Saturday, April 7, 2018

Apron - Adjustable with Casing

I made another apron today so now I have a sample of the three designs I have researched.

This is an adjustable apron with the tied going through a casing along the curve of the bib.  This is the style of my current apron.

I chose this bold striped cotton fabric in red, ivory and white stripes for this side and a black poly cotton for the reverse side.   I placed a seam offset to the left of center and ensured the stripes were maintained across the apron. I chose to top stitch the seam and the outer edge of the apron in black thread.

I added black patch pockets, a towel loop in the center between the pockets and a hanging loop on the accent at the top of the bib. 

The corners of the pockets are well reinforced with a triangle of stitching.

I will have to decide which design I will use for my new apron.  I have not yet decided the fabric yet.

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  1. Sylvia - very clever to include the loops - I am forever hanging a towel over the tie for my apron - yours is a much better design!


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