Thursday, December 29, 2016

How To: Thread Catcher Bag

I did a bit of sewing for Christmas gifts this year.  I received one of these bags as a gift sometime this summer from my friend Ada who is a great quilter.  I just love it and purchased a couple of more from her at the craft sale. This bag is great and the best feature is that the top of the bag is always open because the top is stiffened.  I move mine around to catch my trash whether I am paper crafting, sewing or just doing paper work.
I generally give my Mom and sisters something small for Christmas and this bag is so useful whether you sew or not that I decided to make a few more so I could give each sister one.  In the end some nieces received one too. 
It can be a remote control holder or lined with dog waste bags it becomes a trash bag for the vehicle.

After reviewing several instructions online and taking a look at the bags I had purchased I created a How To instructions for this bag.  I used the one I made for myself which features yellow and blue and tea pots. If you follow this blog you will see these are my favorites.

If you need more pictures I would recommend this tutorial.  The overall design is similar.
Thread Catcher Tutorial  

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