Monday, January 30, 2017

Winter Snowflake Birthday

I made this card for a sister who has a birthday this week. 

I started with one of my large greeting layers.  I adhered it to a brown card.

I added several snowflake punchies.  The punchies are all by Martha Stewart.  I placed the large and small blue ones in the top left hand corner and the others offset from those.

I unified the design with green mini brads which match the color of the greeting.

Afternoon Tea & Cool Tool

I set up afternoon tea with my yellow tea pot and a few coordinating accessories.  A vase of flowers, a generous mug, a textured plate work with this place setting.  I still have the lace tablecloth and navy runner on the table.

The teapot is by Maxwell & Williams Infusions. You can read more about it in this post.  I`ve had it for almost a year!

The holiday baking is all gone so I am having a few Citrus Cranberry cookies with my cuppa. 

I have a few very pretty yellow and deep pink carnations in the yellow vase.

The tea is Bengal Spice which I rediscovered over the holidays.  My aunt served it a New Year`s dinner and my sister has served it in the past.  It`s a great tasting herbal tea which is what I need in the afternoon.  I can have it with out sweetener or milk. Served in a yellow ironstone mug hits the mark.

These teas are part of the blog anniversary win at Tea in the Valley.  Margie included the Orange Spice Tea and the Exotic Berries Black Tea as well as small containers which hold Chocolate Rocket and Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait tea.

I will feature some colored images from the tea coloring book on future posts.
I have several envelopes to try as well. A tea cork coaster was also included.

This is a cool tool I purchased over the holidays.  It is a brush designed to clean a steel drinking straw but I bought it to clean my tea pot spouts.  It`s sold through Norwex.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Share Your Cup - This Week

I've made some more tea cup coasters because they are fun to make. You can find the link to the pattern in this post.  I'm not sure how I made one facing the other direction.  It was not intentional so I will have to work on the process to figure it out, then write it down.  These feature subtle and bright fabric.

I have decided to include some relaxation into my life regularly.  The tool I have chosen is coloring so I bought my self a small book. 

I used watercolor pencils on this fish page.  I bought them for a class I am giving in the spring and I wanted to try them out to see how they worked.  I colored them just as I would with colored pencils. 

Once done, I used a paintbrush with a bit of water to blend all the colors.  It makes the image well colored as any white space is given color with the water.  This paper is not the weight needed for much water and you can see the wrinkled edges.  I had to iron it flat once it had dried. 

I am happy with the results.  It took longer as the design was quite a bit more detailed and the water color added some time.

I spent some time viewing art with my aunts. 
One of the most interesting pieces was an art piece with with this kit designed by Victor Vasarely (French/Hungarian, 1906–1997) Planetary folklore Participations no. 1 , 1969. Mixed media sculpture edition plastic, paper, metal 20 x 20 in. (50.8 x 50.8 cm.)
The plastic pieces are held in place by magnets in a black metal box frame. The pieces can easily be re arranged to create a new piece of art.  I loved the concept.  I found these images on line as photos were discouraged.

I have been sewing too.  

Car Litter Bag

The piece of fabric on the left with the marbling pattern was too small to make a litter bag. I combined it with red fabric for the outer bag and chose solid red for the liner bag. 
I have been trying to decide how to design the way the bag is held in place in the car.  I have decided to make fabric ties of 12" as well as include a loop in the center.  Some cars have a hook in the foot well which is works nicely to hold this type of bag.  Again, it holds a produce bag placed inside a plastic container which makes the opening always open and the litter in the produce bag can just be tossed when it is full. 


Scrap Sack

This one is made of turquoise butterfly fabric with a pale yellow liner. 

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Sympathy - Large Butterfly

I made this card for a friend who lost her dad in mid January. 

I started with the designer paper with large blossoms in warm tones.  I chose a green card to match the leaves in the paper.  I ripped the paper on an angle and adhered it to the card front.

I stamped the sentiment in the bottom right hand corner with SU Chocolate Chip ink with the stamp from Simply Sketched stamp set.

I cut a butterfly in blue with the Sizzix Winged Beauties thinlit set. I adhered it along the angle and used the corresponding marker to add some brown to match the sentiment.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tea Prize and Stuff

I won! This is a yellow and blue tea towel with a teapot on it!  It was part of the blog give away from Margie at Tea in the Valley for her 2 year blog anniversary.  She was so generous and I will include items over the next few weeks.  Blue and yellow are my kitchen colors so it will fit right in.

This is the first page of my Tea Time Photo Calendar.  The bright green cup is my sister's and she picked the peony while I did a photo shoot at her house. 

I bought myself a small crystal bowl to be filled with wonderful things.  My inspiration is a bowl I saw at my friend's house
I checked out the local craft store for small fake lemons but the price was ridiculous so for now I have blue and white balls.  I will keep an eye out for glass lemons.  Check out the small bird with a very long tail.  Christmas clearance is great!  The bowl is sitting on the platter from the Blue Nordic dishes I received a couple weeks ago.  It is in new condition which means it was not likely used a lot.  Mine is bound to be photographed more than serving food.  Who knows!

This orange is a gorgeous color and it was very delicious.  I cut it into sections and added a chocolate bran muffin for breakfast. 

 I continue to make tea cup coasters.  I have several made so I included one on my table this morning. 
The rock was a gift from a friend and is a good remind to live life grateful. 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mosaic Monday - Winter Frost

We have had several days of fog which really put frost on the everything in our world.

There was heavy frost on the maple helicopter seeds. 
The river valley was a wonderful wonderland of white frosty trees.

The cross country skiers were out in the river valley.

I did take quite a few photos with out gloves but I had to get back into the car to warm them up.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Card Club - Incentive

I gave the ladies who paid for the classes in advance a small gift of cards.  This is a sample of my Simple Sentiments.  I wanted to work with digital greetings.  I created a frame to hold the accent layer of decorative paper.  Then a larger frame which connects with the greeting shape.  The shape and the larger frame are the same color to create a seamless look between the two. 

I cut the decorative paper layer to 3.25 inches square.

I water colored a row of flowers on this layer.                           I punched a negative flower shape.

    I punched a negative flower shape.                                        This one was ready to go after the cut.

Card Club - January - Airplane

I wanted a male birthday card so this is what I designed.

The paper is Grandpa's Plaid from the Grandpa's Tool Shed collection made by Echo Park Paper Co.  It was cut to leave a small border on the olive card.

The red seam binding was placed across the designer paper the the ends taped to the back. 

The airplane graphics is from Pixabay.  I changed the colors to coordinate with the designer paper.  I added the greeting low enough that if the card maker wants to cut it off they can. I printed it onto ivory card stock. It is mounted to the card front with 3D foam tape over the red seam binding.  I tied the short piece of binding on the right hand side of the focal element.

Card Club - January - Copper Flowers

The decorative paper features copper outlined flowers.  I trimmed it to about 3" wide and 5 inches tall. 

I chose a taupe layer of card stock based on the colors in the feature wood grain flower.  It is trimmed to 4.00 x 5.25 inches and I embossed the right hand edge with a flower border folder by Cuttlebug from the With Love set. 

The decorative layer was adhered to the embossed layer then this was glued to the white card.  I then punched 2 holes at the top of the decorative layer and inserted a length of copper metallic ribbon to make a inny outy bow. 

Innie Outie Bow: Push the ends of the ribbon through the holes from the front to the inside of the card.  Then put the ends back to the front through the opposite hole. Cut the ends with flag ends. 

This copper ribbon has been a challenge to use but this decorative paper was a perfect match. 

Card Club - January - Red Hearts

I generally don't make specific cards for Valentine's but I found a bag of red felt hearts so I did it.
This is a large greeting I designed which was color printed then the layer was trimmed to leave a small border on the red card. I thought the hearts were stickers but no so I added a tiny silver flower sequin and held all the layers together with a tiny black brad.
The three hearts were randomly attached above the sentiment.  On the final is added some black to the sentiment of coordinate with the brads.

As an alternative, I printed a birthday greeting on the back so the participants could choose which type of card based on what they needed.  The hearts became balloons on strings.  The sentiment layer on strings was printed and again trimmed to leave a small border on the red card.
The hearts are attached in the same way.

Love this one!

I was thrilled to see brads again for sale at Michaels.  I hope protest was effective in bringing them back.  Thank You!

Card Club - January - Hot Pink

Today is the first Card Club for 2017.  I have a small but loyal group of participants.  I am very grateful to be able to teach regularly.

This card is using the cut outs from this set of cards.  I chose to change the orientation and trim off bits off the sides of the die cut.  I found in my stash the perfect pink acrylic circle stickers which fit well in the half circle part of the die cut.
I chose a hot pink card and added a layer of soft yellow striped designer which was cut to leave a small border.
I punched a large daisy from dark brown espresso card stock and placed it in the center of the half circle then mounted the sticker over the center.  The die cut was then adhered to the card front.
I designed the banner greeting to incorporate the dark brown color of the daisy punch and the hot pink.  It was color printed then fussy cut along the border and mounted to the card front with 3D foam tape. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Share Your Cup - This Week

I was on the sewing machine again this week.

I made this tea cup coaster from fabric, fiberfill, and lace.  I have been thinking of an event I will be part of in May.  My idea is making these as favors for this event.  I'm hoping to connect with the quilting group in hopes of spreading the work if the concept is accepted.  I would like to pair that with ladies bringing in tea pots which we would use as center pieces at the tables.  This would provide an opportunity for those at the table to learn about the teapot, the lady that brought it and those around the table.  I used the template from Stephanie's blog Enchanting Rose.

I'm reading this book, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Ann was looking to change her life to be happier when she was challenged by a friend to write down One Thousand gifts in her life. It changed her life and made her happier.  I would highly recommend it.

I will be teaching this bible study in February.

We had our fellowship group meeting today. 

We had this wonderful dish which was described as a mix between cinnamon buns and french toast. The maple syrup was there for the main dish.
It was very good!!

Fruit is always welcome.  Several books were exchanged which made everybody happy.

It was library week.   I did finish this book within the deadline.  This was a good book with stories about several people who came to a grand house in Ireland which opened as a bed and breakfast.  Some of the stories were intertwined an others were totally individual.  One of them was a woman who had taught at a school for many years.  She was given this trip as her retirement gift.   She was used to controlling all things and could not embrace the experience.  She left early and did not enjoy the experience at all.

The hostess of the bed and breakfast was living her dream after spending many years in a boarding house in New York City.  An experience which stood her in good stead in this new venture.

I would recommend this book.

I found this chair at the thrift store a while back.  It needs to glued and re nailed to be less wobbly.  It  needs a good cleaning but I am not going to change the finish at all.  Of course the fact that it was yellow was appealing and the price was great as well.

I have several goals for photography this year and I plan on using this chair as a prop in my photography.  It could be for a teddy bear, a tea party or who knows what else. It will appear later in the year here on my blog.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blue Nordic - Tea Biscuits

On the table I used a white lace tablecloth which I discovered when I was cleaning up Christmas items last week.  I placed a navy textured table runner across the table.

I set up my place setting this morning with some new to me blue & white dinnerware my aunt gave me last week. These few plates, bowls and a small platter will be a nice supplement to my collection of blue and white dishes.

There was a variety of vintages in the pieces I received which included Classic White Blue Nordic by J&G Meakin and Nordic by Johnson Brothers.  A few quite a bit older that the others.

I placed the Blue Nordic plate onto an Off White Swirl Pattern dinner plate by Myott Meakin which features the same swirl design.

I served Earl Grey tea with honey and cream.

The mug is 365+ Cobalt Blue by IKEA which goes well with the plates.

I put a dessert plate of the Blue Nordic under the white porcelain tea pot. 

The blue marker on the tea pot handle tells me that this is the first brew of the tea.
Cheese Tea Biscuits made with whole wheat flour and old cheddar cheese tastes great.  I made half a recipe which produced 12 small biscuits.

I added some navel orange slices which provides a punch of color and some of the precious Vitamin C during this time of the year.


I placed  a bit of butter and some orange marmalade on a small porcelain rectangular dish.  The marmalade is the healthiest possible by Smuckers with no sugar added.

This was a great breakfast. I enjoyed three cups of tea over a few hours this morning. 

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Glitter Card Mosaic Bird

The Christmas cards I receive each year a few include some with glitter.  Gorgeous cards that sparkle and glitter.  When it's time to take them down what to do with them? For this card the bird was cut from the glitter card mosaic. The wing was cut with the Cricut and the Create a Critter cartridge then I embossed it with the Cuttlebug D'vine Swirl folder.  I added a definition to the beak with a marker and used a white brad for the eye.  I punched the branch with the Stampin Up Build Up Bird punch from white card stock.  I chose a piece of aqua polka dot designer paper and adhered it to the black card front.  I adhered the mosaic bird to the card front then adhered the wing and the branch.  I added a greeting with a black SU Modern Label punchie and a Word Window greeting. These are adhered together then mounted to the card front with 3D foam tape.  Sending these to my card exchange buddies.

Glitter Card Mosaic Technique

I spent some time with my sister Therese on the weekend and she came up with the idea of a glitter card mosaic.  Check her cards out.
1. Collect the cards.
2. Cut the card fronts into squares.  We chose .75" which is the width of the spacer on the paper cutter.
3. Layout the squares on a contrasting card stock until you have something appealing.
4. Glue the square down and press overnight is best.
5. We cut several holes with die cut machine to assess the placement on our mosaic.
6. I traced the shape of this post it bird on the back of the card stock.
7. Create a project with the cut out.  I made a card.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas Card Challenge - January - Gold / Star

Card making is not as popular as it used to be. In my card making classes, attendance is dwindling.  My Stack Classes are in serious decline.   The cost of postage and electronic methods of communication has affected how many cards are sent each year. All Occasion cards in my classes have been in declined but Christmas cards hung on for longer. I gave 140 handmade Christmas cards this year but received about 20% of that.  I have to say that result affected my card making mojo. I hope that people are still connecting.  I was raised to send thank you cards for the gifts I receive but I would say that it is not a prevalent practice these days. 

Christmas is such a special time for me that I cannot stop sending Christmas greetings but I think in 2017 I will embrace some the new ways.  I can see a photo card and an electronic letters are possibilities.

After some serious self talk, I finally got my card making mojo working.  I learned many years ago that I need to make my Christmas card throughout the year so come Dec 1st they are ready to address. In that effort, I run a blog challenge every month.  January`s theme was gold and star.

I chose a script background I designed a few years ago which includes scripture.  I added a large word in the bottom right hand corner `Joy`.  This was printed on red card stock and trimmed to leave a small border.
I mounted that to the front of a black card.

I cut a gold star from non shed glitter paper with the Sizzix Star #2 die.  I  mounted that onto the card front with 3D foam tape. 

Mosaic Monday - Recent Projects

I have been doing a lot of photography in the last few days.  I created several bouquets in various color schemes. 

I used this wonderful wool blanket as a background and I found this bouquet worked with it very well. 

I placed it on a rectangular Battenburg Lace doily.

This little Teddy Bear is a recent acquisition. He measures 6 inches sitting down which he can do on his own. 

He was photographed in front of the tea cup box from the Inside Out Heart cups. He has a lovely navy vest and a silver bow.  He is a great size at about

I`ve spent some time at the sewing machine in recent time as well.  I created a companion piece to the Thread Catcher Bag which is a Litter Bag with a plastic container lined with a disposable bag.  This works well where you may have wet or messy litter.  The car comes to mind.

Being in the first few weeks of the New Year check out the areas of my life I want to work on in this coming year.  I layered a digital smooth texture file on the bouquet above just to provide a smoothness to the original file.  Check out my Blog Give Away.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Search for a Pink Tea Cup

This is a long post with a lot of pink. Proceed if you are intrigued I promise it has a happy ending.
Here we go!

I was gifted this pink tea pot by my aunt in July 2016 who had been given it by a relative years before from a vintage shop.
It is vintage, the maker is Sadler, it is a lamp shape pink teapot with pink roses & periwinkle Forget-Me-Nots with gold trim and my research suggested it is 75 years old.  I did include it in my 2017 Tea Time Calendar with a Regency White tea cup and saucer by Johnson Brothers.
The quest was on to find a tea cup that matched the teapot well.  Based on my internet research Sadler did not make tea cups so how to find a match on this pattern?

The cup should at least have pink roses blue flowers and gold trim I thought to myself.

I thought the teapot was a warm pink until I bought this tea cup and discovered it was not really warm at all as this set has a warm white base.

This set has ROSE BOUQUET 22 KT gold border MADE IN ENGLAND F on the bottom. I have not identified a maker.  I have no sense of age on this one.

Having decided a white or pink background would be better I continued my search.

This tea cup & saucer set had white and gold so it was getting closer to what I needed but no roses or pink or blue.

This is a bone china golden wedding anniversary set by Sutherland HM made in England.   I expect that this one is more recent in age.

It was not as good as it could be so I kept my out at thrift shops in hopes of find a better one. I started carrying a photo of the tea pot in hopes of being able to better match it.

This one had a white background, pink roses and gold trim but no blue so we are getting closer.

This one is bone china by Ridgway Potteries made in England. It has Royal Vale and pattern "N" 8138 on the bottom.  I found one reference that suggested a date in the mid 1960s.

This one would work but I kept my eyes peeled.  Most everyone I speak to regularly knows I'm looking for a cup to match this teapot.  There are many eyes at work.

My aunt gave me this one for Christmas this year and I was thrilled.  It has a pink background that matches well with the teapot, gold trim, pink roses and this wonderful scallop edge but still still no blue flowers.

It is marked Queen Anne Bone China England.  The 'Queen Anne' trade name introduced around 1950 was used until the closure of the Edensor Works in 1966. 

Then this one arrived!  Pink background, pink roses, gold trim and blue bachelor buttons.

This one is marked Bone China Colcough F 4 Made in England.  The mark is reasonably rare but the one place was still researching the mark.  Really no idea how old it is but it's a match which is what counts.

Here's the teapot and tea cup and saucer together.  I think it's a great match and it will make it into my 2018 Tea Time Calendar which I will start shooting soon.

Thanks for reading my long post.  It has a happy ending.  Check out my blog give away on my feature post. 

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