Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter & Tea Today

I see that I have not set up tea in a long while. It is the pits to be sick and just have no energy for the extras.  I am feeling better just in time for Easter with extended family.

We have a tradition that plan a get together for Mom and her 6 girls on the Saturday of the Easter weekend.  Everyone brings their projects, we share, eat potluck lunch and supper, visit, and generally have a great time.  A few things had to change since Mom & Dad are in a new place but we had such a great time.  We had grand daughters and  great grand daughters drop by for a visit. A grandson and his family came for supper.  We were 30 for supper.  The men join us for the meals and I picked Dad up and made sure he was on time for eating.  Mom was thrilled.

One sister brought her Christmas Tree hanging, Mom had a baby quilt, another sister was working on a quilt for a grad gift, a grand daughter brought her abstract art which she will be in a craft sale in a few weeks.  One granddaughter was working on shadow boxes with hearts for care workers.  One of the new babies made an appearance which meant Dad got to see him which was great.

This teapot napkin holder was a find by my sister and she gifted it to me.  It's great because it can become my summer holder which is not breakable.  It can go out on the balcony with no concerns.  Love it.

We took a walk to the local thrift store in the afternoon.  I continue to add to my cobalt glass collection and this tea light holder was perfect at .50 cents.

It is a Tulip Tea Light Holder by Partylite. It needed a really good washing but as you can see it is shiny and sparkly now.

Mom found something she was looking for, my sister and her daughter chose tops with the kind of fabric she needed to make flowers.  I forgot to take a photo.

I found a couple of fleece items for more pot protectors.

This trivet fits right in.  It was a gift from a friend who made a trip to Hawaii in February.  I love the turtles!!!  My favorites in the sea.

The blue color of the letters worked really well with the blue in the napkin I used for a table cover.

The sunflower blue and yellow napkins were from the same sister as the napkin holder.  Works perfectly into my kitchen color scheme.

I was able to quick set up tea today with these wonderful gifts.

The tea is Earl Grey wit a bit of honey and cream in a yellow mug.  Yummy.

We had quite a few leftovers from our potluck on the weekend.

One of my contributions was drinks.  I brought my 12 cup coffee maker, my stainless steel tea pot ( no worries about that one breaking), honey, white sugar, brown sugar, a variety of tea, cream and milk.

There was juice for the kids.


  1. What a fabulous family tradition ... one of my few regrets about being in Montana is being so far from family ... we make do with Skype, but it's not quite the same.

    These yellows and blues of your table setting go so well together, and help us feel like Spring even if it's not Springing outside!

  2. Love the cute teapot napkin holder!

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better and feeling creative. Your cobalt blue tea light is very pretty, as is your table setting. Sounds like a lovely Easter.


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