Thursday, February 26, 2009

Card Club - February - Sunny Card

Here's a card to brightened up the cold days of winter. The sun is a die cut. I was inspired by the greeting. I dusted off my sun Sizzix die and added the greeting in the centre. The ribbon is 1/4 inch gross grain. This card kit stayed with the color combination because I did not want to make the sun any other color than sunshine yellow. How could I? A Zot to hold the button in place.

Card Club - February - Acetate

This card uses a laser printed acetate layer. The stuff you can buy from the office supply store. I used several clipart images from flowers, shells, trees, lighthouses, and animals. I used the Stampin Up! Print Pattern background stamp. It's huge but it does the full front card at once. The greeting is printed on the acetate as well and then just highlighted with a strip of cardstock. Two brads hold everything together. If the acetate wants to pull away from the front of the card a small piece of clear double sided tape can be applied behind a dark piece of the image. Again, many color and image combinations. Great fun!

Card Club - February - Candle

This card again lends itself to many color combinations. Pinks, blues, and purples for girl cards and navy & brown for guys. I used colored pencils to add some dimension and texture to the candle and flame. The vellum greeting is inserted through a slit in the fold to give a clean card back. Works great.

Card Club - February - Interesting Folds

This card turned out really well. The cardstock is .4.25x11 inches so the fold are against the grain which means they have to be scored. A lot of work but worth it. A bit of stamping on the folded back flap and a Sizzix daisy die cut. The gift wrap was great as well. Nice watercolor floral paper with a lot of variety of colors allowing many combinations making each card look different. I had some bold star paper and some very classic Italian paper as well. I'm striving to offer more variety in my card club. I think my girls appreciate it. This was a hit! I may need a scoring tool soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Scrapbook Paper

I have found some really nice 12x12 scrapbook paper lately. Packages of 25 sheets. I know that's a lot of the same pattern. It works for me. After talking with my sister across the country different patterns are showing up in different cities. I have found the stripe and another just the other day in brown and beige tones with flash card letters.
Check out your local Dollarama store and share with your friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Card Club - January - Kid Cards

We need something for little girl birthdays as well so I found this ribbon in the $1.29 bin at Michaels. It was the inspiration for the other colors selected. I embossed the tag with Swiss Dots to repeat the dots on the green paper.

Card Club - January - Kid Cards

This similar to the last one. The primary colors really help to make it attractive to the younger folk. Again the wings were designed and printed on acetate. They both look great.

Card Club - January - Kid Cards

This is a cute one! I designed the bumble bee wings and printed them on acetate. The daisy was printed on the card itself. I added the stripes on the yellow cardstock circle with a marker. A one and a quarter inch circle for the head and added antennae and a stinger with a marker.

Card Club - January - Kid Card

I had a request for kid card kits so I had to stretch myself a little to design something I was happy with. I thought balloons would be great but with no punch or die to cut them I was stuck. My sister came to my rescue. She sent me a collection of different colors. It worked out great. The purple one I put a pop dot under as well as giving it a real string.