Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Christmas Thank You Cards

I generally use gift wrap from my presents to make my Christmas cards.

This gorgeous geometric paper was on my gift from my niece. 

I chose to put the red glitter square in the center and trimmed the 9 squares with scissors then I made it square with the small paper trimmer.

The red velvet ribbon was only on that gift so I cut it with the paper cutter into strips and adhere it to the white card front with brads. The back is plastic and I have found no adhesive which is permanent with this type of ribbon.  In this card it was white snowflake brads.

I adhered the square on an angle and trimmed the excess to the card edge. 

I added an oval color printed sentiment punched with the 2" oval punch.  This was adhered with 3D foam tape.

On the other one I left it square on a landscape card and added a Stampin Up Modern Label sentiment.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Sylvia's Simple Shots

I headed out during the golden hour on Christmas Eve.

This is the grounds where our Government House is located.

I loved this face highlighted with the setting sun.

Ksan Totem Pole
Master carver Earl Muldoe with Chester MacLean and Victor Mowat

At the bottom of the pole is the Strong Man, who holds all the world's peoples united on his shoulders.

We are all in this together and things will be OK.

This is the North Saskatchewan River just west of Groat Bridge.

I love the reflection of the trees in the open water of the river.

It's been pretty warm here which explains the water still running in December.

My latest choice in snacks. Salted sunflower seeds in the shell.  A quarter cup takes 1/2 hour to eat and the calories are minimal but I feel I have had a treat.  Win Win.

I have to say that my cooking skills have improved during the COVID isolation.  There is a lot less take out food so I am doing steak, hamburger, chicken, shrimp, and fish.

With being home alone for Christmas I decided I would have turkey.  I baked a large turkey drumstick, put yam and brussel sprouts in the cast iron in the oven, and napa cabbage coleslaw. 

I had a butter tart for dessert which I was gifted. 

It was pretty nice!

My mosaic includes a candle bubble ornament, a red with swirl pattern hanging in a tree outside, and a silver with hexagonal pattern reflecting the colors surrounding it.

The challenge at Flickr Macro Monday was Redux 2020 which means we can choose any of the theme of the year.  I missed 3 challenges this year.  I chose "hook" which is the one I missed when I was not feeling well.  The photo on the right was for "one color".  Check my photostream (SMDPics) to see the shot I submitted.

Sharing with Angie who hosts Mosaic Monday #111 and Mersad who hosts Through My Lens #272

Looking forward to 2021!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


Wishing all of you a very blessed day

 and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2020

Sylvia's Simple Shots

I took the camera out this morning but the sun rose and quickly disappeared behind a very large cloud bank.  Disappointed!

At the bird feeder I did get this decent photo of a House Sparrow.   I found it interesting that they spend their time on the ground will Chickadees and Nuthatches are at the bird feeder.  I am sure the sparrows are eating seeds spilled from the feeder above.  They will sit on the rail and eat seeds there if someone provides them.

It was so gloomy it was very difficult to get a decent shot.

This is the book that has been on my night stand for the last few weeks.  The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp.

There is a reading for every day of Advent.  Scripture, thoughts and questions about the subject.  

I have done a bible study on this book in past years.  I have had several of my participants from the past be in touch.  During this time it has been helpful to go over the material we covered together about 5 years ago. 

This was taken Friday when was out and about  delivering  my caramel popcorn bags to the door step of my sisters' houses. I stopped at the wetlands in Summerwood again.  It was pretty cold so I did not stay long.  I got a better shot of the skating rink created on the pond.  The chairs on the sidelines just waiting for a game of shinny to take get started. 

I have not been out much so the fact that the watch stopped working a couple of months ago was no big deal.  

I bought a battery on my big errand day a couple of weeks ago and I decided that it was time to put it in.  I totally forgot how I did it last time so I had to relearn.

I was afraid that I would not be able to close but it was fine.  I always like to have a watch when I am out and about.


The challenge at Flickr Macro Monday this week was Holiday Lights.  A few options were candles, tree lights, lit buildings but staying within the 3" limit.  

This one is a tealight taken against the lights on the small tree across the room. I like the focus on the wick. 

You can check out my submission on my Flickr Photostream (SMDPics).

Have a good week!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Card Order - JOY Nativity

I received a request for a large order of Christmas Cards late in November.  I prepared 3 samples within a price range which fit their budget. They made their selection quickly and I got started.  I proposed 4 different colors of card stock to provide some variety in the cards. I did not have enough card stock in any one particular color either. I used Stampin Up card stock for the project.  Very good quality card in 8.5 x 11 size and I planned to use the coordinating ink in the spatter final touch.  

The holy family die cut was cut in heavy black card stock with the Penny Black Manger die. It was adhered to a white card stock layer where the J and Y were printed in black and the die cut was the O.  The die cut was held in place with a mini star brad.  The JOY layer was adhered to the card front with double side tape. The quarter insert was glued in with glue stick.

There was pressing when the card was folded then again when the JOY layer was adhered.  The spattering was the final step and then they were dried overnight.

The card stock is Lucky Limeade.

The spatter was mixed from other reinkers as I did not have that particular ink.  I had to experiment a bit. In the final color I used 4 drops of Old Olive to 2 drops of Kiwi Kiss.

This card stock is Lovely Lilac. When I checked the package which had been opened I discovered 4 sheets of textured card.  Another bit of variety to the overall project.

With out the exact reinker color more experimenting was needed.  The final color was 3 drops of Orchid Opulence to 1 of Brilliant Blue.

The card stock for this card is Buckaroo Blue.

It's interesting to see the weight of the card stock change over time.  It has become quite a bit thinner over the years.

I had to mix this ink for this one as well.  After some experimenting the final was 1 drop of Brocade Blue to 1 drop of Baja Breeze.

I was very happy to be able to create the colors I needed and it went pretty well.


The card base for this is Regal Rose. 

I had the exact reinker for this color so that was a breeze and it was a good thing as it was the last set.

I am sure the cards will be a blessing to those who receive them.  I expect some folks are just not doing Christmas at all this year which includes no Christmas cards.  

With no craft sales to attend this year, sales were way down so I really appreciate this order.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Sylvia's Simple Shots

The front door decor received an update from last year.  

I wrapped green garland around the metal star shape and secured it at the top.

I added a green ribbon to the hanger because it was too narrow to fit on my wreath hanger.

I added some red and green Christmas ornaments secured to the hanger. I see that the extra bit makes it almost too low for the peep hole.  It will do!  Maybe a shorter hanger for next year.

I added a metallic red ribbon bow above the ornaments.

Really liking it.

I really enjoyed this book - Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.  John is the main character who was raised by a single father.  He had his rebellious years then joined the army.  With a bit of maturing he returns to visit his Dad while on leave and meets a girl who is building a house for Habitat for Humanity.  They connect in the week he is there and he is headed back overseas.  Letters and phone calls keep them connected.  He learns a bit more about his father on his second leave and they get to know each better.  When his father passes away he discovers his Dad's legacy.

I loved the story because it's not too sugary sweet. The characters are real and honest.  In the end, doing the right thing wins over what's in it for me.

I would recommend this book and I will search for more of his books.

A lot fewer recipes of Caramel Popcorn have been made this year as our large family Christmas has been cancelled.  I have a few siblings who live close so I will drop off bags with the right social distancing.

I generally make bags to sell which of course did not happen this year.


I was lent this book by a friend.  It was a quite read with a lot of wisdom inside and some beautiful art.  Some I recognized and others that I will look up on line.


I put up my quick and easy Nativity this year.  It is a large metal nativity which has be powder coated in shiny black.  I have set it on my antique trunk and used my photography backdrop stand to hold the starry fabric behind it. I was hoping the stars would show but I had to get far enough back to see it all.

I placed my LED Noma Heritage Teardrop lights in the front mixed with green garland. Since they are LED I don't have to worry about them getting hot.


Recently, I have chosen to watch only positive shows.  To fill my head and heart with good stuff. The news and some of the my regular shows are crime shows so violence, conflict and dissension were the order of the day. These are the ones I watch every week day.  I just love the Baking Shows. 

The challenge for Flickr Macro Monday this week was high key.  I thought it would be easy but it was not.  I learned a lot but took a lot of rejected shots.  You can check my Flickr Photostream SMDPics to see the image I submitted.

I am sharing with Angie who hosts Mosaic Monday #109 and Mersad who hosts Through My Lens #270. Keep safe and well!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Winter Wonderland Birthday card

This is a birthday card for my Dad.

I created a winter wonderland with diecut trees, a snowbank and a large greeting.  I spattered it with Maya Mist Iridescent Pearl spray.

I chose the half sheet size using 1 sheet of light blue card stock to simulate the sky.  It accomodated the large greeting better as well.

The trees were cut from a couple of pieces of green card stock.  I put the lighter one in front.  I stacked them against each other.

The large greeting was cut with the Memory Box Jumbled Happy Birthday die and the same color as the darker trees.  The snow bank was cut with the Creative Memories Decorative Trimmer from heavy card stock.  All pieces were adhered with quick dry adhesive by Scotch.  

I spattered it with iridescent liquid as the spray no longer works.  I put a couple of drops on a plate and used an old toothbrush and an old knife to create snow on this landscape.

Birthday Cards for Mom

I made some ready made birthday cards for my Mom as a Christmas gift. She usually makes her own but it's nice to have a few ready to give cards.

I chose a warm dark blue which matched the bird nicely.  I added the blue bird (it's a post it note). Put a bit of white behind the eye. Added a wing which was cut with the Cricut and embossed with the Cuttlebug Devine Swirl folder.  Added a branch cut with the Stampin Up Little Leaves sizzlet. Added a SU Modern Label/Word Window greeting.  Designer paper by Karen Foster.

With the bird in the middle of this card I chose to just add a greeting in the bottom left hand corner.  I chose a medium pink card.


This one received a blue greeting instead of a pink one. I just love this paper.

The paper is Indigo Dreams Gypsy Stripe by Recess Carson-Dellosa.  A warm dark blue card base with a SU Word Window greeting.  I changed the orientation on the second one.




I am mailing a parcel to my parents this year.  That is a first time in twenty years.  I have almost always with my parents for Christmas.  Makes me sad!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Christmas Cards - Photo

I worked on Christmas card all day today.  

I decided to work with the supplies I had at home so I put together these gold trifold cards with my tiny nativity photo.  These are A7 5x7 cards.

Looks great.

I bought postage a while back so I have what I need with to trip out of the house.

I can just drop these in the mailbox.

The next card I paired the same gold tri fold cards with my Green Holy Family photo where it fit inside the card.

These will be in the mail tomorrow.

Another task complete.

On to Christmas tree, lights and door decoration.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Wall Calendars - 11x17

I created a couple of 11x17 inch wall calendars this year after getting a request for one.

This is the image I chose for myself and printed a couple just in case someone else might like to purchase one.

I have been very conservative in my estimates this year because I generally am too optimistic about sales and end up with stuff that does not sell.  It's calendars so they expire at the end of the year. No sales means I have wasted my money.



This is the image my friend order which she chose from my Flickr account.  SMDPics

It's in a mailing tube ready to mailed away.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Birthday Card - Candles

A birthday card for a boy who celebrated his birthday back in November.  I was just not able to make a card then as I was dealing with health issues.  I am feeling better and trying to get caught up on things that fell through the cracks.

I chose a yellow card to match the flames. I cut the candles with the Quikutz thin die.  It has 4 dies one solid and three patterned.  I cut the solid ones from the same yellow card stock. I layered the bright patterned layers on top and adhered with quick dry adhesive.

I added a bit of texture with a thin black marker.

The greeting is one I received from a fellow card maker so I have no credits for it.

It is late but on it's way.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Christmas Card Samples

I have had a client place a large Christmas Cards.  I prepared some samples for them to choose from.  I am posting the two cards which were not chosen.  I will post their selection later once the recipients have seen the card.

This card is a photo of my own Nativity.  It is the Avon porcelain one which is simple and elegant.  I photographed it with a black velvet backdrop.  In post production I added the bokeh in the top left hand corner then added the greeting as well.

It was printed on photo paper at 3.5 x 5 inches.  It was trimmed to 3.5 x 4.75 inches to leave an even border all the way around on an A2 card.  It was mounted on a heavy white card with a customized sentiment on a quarter sheet adhered on the inside.

I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I am working on the order and it will several days to get it done.

This the second card presented. 

It is a photo I took early this year of a friends stained glass Nativity set. I applied a filter to give me the silhouette in black you see on the front.  The silhouette was placed in front of a piece of alcohol ink background which coordinated with the Tempting Turquoise card stock. It was printed on photo paper and trimmed to 3.5 x 4.75 inches. The frame was printed with I did the credits on the back of the card.

Again, a customized insert on a quarter sheet insert. 

Really happy with this one as well.   They may become my Christmas card for this year.

Sylvia's Simple Shots

I was out to a new to me wetland area this week.  There are several water ponds and some walk ways over the water which is frozen these days.

Ice had been cleared for a hockey rink and a skating oval.  With the pandemic raging here the locals have found a way to social distance and still get their exercise and fresh air.

I will certainly be checking this area in the spring when the water is back.  Looking forward to it.

This is a seed pod of an unknown species of plant.  There a hint of snow on it.  I have not been so aware of how seeds get spread in the fall for growing in the spring.

I delivered 13 quilts to my charity contact this week.

These are some of mine as well as some of my sister's.

The box meant to store them was over flowing and I am grateful that they will be distributed to people in need.

The bag was dropped off on her door step at a designated time to ensure no contact.

I did not finish this book which was recently on my night stand. 

The novel is a story about a real life Erwin Schrodinger - was a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian-Irish physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in quantum theory: the Schrödinger equation provides a way to calculate the wave function of a system and how it changes dynamically in time.

This book was about his personal life - his marriage, his mistress and their child, his other infidelities and how he interacted with his colleagues.  A lot about how he was feeling and the internal dialogue going on in his head.

It takes place in Austria and Ireland during the Second World War.  It was quite depressing and I don't need that right now so I quit half way through.


The dryer vent has been reconnected!  We had the dryer vents cleaned a while back and the service person was not able to get around this elbow with his vacuum.

They cut a hole in the drywall, taped the joint on the bottom of the elbow back together, checked the bottom connection, and fixed the hole in the wall. 

I had to dismantle some of the shelving in the laundry area to provide him the access he needed.  I was finally able to get everything back in the space.   That was a week of no laundry but I had planned ahead so it was no problem. Great to get another thing off the todo list.

I was able to get outside and so a bit of photography as well.  The sun if having a hard time showing up these days still.  On Sunday it was predicted so I kept an eye out and when it appeared at 10:00 am I headed out with the camera.

The top leaf was with good sun and you can see the shadow and the sparkling snow.

The wild grass at the wetlands against a late afternoon sun with interesting clouds in the sky.

The bottom one is a very frost encrusted leaf in the snow.

Flicker Macro Monday challenge this week is "Bathroom".  Here's one of the shots I took.  You can check out my photostream SMDPics to see the photo I submitted.

I am sharing with Angie who hosts Mosaic Monday #107 and Mersad who hosts Through my Lens #268.

Have a great and safe week.