Friday, September 28, 2018

Calendars to Gallery

I brought some 4x6 Photo Calendars to the Gallery today.

Pretty Petals which is my floral one this year.

Here's my Nature one.  I got a Giant Panda photo into this one!

I brought some Fridge Calendars as well.  I made a few with French sentiments The blue one translates to All is Possible and the Lilac one translates to It takes a little to be Happy.

I am trying one with no sentiment.  The Life too Short has been popular so I put in a couple of those.

I hoping that sales will be good without a reception for my show.  There will be a big event tomorrow and a reception for the artists on Friday, Oct 5th.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Apron - Cross Back - Blue Butterflies


Another apron.  This one is cross back again with a beautiful Blue Butterflies and it is 100% cotton.  I bought this fabric so long ago I do not recall what it cost me.  I paired it with an aqua 100 % cotton.

I added a bit on the fold and quite a bit on the back edges.  It is almost 5 inches wider than the pattern when folded.  It provides a great cross over at the back when it is on. 

The patch pockets come from the armhole cut out and I added a bit of aqua to the slant edge of the pockets.  They were top stitched onto the front piece of the apron before assembly.  Two and half inches from center and 15 inches down from the top of the bib. 

The stitching I did on this one is just at the top edge of the back pieces straight across. I ironed it then sewed it from the back side where I could easily see the crease.  Then a line of stitching from the previous line, down by the edge of the pocket to the apron bottom edge.

I put the hanging loop on the front of the apron this time.  I think that works better.
Super happy with this one as well.

I am not sure how selling these will go.  I guess people will have to try them on to see how they fit and how long they etc.

I have to move on to other priorities as this has been a marathon sewing session.  I will make a few shirt aprons for sure.

Apron - Cross Back - Sunny Side Up

I made another apron this morning.  I chose the 100% cotton fabric called Sunny Side Up by Ro Gregg.  I lined it with a piece of chocolate brown fabric.

This one is wider than the last one.  I added 3/8 of an inch on the fold as well as 3 inches more than the pattern.  Over all folded dimension was 20 inches at the under arm.

I used the remnant from the armhole cut out to make the patch pockets.  I edged the slant of the pocket with a strip of the chocolate brown fabric from the lining.

The pockets were placed a little farther apart as well at 2.5 from center rather than 2 inches.   It is a bit longer as well at 37 inches bib to hem but I maximized the length of the brown. I just could not cut off just a bit.

I did place one line of stitching down the front on the skinny brown line to keep the 2 pieces together.  Choosing the brown means the seam hardly shows.

The straps were cut 3 inches wide by 27 inches to ensure I had enough.  This time is sewed an end in order to have something to push on when turning it over. It went really well with my 12 inch chop stick.  Ironed it flat with the seam in the center.

The straps were securely attached with X stitching in the front on the bib.  The straps were crossed and securely attached to the back as well.  Still 22 inches between bib and back edge. 

I love the extra cross over at the back and the weight of this one feels great.

These are wonderful colors.  Another beautiful apron which I hope someone just wants to buy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Apron - Cross Back Daisy

Another apron today.  I tried a new design for those who do not want ties on their aprons.

I started with this warm rust floral fabric and chose a light yellow cotton for the lining.

I used my own pattern from earlier aprons and adjusted how the straps worked.

I cut two pieces of the pattern one patterned and the other solid.  I cut them at the same time so they would be a perfect match. 

I cut the patch pockets from the remnant created where the arm hole was cut. I added an accent strip to the slanted open edge of the pockets cut from the lining fabric.

The pockets were then top stitched onto the front patterned piece.

The front and the lining were sewn together, turned inside out, and top stitched to close the gap used to turn inside out. I also placed a line of stitching from the top of bib to the bottom of the apron just left of center to secure the 2 pieces together.

The straps were cut 2.5 inches wide and about 27 inches long just to make sure I had enough.  I sewed a seam with right sides together then struggled to turn the strap inside out. I like that the seam can be placed in the back center of the strap.

I securely attached the straps to the top corners of the bib.  I decided that 22 inches between the top of bib to the edge of the back worked so I cut the strap 24 with a 1 inch overlap at each connection point.  I ensured that the straps were "crossed" then securely attached the bottom end of the strap to the back edge of the apron.

I may have to do something different for turning the straps inside out.  I think I would also like to have the apron wider so there the back edges come closer together when it is one a person.

Shirt - Craft Cover or Apron

Upcycled another men's shirt into a garment that would work as a craft cover, a smock apron, or a extra layer for any reason.  It provides excellent protection for your clothes.

This was a navy 100% cotton Eddie Bauer shirt in XL.

I cut the neckline into a V this time as this is a bigger size and a larger person may need a big more room.

I cut the sleeves off leaving the seam intact with the garment.

I used the one long sleeve to make the waist ties and the other for the large patch pockets. 

I chose royal blue double wide bias tape which I added to the neck line, the arm holes and the slant edge on the patch pockets.

I attached the ties at the waist on the sides of the garments. They are 40 inches long each.  It allows the ties to knot in the front or the back.

The patch pockets were placed on the front either side of the button front about waist high and top stitched.

The back is left plain with the hanging loop added just below the bias tape.

All my aprons have hanging loop which allows it to be stored on a hook or peg. All the stress points are reinforced and the tie can be tied at the front or the back.
Another one done for the sale.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Upcycled Shirt - Smock Apron

I designed a new apron to use a used men's shirt.

This is a men's large 100% cotton plaid shirt in red white and navy.  The fabric is beautiful.

I cut the neck line into a nice round ensuring that the first button was close to the neck line.  I cut the sleeves off leaving the seam on the apron.  I chose red bias tape for this project.  I then sewed on the bias tape on the neckline and the sleeves.

I used one of the long sheets to make the extra long tie which allows tying in the front to back to the back.  In some situation you may not want these ties dangling in front. It was sewn to the center of the back of the apron.

The second sleeve became 2 patch pockets on the front of the apron.  I used the last the red bias tape on the slant edge of the pocket to coordinate with the rest of the apron.  The pockets had the seam allowance ironed then it was top stitched in place below the waist tie.

This is a great apron which provides great clothing coverage, excellent pockets, and a versatile tie.

The original shirt pocket remains as well as the button down front.  This one worked out so well.  It would work for a smaller person as you will be wearing it over clothes.

Pot Holders to Match Aprons

I paired the remaining striped fabric from this Striped Shirt Apron with some bold burgundy fabric for this set of potholders.

This is my standard 8.5 inch potholder with a 1 1/8 inch border. 

The hanging loop is in the corner in the same burgundy fabric as the back.  This makes the corner very full and thick so I will move it to the center next time.

The center stitching is a straight lines along the burgundy stripe.

I paired the remaining denim fabric from this Denim Shirt Apron with some bold red gingham for this set of potholders.

This is my standard 8.5 inch potholder with a 1 1/8 inch border. 

The hanging loop has been moved to the center and is in the same denim fabric as the back. 

The center stitching is a couple of squares following the pattern on the front.

I used the remaining fabric from the Botanic Print Apron for this set of pot holders.  The accent color is a pale green which matches the outlines in the fabric very well.

The print was cut to 7.5 inches square. Four strips of the green was cut at 1 1/8 inches wide and 9 inch long.  These were sewn to the four sides of the square. 

The back was cut at 9" square.

I used a couple layers 100% cotton for the lining of these potholders.

I created the hanging loop from the same fabric.

I top stitched close to the edge to seal the opening I left to turn them inside out then I ran seam along the inside edge of the border as well. 

For the center top stitching I chose to follow the organic lines in the design rather than sew through the bird and flowers.  Finished size of 8.5 inches.

I pieced together the front block of these potholders as I had very little fabric remaining once I completed the Color Block Apron and the Frame Bags.

I paired it with a subtle striped 100% cotton fabric.

Standard flat potholder pattern with 1 1/8 inch border in black.

The center stitching is just straight lines following the black stripe on the front.

I am preparing for Christmas Craft Sales.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Potholders - Pocket

This is my first set of pocket potholders. It took a while to design and then plan the order of doing things to get my desired outcome.

I paired some beautiful Deep Red Asian Floral fabric for the pocket with a warm green solid for the rest.  I chose 6.5 x 9.5 for this set. I was hoping for the pocket to be square.  It has a center hanging loop from the patterned fabric.  I hemmed the top edge of the pocket.  I stitched the front of the back in 3 inches in hopes that it would easily fold there when used.  I wanted the edge of the pot to contrast against the solid which helps the eye to know where the hand should go. 

Some changes I will make is to make it wider as this works for small hands but more pocket would be helpful.

This set was cut 7.5x 9.5 inches which makes the pocket more the size I wanted it to be.  I have a wider hem on the pocket just because I had the fabric. The Autumn Leave fabric is paired with a burgundy cotton.  Top stitching close to the outside edge to close the gap I used to turn them over.  I am happy with this design.  The set I use a lot in my kitchen is a pocket set. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Potholders - Flat

This is my standard 8.5 inch flat potholder with a 1 1/8 inch borders which have been stitched to the center 7.5 inch square. 

It has a center loop with top stitching very close to the edge to seal the gap where I turned it over.  I then added another close to the other edge.

To create my center stitching I used my 1 inch border chip board pattern piece and placed it along the edge had my sewing machine foot follow the other edge.

I chose some manly fish fabric for this set of flat 8.5 inch potholders. 

I paired it with an aqua 100% cotton for the back.  They had the 1 1/8 inch border.

Center hanging loop.

I changed up the center stitching and created a quarter circle from paper which I followed with my machine. I love that they intersect at the edges.  I'm glad it did not overlap the main fish too much.

I loved this bright church fabric with silver metallic lines and wanted to maximize it's use so I cut the center square smaller so I could get 3 sets of potholders.  With the wonderful colors in this fabric I will be able to pair it with several different colors.
This time I chose the royal blue but I had to widen the border to accommodate the smaller center. The borders 2 inches wide and I was able to get away with top stitching on the close edge and the far edge also did the center stitching. Excellent.

This fabric as really fabulous so I wanted to see a lot of it so I decided to make the whole in stars.  I paired it with the same royal blue from the previous pair. 

It needed a bit of a focal point on the front so I created a silver rick rack onto a royal blue strip which I stitched on before I assembled the potholder. 

The center stitching was just triangles below the accent strip. 

Less fuss on this set of potholders.

Apron Handy Towels

I put together some hang towels which will work with my aprons. 

My early aprons had a loop where a towel could be pulled through so they would be handy when wearing the apron.

I then decided that right in middle may not be the best so I put buttons on my last couple aprons which works for people right handed or left handed.

The ribbon loop on the towel hangs on the button.

My aprons have buttons on both sides as they are reversible.

I added the 3/8" ribbon loop to towels I purchased.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Recent Photos

It was our first Welcome to my Kitchen since our summer break.

We had a good number in attendance with a few regulars busy elsewhere today.  We had one new retiree who has decided to join our group. 

Maybe I was hungry today but I had wolfed down my toast, fruit and coffee cake before I remembered to take photos!

I was not able to find details about this cup so if you know it leave me a comment.

We had a great time of catching up on our summers, our devotion "Dedicated to Love" was based on Romans 9:1-5.  We had many prayer concerns.

We even had a couple of choruses which was a real blessing.

Our hostess was celebrating a milestone birthday so I made a birthday card for her.  We had several others celebrating September birthdays turning 73-88 years young.

This card is a DSP Split with double sided paper by Authentique - Renew - Blossom featuring aqua and yellow.

I cut at 3.5 inches, flipped the top piece and taped the pieces together with the join covered with ivory grosgrain ribbon.

I punched a large circle from ivory card stock, stamped the sentiment in the center in Baja Breeze. I then added silver and white sequins and small handmade paper flowers around the center.  Added a bright yellow on in the center.  These are held in place with Bling Zots.

I should have made cards for those on our prayer list. Next month.

There was significant frost on my world yesterday morning.  As you can see the Rudibeckias had been frosted and were sparkling.

It was wonderful for photography but I had to keep moving to keep warm.

The camera was cold and so were my fingers despite gloves.

It was good to be out for a walk and be in the fresh air.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cards to the Gallery

A beautiful piece of decorative paper in blues and purples.  This is alcohol paper designed a while back.

I mounted it to a dusty grey card. 

I used a Martha Stewart butterfly punchie in grape in the top left hand corner.  I used a marker to highlight the body.

I layered the band at the bottom of the card with a please of light blue then a piece of the same decorative paper.

The french greeting is a birthday one.  It was color printed in lavendar and punched with the Stampin Up Artisan Label punch.

I have included a few photo cards as well because I have sold a few based on inventory I did last month.

A beautiful Barn Swallow!

Gorgeous Sunflower!

This is my Sunlit Rose.

This makes a great guy card.  This is a close up of a stainless steel book end that I found at the Antique Mall.

I think this photo of the Bridge at the Japanese Garden would make a great sympathy card.

I'm starting to think November and December so I have included the Red Poppy and this red berries with beautiful leaf would do Christmas.

These are headed to the Gallery Gift Shop today.

Card Making - 3 Styles

When designing cards for this class at Compassion House I chose versatile designs where different paper, card stock and accent would create a different card.

Style 1 - Ripped 4 inch - The designer paper is cut to 4 inches square.  It is ripped and the pieces are positioned to the edges leaving the yellow card showing in between.  I chose a butterfly accent color printed and punched with the Stampin Up Decorative Label.  The colors on this one is Old Olive and So Saffron.  This label is adhere with 3D foam tape.

 Style 2 - DSP Split - I chose warm colored designer for fall cards.  The 4 inch x 5.25 inch piece is cut at 3.5 inches then the 2 pieces are taped back together.

I added a piece of ivory grosgrain ribbon across the join and tape the ends to the back of the layer.  I created an accent of silk flowers starting with a tiny yellow handmade paper one on the gold brad, then the orange one, another yellow, a deep rust one then the final large yellow one.  A hole was made through the designer paper layer then the prongs spread apart on the back.

The layer was then adhered to the front of a deep brown card.

The greeting was printed on tan card stock and it was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.  The card works without a greeting as well.

Style 3 -  Square - The designer paper chosen is Stampin Up Autumn Spice.  The card color selected is More Mustard. The designer paper was cut to 4 inches square.  The edges were rubbed with an Early Espresso ink pad.

The buttons are from Stampin Up and matches the card color. I tied a length of Early Espresso thread, knotted and trimmed.

The greeting was color printed in Cajun Craze and clear embossed.  They were cut apart to 1" tall.  The end was flagged with scissors.  It held in place with Zots. Once placed the button was adhered with a large Zot to the left of the words of the greeting.

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Zoo - Pandas

A trip south to see the Giant Pandas at the Calgary Zoo was on my road trip list for this summer.

I managed to get there on the last day of summer weather - Sept 11th. It snowed the next day.

The 4 pandas Er Shun and Da Mao, and her two cubs, Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue will be staying in Calgary for 5 years.

There was only one who was active during my visit.  Check out the last photo in the mosaic.  Do you think it wants to see anybody?  Don't think so!

I fortunate that kids were back in school and my visit was during the day so the crowd was small.

My niece came with me so I had a great guide to making the most of my limited time there.

It was great and I expect to visit again before they leave.

The Butterfly House was another must.  The species seem to bit limited in this house and I found the same at the Botanic Gardens earlier this summer.

Of course the Blue Morpho is the hit of the house. I managed one with its wings spread. The other is one which had just emerged in the chrysalis house.

This black and orange one on the left is the Hecale Longwing and the one on the right is the Dark Evening Brown.  I was concerned it had lost a lot of wing but its wings are very squarish.

In the Canadian Wilds area I found the Whooping Crane and the Great Grey Owl.

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life who hosts Mosaic Monday #101.