Saturday, November 29, 2014

Photo Challenge - November - Day 23-30

I'm participating in Kati's November Photo Challenge.  It's a busy time of year and the weather outside is not conducive to being there.

I'm posting photos for the last week.

Day 23 Path - Winter

This is the sidewalk with footprints.  This photo is from a couple of years ago but we received a pile of snow yesterday so I expect it looks a lot like this now.  It's very cold here and it's just too cold to be venturing out with a camera.

Day 24 Apple - Magnet

This is a magnet I made with a photo I took of the apples on my Mom's trees in her winter garden.  I love the colors and the contrast between red and green.

Day 25 Shine - Star

A star shines! This is an light ornament in the conservatory a couple of years ago.

Day 26 Food - Popcorn Snack

This is herbed popcorn I brought to one of our potlucks at work.  We do it at least 4 times a year. It provides fellowship, allows to get to know each other better, the food is always great and it's a good fun.

Day 27 Thankful - Conservatory

I'm really grateful I can go inside these pyramids and see flowers, fruit, fish and running water when it's so cold outside.  It provides stress release at the end of a silly day at work.  It allows my mind to let go of the day and focus on pretty things.

Day 28 Makes me Smile - Shred Snowman

This snowman was created by a friend at work. We decorate our work spaces every year. She took bags filled with paper shred made with the shredder. She made sure it was white paper to fit the need.  Added a face, a head, and buttons on his belly.  He is really cute!

Day 29 - Home - Mom's Nativity

This is the hand drawn nativity my Mom has put in her dining room window for years.  It makes me think of home.

Day 30 - Scarf - Pink!

This is one of my favorite scarves.  It's handmade by a friend who crocheted it.  Light to dark pink!  Curvy and swirly too!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Card Club - November - Chalkboard Christmas

I started with a black card.  I added a gold metallic layer leaving a small border.  I then glued the Merry Christmas chalkboard layer to a white layer leaving a border.  With a bit of extra space at the top I wrapped a length of thread around 3 times and knotted it.  This layer was then adhered to the metallic layer with 3D foam tape.  I added gold star sequins to the card front held in place with tiny Zots.

The kit included a gold metallic and red metallic where the stars matched that layer.

Card Club - November - Silver Poinsettia

This was a simple card with 2 silk silver poinsettias.  One is opaque metallic and the other is nearly transparent with glitter.  I found some metallic ribbon to match the bling level of the flower. The bottom half of the card was embossed with the Sizzix Tropical Paisley folder.  Then, I brought the ribbon across the card front and taped the ends to the inside. I aligned the metallic poinsettia then made the hole in the card front with a push pin .  I then put the thin flower over the metallic one and pushed the clear crystal brad through the hole I just made and spread the prongs on the inside of the card.  This kit included navy and green cards.

Card Club - November - Christmas Foliage

This card is designed around some die cuts I purchased last year.  There were pine cones, poinsettias, camelias, and others.  I had bought several sets so with combining I had enough elements for the kits for this double class.  This year I saw the card stock that matched the elements so I purchased a pack. There was this ginger pattern and a red damask type patterned paper in the pack.  There was some grey pearl card stock as well.  I matched up the papers and cut both to 4.00 x 5.25 inches then cut them at 3" at the same time then just swapped the pieces.  Once paired they were taped together and then adhered to the card front as one piece.  I added the ribbon over the join and taped the ends to the inside of the card.  The element was then adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.

Card Club - November - Christmas Penguin

We made Christmas cards tonight.
I selected my colors based on the central image of the penguin.  The card is black and I cut the red layer to leave just a small border and glued it to the card front. I cut the white layer with the Spellbinder Nestabilities Labels 22. The yellow oval was cut with SB Nestabilities Ovals. These were added to the top half of the card.  The penguin is a sticker and was set in the center of the oval.  The greeting was cut with the Stampin Up Bitty Banners Framelits.  I cut another banner of the same size from card stock matching the card to create the shadow. The shadow banner is cut crosswise then glued offset to either end.  The banner was there added to the card front with 3D foam tape.  I added the dots around the oval with a black marker to create a frame.  The alternative was a red card with a black background layer.

Card - SU Thanks

I made this card for a friend who lent me a stamp stamp for a couple of weeks.

The card is Very Vanilla and the designer paper is from Everyday Enchantment pack.   I printed the greeting from the So Happy for You Stamp set on to VV card stock and trimmed it.  I added stitching with Red Riding Hood marker. I dyed the string with the same marker.  I added a length of 3/8"taffeta same colored ribbon around the designer paper then adhered it to the card front.  I tied the tag to the the ribbon with a small string.  I held the tag in place with a piece of 3D foam tape.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Photo Challenge - November - Day 16 - 22

I'm participating in Kati's daily photo challenge for November.  It's great fun to take pictures and apply my interpretation of the prompts provided by Kati.  Christmas is starting to creep into my photos as I think and contemplate on this beautiful season.  I love Christmas

Here are my pics for this week.

Day 16 Red - Poinsettia

I took this photo a long time ago, several camera ago but it's still one of my favorites.  It was a gorgeous large poinsettia that arrived at the office during the Christmas season.  I could not resist taking the camera at lunch time and seeing what I could get.  It's an image I go back to often

Day 17 Hot Drink - Rooibos Chai

Another of the china cups I purchased at the sale a few weeks back. It's a simple and elegant pattern of blue brush marks with gold dots.  It is Radfords Crown China made in England.  A very modern design.
The tea is Rooibos Chai which is caffeine free and very flavorful.  It's my favorite year round tea. Starbucks JOY tea which only comes out at this time of year is a seasonal favorite. That reminds me that I should drop by and find a few boxes.

Day 18 Hands/Feet - Boots and Gloves

This is what my hands and feet are covered with when I go outside this time of year.  It cold outside and there is snow on the ground. These are my trusty Columbia winter boots which needed new laces this year. A pair of one size fits all stretchy blue gloves.  

Day 19 Family - Alphabet Photos

I put together a collage of Alphabet photos from my collection to make up the word - FAMILY.

Day 20 Wood - Angel

This is a wooden angel figurine.  Her skirt has swirls carved into it. She is playing the violin and has iron work wings.  I believe the trim at the bottom of her skirt is metal as well.  Amazing Grace a wonderful song. 

Day 21 Candlelight - Bird Tealight

This glass bird tea light holder was another gift. It is a Christmas Dove Tealight Holder. It is one of a pair. Shimmering blown glass love birds with antiqued metallic finish reflects the light of a tealight.

Day 22 Orange - Mandarins

Orange was a bit of challenge till I opened the fridge and there they were. Mandarin oranges!!! They are in the stores now.  They are delicious and a nice Christmas tradition.  This one is not a orange as the ones on the box but it tastes good. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tea Cup Boxes

Here's a few more tea cup boxes ready to fill with gifts for Christmas.  They are very pretty.  They would hold tea bags, loose tea, a tea gift card.  Of course, they can hold anything else as well.

I made some with masculine colored paper with a star embellishment instead of a flower.  I hope a sell a few.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Photo Challenge - Day 9 - 15

This is my posting for Kati's November Photo Challenge.

Check out my photo then follow the link and see what came to mind for others.  It's a great creative challenge to interpret the prompt and take a picture.

Day 9 Song - O Canada

I chose O Canada since Remembrance Day here was this week.  I took the picture a couple of years ago in the summer.  I had lots of blue sky and Canada Flag pictures but I thought based on the occasion the photo should be more somber. I added the words onto of the photo with software. Thank you to all who serve to keep us free.

Day 10  Yellow - Letter N

I took this photo during a Scott Kelby Photo Walk.  It was a letter on the side of a building.  It was yellow which is one of my favorite colors so I snapped a photo.  I am always on the look out for letters for my collection of alphabet photos but I usually try for a more artistic interpretation rather than a literal one but if the shoe fits.

Day 11 Outside my Window - Work

This is the view looking out the window at my work. Yes, I face the river valley with the Muttart Conservatory in plain view.  This was taken at sunrise late in the year. The sky is so gorgeous.  I'm looking forward to retirement when I can go out when the sun is the best and not worry where else I have to be.

Day 12 Small - Snowflake

This is a small snowflake in sea of glass marbles. It has some empty space all the way around. It was created on a sewing/embroidery machine. From what I understand the operator selects the image from the digital selections, places a substrate in the machine and presses go. The operator comes back a while later to see the creation. It stitches onto the material which is later dissolved in water which leaves only the thread.  Pretty cool!
This one is even and measured precisely.  This photo was converted to black and white to provide the contrast I wanted.

Day 13 Large - Snowflake

This is a large snowflake in the same sea of glass marbles. This one takes up all the space.  This one was made by hand. It is crocheted by one who spent time with the thread.   It has it own character with incorporated by the maker during the stiffening process. This photo was converted to black and white to provide the contrast I wanted.

Day 14 Swirl - Glass Beads

When the object does not present itself, I choose to create it myself.  I placed the frosted glass beads in a swirl this morning on a large clear glass plate.   I chose to apply a color variation to it in PSE to make it more appealing.  The blue looks great!

Day 15 Animal - Bison Sculpture

I took this picture in a different Scott Kelby Photo Walk.  This bison metal sculpture is on display at the conference center downtown.  I love the contrast of the black against the clear blue sky.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rejoice - Watercolor

Here's another card that was included in the box.  This a design I put together quite a few years ago and it still works well.  I did the watercolor background and scanned it.  Place it on my card digitally then added the sentiment.  This was color printed then the splatter of silver acrylic paint was added with a toothbrush.  Once dry I added the star die cut from silver decorative paper.  The diecut is one of from the Sizzix Stars die.

Card - Season of Light

I made this card to be included in a box of Christmas cards for a girl at work.  She wanted religious cards so this is one of the 5 designs I included.  The background turned out just the way I wanted.  I wanted a gradient background from red to yellow so I could put the flame at the top. I created the background then applied a stained glass texture to it.  Love the way it turned out.  I printed it on white card then added the Sentiment Candle by Hampton Arts gold thermal embossed on vellum.  I cut the vellum with the Stampin Up Apothecary Framelit and adhered it to the card front with 2 tiny gold star brads.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas Stack Class - North - R2G Kits

I had a class tonight with the ladies in the north.  Here's the set that most ladies selected.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Let us not Forget!!

Let us not forget!

Those who every day step in the gap for us, those to run toward danger while we head away from it.  Those who willing serve in war and conflicts.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Personal Photo Challenge - Trees

I'm participating in Donna's Personal Photo Challenge - Trees.

I took this photo on a spring day when we received a dump of real wet snow.  It took me several shots to get the shadow I wanted but it turned out really well. This was on my way home from work as I carry my camera with me all the time.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Photo Challenge - Day 2 - 8

Here's my week two of photos for Kati's photo a day challenge for November.

Day 2 - Number

2 for Tea
I was at a sale yesterday and they were selling china tea cups. The prices were pretty good so I decided to purchase a few.  Here are 2 that I selected which I can use to have tea with a friend.

Day 3 - Leaf

I chose a Japanese Maple Leaf which I took on a visit to the Muttart Conservatory the other day.

Day 4 - Brown

Shades of Brown - to me gingerbread men need to be brown and they have to have red hearts on their bellies.  I have cut them from a variety of browns over the years in my card making.  The chocolate brown ones are my favorites.  

Day 5 - Cozy

I chose a warm mug of hot chocolate because we received our first snow this week and it really feels like I just want to snuggle up on the couch with the TV remote and hibernate.

Day 6 - Pumpkin

This is a nice orange pumpkin that my Mom grew in her garden.  I have not turned it into a meal yet.  I understand from Mom that it's not really a pumpkin it's a Sunshine Squash but it sure looks like a pumpkin.

Day 7 - Friend

I received this Willow Tree figurine from my friend as a Christmas gift.  It is a reminder of her when I see it.  Thanks Susan.

Day 8 - Table

I chose my every day dishes for my table photo. It's Corelle in white with black and grey stripes.  I selected this pattern many years ago but I still like it.  The cups for the set are small so I never use them.  I have added my china porcelain tea mug in basic white which I regularly use.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Photo Challenge - Nov - Day 1

I'm playing along with Kati this month for a photo a day.

I will be posting my photos weekly but since November 1st is the end of the week here it is!

My name is Sylvia.

I bought these letters a few years ago wanting to create something with my initials but nothing has materialized yet but I remembered this morning!  I love watercolor, photography, card making, teaching, yellow and pink, and I drink tea!

Halloween Potluck Mosaic

We traditionally have a pot luck at work for Halloween.  It was great as always.  We had a wonderful table set with candles and other tablescaping items.  We had deviled egg eyeballs, spider web chocolate cake, and an arm made from bread and proscuitto.  It was all delicious and the fellowship was great!

I'm submitting this photo the challenge on Judith's blog for Monday Mosaic.