019 I decided some improvements could be implemented.  You can check  Coin Purse V1

The changes were:
1) More durable fabric
2) Stiffer backer
3) Different closure

I lost the original pattern and there was no documentation in my Project Binder so I had to redraw the pattern.  Thank goodness for my blog where I had a photo of the measurements. 

I decided to use the dark green of my jacket for this project as it will be durable.  I chose a white satin for the inside so that I can see what coins I have. For the backer I used a 3" piece of stiff pellon as well as this thin 3" circle of plastic I found in my stash of old stencils.  The measurements include the .25 inch seam allowance.
I used Velcro instead of snaps as the closure.  That was able to be added with machine stitching which was faster.  I added a pull tab in the seam for the top which gives better leverage with Velcro closure.  

I ended up with the pieces of batik fabric on the inside of the purse because I miscalculated when putting my layers together so I just added another small piece to the front.  It will fray as I use the purse and become more organic in the process. I have made great use of the 2 small pieces of batik I got for free at the ReUse center.
The pouch part is created by hand stitching the corners together. You have to figure out how far to go based on how the folds meet in the middle. I just lucked out on mine.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Birthday Card for a Teen

I started with the polka dot designer paper squares which were corner rounded on 2 corners.  I layered those onto corresponding blue card stock squares.

I chose a medium blue card base.  I added a bright green designer paper layer leaving a large border.

I added a rick rack accent which involved my twisting together blue and white rick rack and then ironing it flat.  It goes right around the card and is joined under the scallop greeting.

A scallop circle in the same blue card stock with a 1 3/8 inch circle greeting in blue and white.  Adhered with 3D foam tape.  The corner rounded squares were adhered with 3D foam tape too.   This one will get there in time for her birthday.

The Other Day Captures

Spring is here! 

She continues to bring forth new life as tender shoots burst through the ground, tiny purple flowers were in the sunniest spot, and the harbinger of spring the American Robin is back with her song. 

My walks on the weekend were better than during the week for having people around.  I really enjoyed them with only seeing a few people social distancing so I could concentrate on the photography.

These are a few of the pieces I was able to put together in my puzzle in 4 days. 

I have decided that puzzle making is not for me right now.  It takes precious space which I would rather use for sewing.

The pieces all went back into the box and it will go to my brother in law who makes the all the time.  It may go to Dad after that.  Not sure the subject matter would be appealing to Dad.

This was a great book.  We follow Hannah in the 1930's just before the Second World War was declared.  She is a Jew living in Germany so of course life is changing fast.  A new normal is in place for her.  Interesting parallel to our lives today. 

Anna is the great grand daughter living in 2014 in New York. On her 12th birthday she receives a few photographs from Cuba.   What is this?  Her father died in 9/11 so it is her mother and her.  Her mother has not recovered from the loss of her husband so Anna is her caretaker.

The MS St. Louis cruise ship features in Hannah's story.

The photographs help to encourage Anna's mother and they plan a trip to Cuba. The stories come together and now they are linked becomes clear.

For me, the story comes across about living life defeated and not fighting back for the mothers of both of these 12 year olds.  I am blessed to say that grief has not visited often.

I put a few pretty things on the window sill this week.  Mostly dried stuff: dried wheat stalk, feathery greenery and curvy grasses. The ones on the right are dried seed heads from some flowers.  One yellow daisy showed up for my photography.

I was reminded of a book I took out of the library a few years ago called Window Sill Art.  You can check out my earlier post with the link above.

It became clear that I need to wash my windows.

Flickr Macro Monday theme this well was WindowSill so that is why I have been putting things out all week.  I love the morning sun in my dining room window.
You can check out my Flickr Photostream SMDPics as well to see what challenges I joined this week.

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Have a good week, stay home and be safe!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sewing Project - Zippered Tote

I made myself a zippered multi pocket tote today.  I have been thinking about this project for several months.  It will replace this one.

I wanted to make some improvements mainly a zipper at the top to ensure the contents stay inside. I wanted more outside pockets. Having a pen handy is always nice.  I have purchased a small binder to use which would not have a space for a pen so the bag needed one.

I did watch several videos as refresher on assembling a tote and in particular for the zipper. 

The fabric I used is from a fall jacket that the zipper has been a problem.  I have replaced the jacket.  Since I have been wearing the jacket for at least 7 years and the fabric seems indestructible,  why not use it for a bag that will get a lot of use.  I used one sleeve from the jacket, the dark green outer fabric and the navy lining.  I used the inside of the green as my good side of the bag.

The exterior piece of the tote measures 9.25 T and 20.5" W.  I used grey thread since I did not have any dark green thread.  Would have been better on the strap top stitching if it had been dark.

The pocket panels I created from batik cotton in wonderful colors on one side and a cherry colored cotton on the other side.  I only had 2 small pieces of the batik so I wanted to make best use of it. Those are 4.5" W and 9.25 T same as the main piece. I top stitched just below the cherry on the top before I sewed the panels to the dark green exterior along the other edge. I placed the panels 2.25" apart based on the center of the exterior panel at 10.25 inches.  I am planning a 2" box bottom.

The straps pieces were cut 1.5 inches wide and over 35 inches long.  I used the bias seam approach from my quilts to connect 2 pieces to create my straps. I sewed the side then turned them inside out.

Finished they were .5 " wide and 33" inches long.   I wanted the straps to run the full length of the tote.

I created 2 bags with the lining one just a smidge smaller than the exterior one.  I sewed the 2 side seams, boxed the corners on both at 2" then tacked them down to the bottom with a triangle of stitching.  This was done on the green and the navy one.  I added a narrow channel of green fabric on the one side.

I placed the exterior inside the lining and sewed the top edge leaving an open space to turn them inside out.  Once right side out and the lining in the tote and put a line of decorative stitching along the top to close the opening and add a bit of stiffness to the top edge.

The straps were added once the tote was assembled because I wanted them to hold the lining in place as well as create the pockets on the outside.  I placed them 2.25" from the side seam. I started on the bottom, pinned everything very well and tacked the strap 2 inches from the top edge.  Putting on the straps was quite challenging because there not much room to maneuver.

Just being patient and pinning very closely it worked out well.  I have 6 outside pockets in this tote.  The center pockets are larger and the side ones are smaller.  Just what I wanted.  I added some batik fabric at the very top of the handles where they will get the most wear.

Then it was the zipper.  I had prepared the zipper ahead of time and wanted to insert it inside for a recessed one.  But of course, the batik fabric panels on each side were too long now that I had box corners.  Plan B.  I just sewed the panels to the outside of the tote where I had reinforced the edge with decorative stitch earlier.   I added extra reinforcement X a little higher on the strap now that I had cotton behind it which will give it more strength and it is still not too close to the zipper.

I added pull tabs at each end of the zipper to help with opening and closing it.  I left extra zipper so that the bag can be opened the full width of the bag. Makes getting things in and out easy.

The channel on the one side is designed to hold a pen.  I am still a notebook and pen person.  I carry a note book every time I got out which contains listings of the day's list as well anything I am on the hunt for.  I track size, color, and other details so I am prepared when the right thing comes along.

That is why I always carry my measuring tape. In the past it lived in a pouch but this will do nicely.

Considering the old is 3 years old and barely shows wear this one should last a long time.   I love the batik fabric and it works so well with the dark green fabric of the tote.

It took most of the day but really happy with this project.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Birthday Card - Paper Strips

With using a lot of 12x12 inch designer paper I generally end up with a strip at the end with about an inch and the credits.  I have a lot of paper strips in my scrap drawer.  I decided to try in find a design to use them in a card layer.

I pulled from my stash, paper that fit within a certain color scheme.  I then used my small paper cutter to cut the paper into strips about .75 inches wide.  I cut a piece of card stock just under the 4.00x 5.25 inches I need for the layer.
I started with the single strip that goes from top to bottom. The next strips I layed perpendicular to that first one on the left side and created 2 sections on the right hand side. I dontinued to add strips until the cardstock was completely covered. I turned it over and trimmed the strips to a bit away from the edge.  I reused bit I cut off to stay within the color scheme.

I chose a deep teal card base.  I adhered the stash busting background to the front.

I added a piece of large rick rack in white along the left hand side.  It was wrapped around the full card front and the ends were taped down which falls under the greeting.

To add the greeting I punched a scallop circle from one of the prominent designer card stocks.  I then added a dark grey 1 3/8 circle punchie then the color printed greeting at 1 1/4 inch.  These were layered and adhered then glued to the card front with 3D foam tape. 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Recent Photos

On my walk to the other morning, I heard the bird before I found it high in a still bare tree.  Good thing it has a bit of red on it.  The morning sun was wonderful and it was singing grateful I am sure to be warmed a bit.

This is an adult male House Finch. 

The song is beautiful and attracting.  I have seen a few of these in my walks over the years.

Really glad to see this one recently.

Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
I loved this book about a baby girl born in India.  The first daughter disappeared upon birth.  Sad practice but boys help with the farm work.  The mother Kavita stood up for the second daughter and brought her at 2 days old to an orphanage in Mumbai. She is given a name - Usha. Then, a long journey from the country side to the big city for a mother who had just given birth.  The sacrifice had to be made.

The other half of the story is the mother in the United States who suffers infertility and how she comes to adopt the girl from the orphanage now named Asha. Her husband is a doctor from India so the daughter looks like her dad but not really like her white mother.  This does cause tension in their relationship later as a teenager.

The daughter does not want to be a doctor but a journalist.  During college she is given the opportunity to spend 1 year in Mumbai to do a project on the families living in the slums. She is welcomed by her father's family and she learns about family in a wonderful way.  A grandmother, aunties, cousins, and others welcome her, host her, help her with the language, and guide her as she goes to the slums for interviews.

During this time the marriage of her parents is falling apart and they separate. She meets her husband every week for the weekly call with Asha so she will not find out about the separation.

While in India Asha searches for her birth parents.  She does learn that they are now living in Mumbai.  She does come to appreciate her Indian heritage.  Very good book.

I am cooking so much more than I usually do now that I am staying home all the time.

I did stock up on groceries as the peak is around the corner they say and I expect the restrictions to get even tougher.  I think I can last till mid May without going out for groceries again.

I have to confess that I did buy frozen french fries for a treat sometime in the next few weeks.

This is Curry Veggie Soup made with the left over ingredients from Curry Cauliflower. You can find the recipe in this post.

I took a long walk yesterday morning into the river valley. It was cold when I started out just after sunrise but warmed up nicely. 

By 9:00 am the runners were out in groups no social distancing.  I don't get it!

Love the Walterdale Bridge in our river valley.

I took tons of photos so I created a mosaic of some of the better ones.

I will have to plan on getting home by 9:00 am from my morning walks to avoid the crowds.

The theme for Flickr Macro Monday this week was "Yellow".   We are seeing a lot of dandelions which is understandable.

I did shoot several objects for the challenge.  On the right is a small glass lemon.  It is very beautiful and I love this shot.

You can check my Flickr photo stream SMDPics to see what I submitted.

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Christmas Card - Magnificient Merry

Another attempt with a large greeting on Christmas cards.  I started with this background that I did a week ago and it did not work out for what I wanted so it was set aside.  Today, I decided that maybe I could work it for my monthly challenge.

I started with a bright green piece of card stock. I ran holes into it with a sewing tracing wheel.  I then used Stampin Up Watercolor Wonder Crayons to highlight the shapes I had created with the dotted lines.

I added an ornament punchie made with the Stampin Up Ornament Punch and warm green designer paper.  I added a warm white hanger (credit unknown) and a warm pearl card stock snowflake punchie.  I added a string which I chalked a bit to make it warm green. I taped the ends to the back of the background layer.   I put a bit of 3D foam tape behind the ornament.  I adhered the background to the front of a Kiwi Kiss card base.

I cut the Magnificient Merry thin lit from deep red card stock. I then adhered the "merry" to the card front and traced the edges with a Sakura Stardust Clear gel marker.  It was adhered to the card front with Scotch quick dry adhesive.  I placed it loosely aligning it with the lines on the background.  I color printed the "Christmas" banner and chalked it with warm green. It was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

I then spattered it with white acrylic paint which had been warmed up with a bit of green watercolor which was used on the original background.  Turned out okay!  Check back on May 1st to see the design I used for the May Christmas Card Challenge.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Leaf Birthday Card

I started with a brown card base.

The designer paper is by Authentique - Seasons - Autumn Three.  It was trimmed to leave a small border.

I cut several leaves with the Tim Holtz Mini Tattered Leaves Set of Movers and Shapers.  I cut beige, copper and warm green ones which I chalked with warm colors.

I wrapped a piece of yellow rick rack on the left side of the designer paper and taped the ends to the back. I glued the leaves along the rick rack with double sided tape.

I added a Stampin Up Decorative Label greeting which edges were chalked as well.  It was adhered with 3D foam tape.

Christmas Card - Merry and Bright

I am working on May's Christmas Card challenge - large greeting.  I thought I would force myself to use this 'merry' die cut - Poppy Stamps - MAGNIFICENT MERRY die cut.  I have been working on ideas for several days and nothing is gelling.  This card is what I have so far but I think it 's missing something.

I cut it from red card stock.

I selected this striped red and green designer paper and cut it to leave a small border and adhere it to a Kiwi Kiss card base.  I have no credits for the paper.

I glued the 'merry' towards the top of the card. I added a black ampersand cut with the Cricut and the Base Camp cartridge at 1.25".  I cut the BRIGHT from silver non shed glitter paper with the Stampin Up Little Letters thin lits.  I aligned them towards the bottom of the card.  All these pieces were adhered with Scotch quick dry adhesive.

I added an accent of stars on the left in black, red, and silver all held together with a tiny red brad and adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.  Stay tuned for another iteration.

Update: I decided overnight that it needed some black. Here's the updated version.

I think adding the star streams has saved this card.  I used a ruler and just aligned it along the Vs in the silver star and made markings to the edge of the card.

I am quite happy with it now. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Exchange Cards - Paper Strips

I have tons of strips of paper cut off from 12x12 designer paper.  I was looking for a way to use these so onto the internet to find solutions.

This is a technique I found.

I cut the designer paper strips to half inch and sorted them into similar colors schemes.  Selecting designer card stock that I am not inspired by I cut it into 4.25 x 5.5 pieces.

I applied glue stick to the quarter sheet and laid my first long strip.  I then applied the other piece perpendicular to the first one.  I continued till I had covered the whole piece of ugly card stock.

I trimmed the strips close to the card edge and pressed them under books to let the wet glue to set up and dry.   After several hours I trimmed this background to 4.00 x 5.25 inches.

I then chose a warm dark blue card base onto which I adhered my paper strip background.
Then I added a piece of white rick rack wrapped around the card front.   I taped the ends under the accent.  The accent is a scallop punchie, a 1 3/8 inch circle then a white color printed greeting.  These were adhered into an embellishment.  It was adhered over the join of the rick rack with 3D foam tape.

In the tiny gaps between strips I applied chalk to lessen their impact. I chalked the edges as well.

The pink background was adhered to a bright pink card base.  It also received a scallop greeting.

These are headed to my card exchange partners.

Colored Pencil Birthday Card

This is a large birthday card for a friend who recently moved to be with family.

I did pencil crayon piece a little while ago.

I trimmed the coloring book page to leave an even border when placed onto a large half sheet card.

I chose a warm green card and folded  the letter 8.5 x 11 inch piece in half.

I added a blue layer of card stock to repeat the blue in the artwork on the front.

I added a large banner greeting above the art work with 3D foam tape.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Recent Photos

This is the puzzle I am going to make this week.  It is from Eurographics Puzzles and is a reproduction of Marc Chagall's - The Blue Violinist done in 1947.  He was a Russian French painter (1887-1985) raised in the Jewish faith who spent time in Paris in the early 20th century.  He traveled extensively and lived in the in several countries during his long life.

I see that I will need a bigger space than I thought to put this one together.  I will work on that.

I hope all the pieces are there as I did acquire it second hand.  Here' s hoping.

I did some coloring this morning the gorgeous sunshine which was really warm!  Considering that it was -18C at 7:00 am.  That's enough reason to stay inside.  This will become a card.  The coloring book originally appeared in this post.

I finished this book this week.  It was different to read a book written by a man with Kabul, Afghanistan as the setting for the story.  It takes place after the Taliban has taken over the city and affected the culture and place dramatically. The two couples in the story Moshen & Zunaira - wealthy and had careers and Atiq & Musarrat - now a prison keeper with his wife very sick and dying.  It is a very difficult life.

It has made me want to research more about Afghanistan history as they had very different lives before the Taliban.  The couples were more equal it seems before and now there is a drastic contrast in their every day lives.

Yasmina Khadra is the nom de plume of the Algerian army officer Mohammed Moulessehoulm, who is the author.  He took the feminine pseudonym to avoid submitting his manuscripts for approval by military censors while he was still in the army.

I took hundreds of photos this week in the above mentioned sunshine.

This is one of my shadow macro photos.  The object is a small black mesh half sphere in shape. Could be the top of a microphone possibly. 

I love the intersection of the actual metal mesh and the shadow the sun created.  I find the shapes that result appealing.  The dark crescent shape created by the overlapping of 2 shadows is very cool.

The Flickr Macro Monday theme this week was "Shadow".

The mosaic on the right are a few of the photos I took.  You can check out my photo stream at www.flickr.com/photos/smdpics .

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

Wishing you a great Easter despite the situation!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Easter Cards - Going to be late

I was slow out of the gate to get Easter Cards made for family.

I started with a warm teal A2 card base.

I cut the pink layer to 4.00 W x 5.25 T and adhered it to the card front.

I cut the striped glitter paper with the Stampin Up Sunburst Thinlit die, then another from the blue green polka dot paper.  They need to be cut so they align.

I cut off some of the rays from the blue green one to leave me a cross.  The striped one was adhered first, then the blue green cross on top of the striped one.  I placed the cross offset so all the rays of the striped one are visible.  I think it makes it stand out more.

I added a greeting in the center made up of a Scalloped Circle punchie in gold paper and a 1.25 inch circle color printed greeting on white.  This accent was adhered with 3D foam tape in the center of the sun burst.

The one on the left features different papers.

A blue card base. A polka dot background, patterned sunburst layer and a blue cross.  The designer paper is Authentique - Easter Time.

The greeting was white card stock so I just chalked with a bit of yellow to make it fit into the color scheme of the rest of the pieces.

These will be mailed after the long weekend so they will be late.

Sewing Project - Face Mask Two

I made my self a second face mask for going out on grocery shopping trips.

I chose the same Egyptian 100% cotton fabric for the front with a high thread count.

I used twill tape for the ties which was wider than the bias tape I used on the first one.

I created the 2 side pieces from the same fabric which covers the raw edges once the pleats had been sewed down.

On this one I created a channel in the center on the inside where the nose is to insert a plastic tin tie so I can form the mask to my face.  This helps to ensure the mask is tight and my glasses don't fog up.

I sewed the channel to the 2 inside layers before I added the twill tape across to top of the mask.  This makes so the zigzag seam does not show up on the front. I used the same fabric as the front. The tie is removed when washing the mask after every use.

These are the ties I have used.  They go on a bag a the top then you roll the bag down and fold over the ends over the fold to keep the bag closed.  It allows keeping the product fresh while accessing what you need. 

Mine came when I bought loose tea and were used with plasticized paper bags. It is 1/4 in wide, it moulds nicely to the nose and stiff enough to be removed.

I skipped the flannelette layer on this mask but created a pocket on the inside where a filter could be inserted.  I used the same tone on tone caramel fabric on the inside.  I cut the pieces the same size as the front, laid them onto each other, placed a seam to the right and left of the center leaving the center open.  Once I ironed the layers up and down to expose the slit I top stitched the edges.  The slit is in one of the folds so it will stay closed fairly easily.

I am not sure what I will use for a filter.

With the highest quality fabric I had at my disposal and within the guidelines recommended I have 3 layers of cotton on each mask. 

I am ready when I head out for groceries. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Sympathy Card - Ivory Poppies

I made this card for a friend who lost her husband in late March.  He had been sick for several years and contracted pneumonia.

I started with a warm green card base.

I added a brighter green layer cut to leave a small border.  I added a layer of designer paper next.

I cut the Memory Box Perky Poppies from another piece of the bright green card stock.  I then cut the poppies from cream pearl card stock.  I adhered these over the green ones.

I adhered the poppies to the card front with quick dry adhesive behind the poppies and the base.

I ripped a strip of the same brigth green card stock and adhered it along the card bottom. 

I added a Word Window sentiment on the right side.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Sewing Project - Face Mask

I made myself a face mask to where when I go grocery shopping next time.

I chose fabric from an Egyptian Cotton pillow case with a brocade pattern.   The middle layer is a piece of white flannelette.  The back piece is a piece of tone on tone 100% cotton in caramel.  I chose Egyptian cotton because it's thread count is on average 500 versus quilting cotton at 60.  The tone on tone cotton sheet averages 250.  The flannelette was new and nice and fluffy.

I cut the pieces 7 x 9 inches.  I sewed the pleats on both ends first.  I then added brown wide bias tape over the raw ends.  I then sewed narrow bias tape in brown measuring 44 inches long along the top and bottom edges centered then finished into ties on both sides.   The ties may be too long but I guess it was designed to accommodate a bunch of different users.

I will give it a test run tomorrow in the house so I am ready for the trip out later this month.

I chose all cotton fabric because it can be boiled for disinfecting it.  Laundering them is in the regular laundry run.  I have been washing my gloves when I return from a trip out for groceries.  I will have several pairs and use a clean pair each time I go out

I will be making another once I have test run this one. 

After washing for the mask the first time the narrow bias tape had to be undone and resewed in several places.  Single fold bias tape is too narrow my opinion.  I used it to make the ties skinny but would not do it again. 

I have retrofitted a nose piece channel on this one as well.  You can check my 2nd face mask post.

Recent Photos

We had pretty snow fall on Saturday and Sunday.  It felt like a snow squall where the sun was shining but the snow was falling out of the sky.  Nice and fluffy and just coming down slow.  That is how I managed the snow bokeh in this shot.

About 1" of snow fell over the two days the sun is shining today and it is melting away fast.

I am loving sitting at the dining room table in the sun about 10:00am with my first cup of tea!  Great way to spend a half hour.

I made muffins today as well.

I have been running a cool mist humidifier for the last couple of days.   I helped my dry nose some. 

I have no way of knowing the level of humidity in my place so it is a bit of a shot in the dark.

I made this happy face for my window to let those out there who are working how much I appreciate their work. 

Thanks to health care workers, garbage collectors, those keeping the lights and heat on, first responders - fire dept, police officers, and EMTs.  Those who are keeping the grocery stores and pharmacies open.  Your work is vital and important to me.  Thank You So Much.

Check out the bit of fluffy snow on this thistle.  It is amazing that they just hang around all winter time.

The sun was really nice.

Plastic is the theme for Flickr Macro Monday.  These are plastic straws.
You can check out my entry in my photo stream.

In recent days my neighbours have installed super bright flood lights in their parking lot.  It lights up my place even when the curtains are closed.

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