Thursday, December 29, 2016

Share Your Cup - This Week

I received this Scentsy Silent Night wax warmer for Christmas.  It features the nativity, the wise men and the shepherds.  A light bulb provides the heat to melt the wax.   It`s navy and white which totally fits into my colors.

Several years ago I changed from candles to wax for adding scent to my place.  Safer and I can set a timer for only a certain amount of time so I don`t forget to turn it off.

I placed my favorite scent -Scentsy Cinnamon Vanilla into it and enjoyed it all day!!  It added great atmosphere to my place.

I`ve decided to add some meditative coloring to my life in the new year.  I`m starting out with a small coloring book and my pencil crayons.  I loved, loved coloring when I was a kid and look forward to applying some creative juices to these pages.  I will post my efforts as time goes by.

I made some of these Thread Catcher Bags as Christmas gifts this season.  Several of the ladies in my family sew and quilt.  My Mom has sewn most of her life.  I had to sort out a pattern for these and you can find instructions on this post.

I made these soft fleece pot protectors for my sister.  These are designed to be placed between fry pans when you stack them so they don`t get scratched being moved around.  I chose the deep charcoal color based on the colors in her kitchen.
This is a very simple design based on a circle measured with a dinner plate.  It is 2 layers thick and I sewed the seams with zigzag around the edge then trimmed any leftovers off.  I ran 3 seams across the center and you can see I did not get perfectly in the center but the frypans will not notice.   This is very washable which is important for anything in the kitchen.

I am enjoying the decorations on the trees in the homes I visit over the holidays.  My sister`s tree on Christmas day was spectacular.  Done in clear lights, mostly clear, white and silver ornaments with a few red ones.  It rotated all day but I`m not sure how that was accomplished.  This is a silver snowflake that was on her tree.

Sharing with Share Your Cup #229 hosted by Jann at Daily with Mrs. Olson.

Christmas Thank Yous

I made thank you cards for the gifts I received this Christmas.
I chose snowflake designer paper by Rhonna Farrer - Holly Jolly Snowflakes by Autumn Leaves.  I cut it down to 5.25 by 4.00 inches then ripped a small section away ensuring a clean edge.
I adhered them to the front of a black card.
I added a strip of solid turquoise paper by Cactus Pink - Decades - Atomic Age - Be-bop across the width of the card. 
I color printed some greetings and punched them out with the Stampin Up Decorative Label punch.  It was adhered onto the strip with 3D foam tape.

Submitting to Holly Jolly Challenge #86 - Christmas Card.

How To: Thread Catcher Bag

I did a bit of sewing for Christmas gifts this year.  I received one of these bags as a gift sometime this summer from my friend Ada who is a great quilter.  I just love it and purchased a couple of more from her at the craft sale. This bag is great and the best feature is that the top of the bag is always open because the top is stiffened.  I move mine around to catch my trash whether I am paper crafting, sewing or just doing paper work.
I generally give my Mom and sisters something small for Christmas and this bag is so useful whether you sew or not that I decided to make a few more so I could give each sister one.  In the end some nieces received one too. 
It can be a remote control holder or lined with dog waste bags it becomes a trash bag for the vehicle.

After reviewing several instructions online and taking a look at the bags I had purchased I created a How To instructions for this bag.  I used the one I made for myself which features yellow and blue and tea pots. If you follow this blog you will see these are my favorites.

If you need more pictures I would recommend this tutorial.  The overall design is similar.
Thread Catcher Tutorial  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Breakfast - This Week

I received this mug for Christmas.  It features a Chickadee on this side and a Cardinal on the other.  I received the coasters and tea towels as well.  The red one matches the tablecloth really nicely.

They are part of the Cardinal Collection from Northern Reflections.

I created a center piece for the table with three mercury glass pieces.  I placed the tree, a bottle with a pick of Christmas greenery, and a fluted ornament on a gold large charger plate.  I added a large pine cone for contrast to the sparkle. 

The centerpiece was added to a handmade table runner.  This one features black, gold, silver, and grey.  The grey and black coordinates well with the colors in the mug.   It`s they are put together offset which creates a wavy design.

I had grapefruit, rye toast with peanut butter and a small sweet square.  I received the grapefruit knife from a friend who no longer eats them.
The knife is marked H. Morton Sheffield Make from stainless steel.
I chose a pointed teaspoon to make the removal of section easy. 

This is an overall view of the table this morning.  I am enjoying my white IKEA building background.

I have added some wooden block buildings which I bought recently.

The mug holds Masala Chai tea with some honey and cream.

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Felt Ornament - Blue, Espresso & White

As part of our Christmas gift exchange in our family we needed to give a handmade ornament.

I started with white, blue and deep brown espresso felt.  I cut the ornament shape in white & brown, the large circle in blue and the ornament hanger in brown with the Sizzix Bigz Die - Ornament #2 die.  The flower in white and the small circle deep brown with the Sizzix Bigz Die - 657690 Flower Layers & Leaves die.
First, I put a blue sequin and a clear plastic snowflake bead in the centre of the brown circle.  I stitched it with white cotton thread.  I added a iridescent E-bead in the center. 
I used a warm blue thread on the white flower stitching from the center to the outer edge defining the petals.
I used the same warm blue thread with a back stitch to attach it to the white ornament shape as well as make a border around the blue circle shape.

I added the brown ornament hanger onto the white ornament stitching the lines between the parts of the hanger and attaching it to the white ornament at the same time.
I added detail to bottom end of the ornament again with the same warm blue thread.  
I then used a running stitch to attach the white and espresso ornaments together with white thread.  This ensures all the other stitching is not visible.

I selected a thin thread to add the year on the back with a back stitch.

You can see the running stitch on the back of the ornament.

I added a blue grosgrain ribbon in the hanger to allow it to be hung on the tree.

This is one of my few attempts at working with felt or fabric.  I`m much more comfortable with paper and glue but a felt ornament will be more resilient for years to come.


Merry Christmas to All!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Share Your Cup #228 - This Week

The crafting has been happening at my house this week.  The sewing machine has been working overtime and the projects have turned out really well. 

I guess I did inherit a bit of my skill from my Mom who has been sewing for 70 years.  Check back later to see the actual projects.

There was some hand stitching as well.

The gifts are starting to show up under the tree.  I still have a lot of wrapping to do but at least a few are done. 

I`ve met with friends this week for lunch and movies.  Vietnamese was for lunch on Tuesday.
The Fantastic Beasts on Wednesday.  It was very good movie.  We spent a couple hours following the movie over a bit of something to eat with a large cup of tea!!

I made a small batch of Candy Cane Bark.  I crushed the candy cane in the food processor.  I did a few whole almonds as well.  I melted the white chocolate over a double boiler then when melted I mixed in the candy cane bits and almond bits.

I spread it over wax paper on a cookie pan.  Into the fridge to harden. 

I wanted some healthier snacks as well so I dipped dried apricots and small pretzels in Bernard Callebaut Milk Chocolate. 

The chocolate was melted in small glass containers in a double boiler.  The containers provided a depth of chocolate I needed to get some onto half of my dippers.

The dried apricots were dipped then placed on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

Next was the small pretzels which provide a bit of salt to contrast with the sweet of the milk chocolate.


With all the work under my belt it was time to take a break with a great cup of hot chocolate.   I serve it in my Steeped Tea Tea Lover's Teacup which is a blown glass double walled cup.  I added a piece of candy cane for stirring. A Christmas orange with a couple of snacks I slaved over earlier.

Sharing with Jann at Daily Cup with Mrs Olson for Sharing Your Cup #228.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Nativity - Special Card Order

This is a large card which is a half sheet.

I started with the gold starry night vellum which I purchased in 8.5x11 package. I mounted it onto a navy card.  I added 2 gold star brads in the top corners.  I placed adhesive where the stable and snowbanks will be placed.

I chose my new nativity graphic.  I added a gradient background in the stable. I made the stable blue to coordinate with the card color.  I sized and printed it only white card stock and fussy cut around the edge.  It was then adhered to the vellum.

I ripped several layers of white for snowbanks in the front.  I applied Bashful Blue chalk to a couple of them and layered them getting shorter as I moved into the foreground.

I cut a star from sticker paper adhered to white card stock.  I used the Sizzix Star and Starburst die.  The star was adhered above the stable wit 3D foam tape.

I printed the greeting on white card stock and ripped the edges to repeat the edges on the snowbanks.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Evening Tea

It was a cup of decaf Earl Grey as it is evening and caffeine would have me up all night.  I served it in a white and gold gilt bone china tea cup by Sutherland HM.  I added a bit of honey and some milk. I love the scallop texture in this cup and saucer set.

I had a Gala Apple cut into slices, a few pieces of white old cheddar cheese and a couple Peek Freans Cranberry Citrus oat crunch cookies.  I served them a Johnson Brothers Regency White dessert plate.

I chose red green gold plaid place mats on a red table cloth with a herringbone pattern.

I set up a table center piece with a white house background from IKEA. I placed some Christmas red berry foliage, a large pine cone and a mercury glass tree on a Christmas plate on a gold charger plate.

Sharing with Bernideen's Tea link up.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Creating Christmas at my house

The place is looking like Christmas.

I have the wreath on the door.  It features green with pine cones and some sparkle from silver accents.  The glitter fruit, bird and silver ribbon bow. This is one I made myself several years ago.

The tree is up for the first time in several years!  

It's a 4 foot tree I have had for years. It's sitting on the antique trunk I use for a side table next to my chair.  The tree is decorated in a neutral color palette of clear lights, white pearl ball ornaments, clear glass ornaments, and 40 or so crystal tear drops rescued from an old chandelier and a few ornaments which I have received over the years that have sentimental value.

There is a green fabric tree skirt with a white ruffle which my sister made for me many years ago.  I have added some snow blanket on top of the skirt.
I have placed my tiny nativity on the snow with a glass tree and stained glass angel hanging from the tree in just the right place. 

The advent wreath is again in a neutral color palette with white tea lights in crackle glass holders placed in cylinder vases in 4 different heights with a tall beeswax candle in a crystal holder in the center.

The Advent Calendar is hung with one  figure being moved from the border edge to their place on the calendar every day!  This one was made by another sister several years ago who is a quilter.  Panel is by Nancy Halverson.

The bubble night light sits in the hall and provides a wonderful light and great pattern on the wall. This light brings me back to my childhood when we had a string of these on the tree.  As the liquid in the candle heats up bubbles magically appear. I was fortunate to find one at a craft sale some years ago and purchased it as a memento of years passed.

Finally, the Yule Log DVD is in the player ready to provide a Christmas atmosphere in the living room any time I need it.  It provides music as well as the crackle of the fire so it's perfect to craft to or have on when company is visiting.
Caramel popcorn is on the agenda for this week so that will be several recipes to share with friends and family. 
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Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop - Warm Coffee Pot

Another card for the 2016 Coffee Lovers Cardmaker's Winter Blog Hop.

I found this great image of a coffee pot with a hot steaming cup of Java.  I love the colors in this card - burgundy, espresso brown, and caramel.  Once printed, I cut the coffee image with the Sizzix Squares frame-lits.
I then chose an espresso piece of card stock and cut a layer just a small bit larger. 
This burgundy card complemented the image nicely. 
I chose a piece of caramel seam binding and taped a piece just left of center and taped the ends to the inside of the card.  I cut a shorter piece of the ribbon and tied it onto the piece on the card.  I trimmed the ends with scissors. 
I created my greeting with a banner, printed and then fussy cut around the border.  The coffee and the sentiment were adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape. 

Submitting to the Coffee Loving Cardmakers Winter Blog Hop

2016 Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

I'm back into joining challenges now that I am done with craft sales for this season.

I lost the link to this challenge when Blogger made their changes in September.  It's been a challenge to say the least to try and remember what I had save over the years.  I found it just in time.

I found this image on Vintage Cup blog.  I love it so I downloaded it, added a copper border and I printed it onto photo paper.  I trimmed it close to the border.
I then selected card stock in a coordinating copper color.  I trimmed that to leave a small border and  embossed it with the Sizzix D'vine Swirl embossing folder. I adhered it to the front of a coordinating purple card.
I chose a greeting I designed myself and colored with the purple and copper.  Once printed, I punched it out with the 2" oval punch.  The greeting was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.  I mounted it below the negative space in the tea image.

Submitting to Coffee Loving Cardmakers - Winter Blog Hop

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Tree Up!

I put up my Christmas tree which is the first time in 5 years. I'm pretty happy with it's look.  I am one who likes white/clear lights and clear/white/silver ornaments.  I have pearl white glass ball ornaments with a white crocheted angel on the top. 

I draped clear bead garland to unify the whole look.  Don't know if they still sell that type.

I placed my small nativity scene at the foot of the tree.  It's placed onto white snow fabric which has been placed over the green tree skirt my sister made for me.

I have chosen 3 ornaments to highlight.  The sand dollar my sister gave during the time she spent in Florida, a vintage glass ornament from my Mom and Dad's collection and a stained glass ornament which I made many years ago. 

I have been investigating alternative Christmas trees which would be easier to set up and store.  

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Copper Silhouette Nativity

This is the card selected by the client.

I used the Silhouette Nativity which I found the nativity on Image Arcade.   I printed it on vellum and embossed it with copper powder.  I trimmed this layer to 3.75"x5.00 inches.

For the next layer I chose an aqua polka dot layer.  The designer paper is by American Crafts - Gardenia - Breezy Garden.  This creates the feeling of stars in the sky or snow falling. It was cut to leave a small border of the teal card showing.

The vellum is held in place with 3 copper brads - 2 round ones at the bottom and one star one in the middle of the star above the manger.

The insert on the inside was customized with scripture chosen by the client.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Miniatures Show - Today

The Miniatures Show is on for the next 2 weeks.  Many artists have put effort into making small pieces of art just in time for Christmas shopping.

The reception is tonight at 7pm.

I have several art pieces for sale as well as my cards and photo calendars.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Framed Photo - Sunflower

I matched this wonderful photo of a sunflower with a navy matte 8x10 metal frame with a medium blue mat. 

Sunflowers are my favorite flower and this shot works well in a landscape orientation.  It shows off our wonderful blue skies this summer.

This will be in the Miniatures show at the gallery for the next 2 weeks.  It's a bright and cheery piece which should be popular with many people.

Art Framed - Warm Owl

I framed one of my paper pieced owls which I created for the 2017 calendar.

I had to trim the art work a bit to keep the ratio of the shiny pale gold frame.  I found a piece of dark brown card stock onto which I mounted the art.  I then selected a piece of warm buttery yellow art paper to create the back ground layer. 
Mounting the art piece with googly eyes created a spacing issue inside the frame.  After trying several things with no success, I added 4 punched suns in the four corners of the brown square.  These were mounted with 3D foam tape in the same thickness as the eyes. 

The piece was then inserted into the frame as usual.  It seems to work quite well. 

The owl calendar has been popular this year so I hope the framed owl will also be popular.  It would work in several areas of decorating as well as a focal point in a space for one who just loved it!

Art Canvas - Fern

I created another mixed media canvas for the show tomorrow.

I chose the photo for this piece which is a fern from my 2015 Alberta Road Trip Calendar.

I selected the colors for the canvas from the photo and painted a ombre pattern in greens from dark near the bottom to light at the top.  I let it dry overnight.  Once dry, I spattered the canvas with white paint which quickly dried.

I mounted the fern photo to a layer of black card stock leaving a small border.  This layer was adhered to the bottom left hand corner.  It is mounted to the canvas with 3D foam tape.  I colored the sides of the foam tape with a black marker before putting it in place.

Being put into the Miniature Show at the gallery this weekend.

I'm also submitting the Nature Leaf mixed media piece I created a while back.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SYC - Couple of Weeks

I've been very busy doing craft sales, filling card and calendar orders and getting ready for an Art Show.  I have concerts, brunches and a community sing in my next few weeks.  Christmas gifts and cards have to make into the mix as well.

During a visit to deliver a card order to a friend I found this wonderful cut glass bowl filled with glass yellow lemons.  I love it!  It's right up my alley in color and medium.

It may take me a while to put something similar together.

My aunt collected these hydrangeas in the fall and they kept their color.  She had a great vase in a dusty rose color that really went well with the dried flowers.  I set up a bit of a vignette to capture the flowers.  Love it.

I was part of a tree decorating party at my aunt's house on Monday evening.  She has a lot of vintage ornaments and I captured a few.

I wish that there was a tree up a my house but not yet.  I have had too many craft commitments.

I captured these blue jays at the feeder in Mom & Dad's yard.  I guess it totally depends on the type of seeds you put out as to whether the jays come.  I vote to keep up the sunflower seeds to keep them coming.

I picked up this Tupperware cake taker at the second hand store.  I have a vintage one which I purchased just after high school but I find this one is better in the sense that the hand locks in.  The base is yellow so that was for sure a win for it coming home with me.

Sharing at Share Your Cup 227 hosted by Jann at Daily Cup with Mrs. Olson.

Framed Photo - Joy to the World

I created this art with my Alphabet Photography. 

I did "JOY to the World" where Joy is created with my alphabet photos. I  mounted it onto a barn wood background which is another photo I took along the way. It was printed in black and white to a size 5x7 inches.

It was mounted to a piece of white card stock.  I added a deep navy mat into the 8x10 inch silver matte frame.

It will be in the Miniatures Show on the weekend.