Saturday, February 24, 2024

Card - Slow Stitching - Pojagi Butterfly

I created the pojagi cloth element from thin fabrics I found at the ReUse Center.

The green butterfly was on one of them so I chose to keep it. I found some fabrics which worked with the color of the blue fabric.

All handstitched then backed with another fabric to finish off the edges.

A great organic element.  I added the small orange button for a bit of interest and dimension.

Mounted to a Stampin Up Baja Breeze card base. 

With a quarter sheet insert and a white envelope it is pressing before it hits my card box.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Card - Slow Stitching - Heart Flower

I brought home some heavy cotton printed in blues from the ReUse Center this week.  

I found this piece with a heart flower so I did the flower in white thread, added a stem and leaves. 

Then yellow French knots in the center with a few seed stitches above to add some interest. Then a navy frame of running stitch all the way around.

Adhered to a white heavy card base with double sided tape.  

Sitting under several books for a good pressing.

Added a white quarter sheet insert and a white envelope.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Sewing Project - Creating Blocks

I started creating blocks from my slow stitching pieces.  I needed a way to finish these so I can put them into some sort of project when they are complete I will have 52 at the end of the year.

I decided to buy a neutral fabric and headed to the thrift store. See picture below.

I was going to just zigzag them onto the cotton and overnight I came up with a better idea.  What if I used ribbon to finish off the edges? Dipped into my stash of ribbon to see what I had.  I had some gold and ivory organza - too stiff and too see through. Keep looking.  Then I remembered a roll of navy seam binding.  Yeah that will work.

I decided to buy some 100% cotton fabric in the form of the king sized flat sheet. I choose a light grey with some texture in the fabric. I had a cone of thread to match. Wonderful.

I took a bit to figure out how to use the seam binding.  In the end I just folded it in half.  By running the fold along the edge of the sewing machine I could get it to stay folded.  I did enough to get around the slow stitch piece and got started.  

The roll of seam binding I see is viscose which means it is pretty old. Viscose is a natural fabric so that is good as well.

I have owned these roll for about 10 years and you can see that I paid $2 at a thrift store somewhere along the way.  I have used it for card making in those years and there is plenty to finish this project as well.

Very happy I was able to shop my stash.
The edges of the slow stitch pieces are not crisp in most cases so I decided on a decorative stitch with a zag in it to ensure I captured the full edge of the piece. I left an open end before I started stitching and then aligned the folded edge of the seam binding on the outer edge with the open edge toward the middle of the piece. After a little practice I was able to created 90 degree corner folds with decent precision with an applique pin. Once I returned to where I started I cut the incoming end short enough to fit into the end I had left when I started.  Folded the edge over on one of them and pulled them taut and sewed over the overlap. A bit of back stitching done!

I have done the 8 complete slow stitching pieces.

Just thinking they could be used as an accent on a bag or some other sewing project.  

Slow Stitching - No. 008 - Both Sides - Pojagi

2024 Slow Stitch Challenge - Week 8 - Both Sides - Pojagi.

The idea that all things have two sides which are not good or bad but different.  

Pojagi is a Korean patchwork technique where you sew different pieces together to create one large piece of fabric. Seam allowances are concealed inside the seams, so you have the finished edges front and back. 

I chose a different color scheme this week because of my visit to the ReUse Center. Warm tones in yellows and rust.

I managed to keep all my single stitches to this side except the short one along the top.  That is the way it goes. It is also just a bit bigger than the others at 4.5 inches.

I am so grateful to Kathyrn who is passing on such useful techniques as well as thoughtful insights and life lessons. 

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Card - Slow Stitching - Pink and Blue

I brought some heavy cotton fabric home from ReUse Center this week.

I thought, let me see what I can stitch using the pattern on the fabric.

I added stars in the upper left hand corner - navy on white. 

Triangles white on navy.

Some couched stitching in the bottom right hand corner - medium blue on light blue. 

Then some pink stars/flowers on the medium blue piece.

Adhered the piece with double sided tape on a pink A2 card and pressed over night under books.

Ready to give.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Card - Slow Stitching - Blue Bird

A blue bird card for my next slow stitching card.

I am still using my original slow stitching background and creating compositions to fit.

I chose some blue fabric and cut a bird and wing. The bird was just held with running stitch. A tiny bead for it's eye.

I have used jute for the branches and those were tacked in place. I added leaves. 

The piece was trimmed to 3.5 x 4.75 inches and adhered to an A2 Island Indigo card base.  It has been pressed under books to ensure it stays stuck.

Adding to my card box.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Slow Stitching - No. 007 - Held together by scraps of LOVE

I am following the slow stitching challenge hosted by Kathryn - K3NClothTales.

The prompt for week 7 is: Held together by scraps of LOVE.

Here is my piece. This is a tribute to my Mom who passed away a year ago. Her favorite color was blue.  I traditionally made Mother's day cards in pink but changed it up to make them blue because that spoke to her a lot more.

In this piece, I  added a light blue layer of cotton to my foundation fabric with white shiny Viscose thread and a running stitch because these pieces will be eventually put into a larger fiber art piece.

I cut a foundation piece of cotton cut into a heart shape. I stitched various blue fabrics to the heart. I then used blanket stitch to attach the heart to my light blue fabric.  Then I added white French Knots to add some femininity to the piece. 

My Mom did a lot of work with scrap fabric and re-purposing fabric.  She sewed all our clothes when we were kids, she taught all her girls to sew, and made many quilts in her life time.  She put love in all here sewing pieces. She took her sewing machine to the lodge because it was a life line for her. She did embroidery and knitting as well.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Card - Velvet Daisy Paper

I quick card for a belated birthday.

I used an Always Artichoke card base in A2.

I added a piece of velvet daisy paper cut to leave a small border.

I punched a daisy accent from green card stock and then gold foil card stock.  A small daisy vellum flower in the center all held in place with a green mini brad.

I added a white insert and envelope.

It's off in the mail today!


Card - Butterfly Sympathy

I created a simple sympathy card for my aunt who lost my uncle recently.

I chose a deep burgundy card in the A2 landscape orientation.

I added a piece of warm purple paste paper trimmed to leave a bit of border top and bottom.

I cut a large butterfly with the Sizzix Winged Beauties thin die set from gold on deep purple cardstock.

I added a gold foil body to the butterfly and adhered it with double sided tape.

Card - Slow Stitching - Shooting Star

Another slow stitch piece.  

I started with the shooting star to follow the yellow fabric in the piece. I included a piece of glitter organza for sparkle.

I added the diamonds on the right which can represent houses in a village.

I added the house on a hill with it's bright windows. 

I then added the white stars in the dark sky and the green of the land.

It was adhered to the white A2 card base with double sided tape and pressed under books.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Card - Slow Stitching - Daisy

My first card with a slow stitching element.

The background is a slow stitching piece measuring 3.5 x 4.75 inches featuring black, navy and yellow pieces of fabric. The stitching was done with regular sewing thread in a color matching the fabric.

I stitched a daisy on the black slow stitching fabric.  I first cut a piece of organza into a 2.25 inch circle.  I then stitched the flower with golden yellow thread. I added a yellow button in the center.

I then stitched the stem and leaves with a bright green thread with a stem stitch.  

I added ground with thread rows of  running stitches in brown thread.

I then added blades of grass in three different shades of green.

The daisy layer was adhered to the front of a golden yellow card with 2 bands of double sided tape.

Cards - TH Cameo Frame

I brought a piece of pretty floral tissue paper home from the ReUse Center recently.  I decided to make a few cards with it. 

I chose the Tim Holtz Cameo Frame die for one of the layers.

I cut the die from a lef tover piece of ivory card stock which was less wide than the die but I just went with it.  I aligned down the center and ran it through the Big Shot.

I wrapped the gift wrap around the center of the diecut and taped the ends to the back.  I added burgundy ribbon at the top and bottom on the die again taping ends to the back. 

I punched a MS Butterfly in the same color as the card base which is a textured turquoise. I held it in place with a tiny gold brad. It was feeling like it needed a bit more so I added the deep red flowers in the top and bottom arches. These along with a gold flower sequin are held in place with tiny gold brads. 

This layer was then adhered to the card front with double sided tape.  A white quarter sheet insert and a white A2 envelope finish of the set.

This card follows the same basic layout.  I cut the Cameo Frame from pink designer paper. 

Then cut the floral tissue paper to just lay inside the embossed line on the die cut.

I punched a butterfly from gold foil card stock and held it in place with a warm pink tiny brad. 

I added small gold lower sequins in the arches at the top and bottom with the same tiny brads.

This layer was then adhered to the card front in a warm pink card stock.

Insert and envelope to complete the set.

On this card is started with a warm green A2 card base. 

I cut the frame from warm mottled designer paper.

Again, cut the tissue paper to fit inside the emboss line on the die cut.  The tissue paper had tears and tape in places so I had to be careful how I cut the paper.  The tissue has strategically place pieces of double side tape.

I added a turqoise butterfly punchie in the bottom corner and a handmade paper flower in the upper right hand corner held in place with tiny gold brads.

I put turquoise caps in the arches with my Crop-a-Dile tool.

Layer adhered to the card front with double sided tape and an insert and envelope to finish up the set.

It's nice to have a design element with a good variety of colors that allows me to create several cards which are not exactly the same.

Here I chose Stampin Up Pixie Pink card base.

I paired it with a blue watercolor frame die cut. 

A gold foil butterfly in the top left hand corner held in place with gold tiny brad.

Small flower punchies to match the card base and again tiny gold brads to keep them place.

Layer adhered to card front with double sided tape.

I stuck to the portrait orientation unintentionally.  With this tissue paper I could have easily altered the orientation.

Quarter sheet insert and white envelope.

As I change the die cut color the colors in the tissue paper change and some are highlighted.

Here is chose a warm turquoise card stock for the frame die cut.  

Then I went with a deep burgundy color for the A2 card base.

I added a strip of the same card stock along the left hand side.

I chose a burgundy silk flower with a gold flower sequin and placed it to leave the flowers in the paper visible.   This is layered with a gold flower sequin and held in place with a gold mini brad.

A white quarter sheet insert and a white envelope and another set of cards for the stash is done.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Sylvia's Simple Shots

The progress on the slow stitching scroll continues.

I found this button in a .50 cent bag of buttons when I visited the thrift store in Wetaskiwin while on a visit with my sister.

It matches really well the colors in the backing fabric of the scroll.

It is a shell button and measures about 1.25 inches across.

You can see a hint of the tie I created as well.

We had a good dump of snow overnight.

I was glad I did not have any place I had to be and could just hunker down till the roads were cleared.

I have simplified my method of keeping the bobbin with the matching spool of thread.

It is a simple elastic band about 3-4 inches long. I push one end through the bobbin then pull both ends over the top end of the spool.

The expensive gadgets I bought were a total waste of money.  Several broke the first time I put a bobbin on them.

This bands are cheap as dirt and can be replaced instantly should one decide to fail.

Happy with this new system.  Easy to add to the system as well as I have box of 100s at my disposal.

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.  I have read several of her books and enjoyed them a lot.

The story of 4 Chinese mother and daughters in their early years and their later years.  It was a lot of characters to keep track of.

This one was a disappointment.  The conflict between mothers and daughters was not fun to read about.  I did enjoy the beginning and the end had some wonderful bits in it.

I found a tin at the ReUse Center for my ORTs.

Orts are the leftover snips of thread that remain when you are done stitching. They may be be tiny bits clipped when you run out of thread, or longer lengths you no longer need.

I love the green shamrocks on the lid and it looks like it originally held a wonderful confectionery.

As you can see the box is full of fluffy threads.


Friday, February 9, 2024

Slow Stitching - No. 006 - Listen to the Cloth

This is my piece for week 6 of the slow stitch challenge hosted by Kathryn at K3NClothTales.  

The prompt for this week is: Listen to the Cloth.  Basically, cloth will have certain properties and work with them. 

I acquired a few more fabric scraps this week at the ReUse center and I am happy with my coordinated color scheme. 

The top left piece may be silk. I doubled it so I would have more to work with. The circle wreath is a piece of cheesecloth fabric which is very loosely woven and had to be confined to work.  I couched the circle and left the tails to speak about the original properties of the cloth.

The dark pink on the bottom was quite heavy so I just used a running stitch in the same color. There was a color gap in the floral piece so I added the light pink piece in bottom left corner which is satiny and just added a piece of narrow lace for fun. I made French Knots!  The olive green piece got double seed stitches.  The floral piece has tiny stitches in green following the green in the cloth.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Cards - Half Circles

I continue to make cards for friends and family.

The half circle card is a very versatile layout which I have used many times.

I chose some blue watercolor designer paper and cut the 12x12 in 4 pieces.  I cut 6" circles with my Creative Memories circle cutter.  Then those were cut in half on the paper cutter. This paper had a grid on the back that made this very easy.

I chose a grey textured A2 card base.  I adhered the half circle along the left hand side.  I added a royal blue card stock strip along the fold with double sided tape.  

I adhered a Martha Stewart Butterfly punchie in the same blue as the strip with Bling Zots.

Using a silver gel pen I added stitching marks along the circle edge, a fly path for the butterfly, and then dots on the the blue strip.

All cards get a white quarter sheet insert and white envelope.

With a sky blue A2 card stock base and dug in my designer paper stash leftovers and picked this one with paisleys and a good variety of colors.

I only had a smaller piece but by placing the circle guide along the edge half way across I was able to cut a half circle.

It was adhered with double sided tape along the left edge.  I added a dark brown grosgrain ribbon along the fold and knotted it towards the top of the card.

I created a flower accent with a large white silk flower, an aqua handmade paper flower then a small yellow one.  These are held together with a large brown brad.  Once the prongs were pushed apart I added a large Zot to adhere it to the card front.


I chose a leftover piece of the velvet paper with debossed flowers on it.  This feels more like fabric than paper so I decided to cut my half circle with scissors.  I traced the shape with my cutter template with a pencil then  followed the line to cut.  I them adhered it to the card front and trimmed the top and bottom edges.

I decided to pair it with a celery colored grosgrain ribbon.  I punched a hole in the fold of the card with my Stampin Up Slot punch.  I strung my ribbon through it and around the card front tying the knot on the front. 

I chose 2 gold punchies for my Stampin Up Five Petal flower.  I added a couple of silk flower bits in green and red.  

The gold flower sequin was added with a copper star tiny brad.  This accent is then adhered to the card front with a large Zot.

Again, with the other card base in the sky blue color.  

The designer paper half circle was adhered to the left hand side.  

I added a sky blue grosgrain ribbon along the left hand side. 

The flower accent was assembled with 3 different flowers - white silk, yellow silk and aqua handmade paper.  A white flower sequin and a light blue tiny brad.  Once assembled it was adhered to the card front with a large Zot.

I usually vary my card orientations but I was not paying attention and they are all portrait this session.

I chose royal blue textured cardstock for the card base for this card.

I added the blue watercolor designer paper half circle to the left hand side.

With the leftover from the 12x12 piece of dark blue card stock I cut a 1/2 inch strip and glue it to the left hand side along the fold.

I punched a large daisy flower from the blue card stock, added a blue silk flower and a white flower sequin all held together with a white star tiny brad.

Another set of cards for the box so I will have a wide varieyt of cards available when I put together a set of a friend.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Cards - Gold Foil Diecut Sheets

I found some gold foil diecut sheets at the ReUse Center last week.  I decided to make all occasion cards with them.

The challenge with these is that attaching them will be tricky because I do not want to go through the card front.

Love the chevron pattern in this sheet.  Some thick and thin lines.

I chose dark brown card stock in 12x12 which I cut down to 8.5 x 11 inches then in half for a couple of  A2 card bases.

I cut 2 Tim Holtz leaves with the Mover and Shapers dies in my cutting tray.  I used the cut off from the the 12x12 so it matched perfectly.

I used my ancient Maple Leaf punch with some metallic gold card stock. 

I ran a length of metallic gold ribbon all the way around the card front taping down the ends where the accent will be.

I used a gold star tiny brad through the leaves then through the card front but not through the ribbon on the inside.  I placed another star brad down at the bottom of the foil sheet.  Added a white quarter sheet liner and white envelope.

As always I try to make some wide and some tall layouts.

With this leafy diecut I chose a red card base, and cut a large flower with the Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers die.  The small flower was cut from the gold foil cardstock. 

I placed the dark grey length of cardstock behind the diecut sheet, then made a hole in the center with a push pin.  I added a tiny gold flower sequin, then the smaller gold flower layered onot the larger one through the diecut and through he grey strip.

Once all was held together I adhered the grey strip to the card front with double sided tape. I did add a couple of bling zots behind the foil sheet and the grey card strip to prevent the sheet from pivoting on the brad.

For this card I chose a royal blue card stock. Again,cutting down a 12x12 sheet.

I used my Creative Memories double square punch to create perfectly layered squares.  I added a large flat gold brad onto the square accent.

I added 3D foam tape to adhere the layered squares to the gold foil diecut sheet.  That hid the prongs of the brad.

I then added 3D foam tape on the back of the foil diecut sheet and adhered it to the card front.

The square accent repeats the pattern the diecut which works really well.

This card has a dark green card base and a leafy gold foil diecut.   I layed it in the wide or landscape orientation.

I cut the Tim Holtz Bird on a Branch diecut cut from the left over from the 12x12.

I then cut just the bird from the gold metallic card stock and glued it on top of the green bird.

The gold diecut was adhered to the card front with Quick Dry adhesive with has a very fine tip to apply just a bit of glue on most of the leaves.  Press it down for a minute to have it stay in place.

I then adhered the green bird layer with Bling Zots under the bird and along the branch.  Again, white quarter sheet insert and white envelope.

This card has a black card base cut from the 12x12 sheet.

I used the leftover gold metallic card stock and cut 2 strips which I place behind the gold patterned diecut. 

The small metallic flower sequins were adhered to the die cut with Bling Zots which also adhered it to the strips in places. Several behind the bird helped as well.

Then I placed double sided tape to the back of the gold strips and placed it on the card front.

I had allowed the strips to go over the top and bottom edges of the card so I just trimmed those with scissors.

A great set of cards in a pretty quick hurry.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Slow Stitching - No. 005 - Hidden Histories - Untold Stories / English Paper Piecing

I am following Kathryn at K3NClothTales who is having a slow stitch challenge this year.

The prompt for week 5 was: Hidden Histories - Untold Stories with English Paper Piecing as the technique.

To be honest the prompt was not speaking to me at all.  I had nothing to write on my piece of paper. 

I did not want to get behind.

So today, I chose a poem called Quiet Moment which is always what my slow stitching is to me.

I cut my hexagon template with my Spellbinder Nestabilities #2. It measures 1 3/8 inches across.  I cut my cardboard then traced it onto some paste paper I made years ago.  I cut my paper pieces and my pieces of fabric.

I then basted the fabric onto the paste paper pieces with the words showing on the back. With my stitches I made sure to secure my folded corners.  Once all 7 were basted I started to sew them together. Can you see my mistake?  The floral one was supposed to be in the center but it was already stitched when I it so I just moved on.  Again, my scraps are in the blue tones.  I used embroidery thread to stitched the sides together but in some early cases my stitching is too tight. I should have left some slack to allow the pieces to fold out edge to edge.  I have never done this before so who knew!

I am happy with this piece and it will join the others in their plastic bag until the end of the year.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Sewing Project - ReUsable Bags - Polyester

I finished another 5 bags for donation today.  I had a piece of polyester fabric which I had bought when I thought I would be able to sell ReUsable Bags.  This fabric was great colors teal, cream and chocolate brown.

I managed to get 5 bags from the piece.  They measure on average 16 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

The seams are all nicely sealed french seams as the fabric frays like crazy.

The top hem is 1.5 inches folded over double.  I inserted the handles on the first seam at the bottom of the hem then pulled the handles to the top and top stitched the top edge of the hem to secure the handle in the upright position giving them 2 seams to keep them in place.  That should do. 

The handles vary from grosgrain ribbon in a variety of widths and lengths and one regular ribbon.  I made them as long as possible given the length of ribbon.  The ribbons mostly came from the ReUse Center so they have become useful and will be returned to the center.

This is the last of the polyester fabric so I am glad of that.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Sylvia's Simple Shots

It took about 5 hours to find the box, make the dividers, roll all the less than a full skeins onto bobbins. A full evening of busy hands. You can see my pin cushion, scissors and sharpener fit in there as well. 

Now that I have decided that I will continue with stitch work it was apparent I needed to organize my stash of embroidery thread.

I used my Stampin Up Tab punch to create my little bobbins out of 110lb white card stock. Added 2 slits on the bottom as the store bought ones. I punched 75 of them - 3 full sheets.

These are my DIY Embroidery Thread Bobbins.

They measure 2 inches tall and 2 3/8 inches wide.

I placed all the full skeins in a ziplock bag. The spools of embroidery thread went into a smaller bag.  The skiens of "different" thread into another ziplock bag.

There is room in the large bag for the small embroidery hoop as well.

I am very happy with my progress.

There are very many ways to store embroidery thread and I did view a few videos. The small plastic box is from the dollar store.  It is organized by color because that is how I will use my thread.  I am not concerned with the number. Much of what I have is acquired second hand when sometimes the labels are missing.  That is okay with me.

The Bookseller - First Hugo Marston novel by Mark Pryor was a great book.

Hugo is former FBI agent is working as head of security at the US embassy in Paris.  His friend Max the bookseller is kidnapped at gunpoint. 

The police don't seem to interested in getting to the bottom of his disappearance.  Hugo enlists a beautiful and mysterious journalist, a semiretired CIA agent and reluctant police detective to help him negotiate politcal intrugue, police corruption, an escalation drug war, and the ghosts of Nazi collaboration that haunt some of Paris's most prominent citizens.

I love Paris as a setting.  The plot took a lot of twists and turns before the truth came to light.

I will have to keep an eye out for the other 8 in the series.

I found a sparkly at the ReUse center this week. There were a few crystal ornaments which I brought home as well. It was a good week for clear glass and plastic ornaments.

I woke up the next day after I hung it in the window and there were the rainbows on the wall and the floor as well.

I will have to find a better place and way to hang it but it is a winner.

I brought these home as well from the ReUse Center but they were stuck to scrapbooking tags with some sort of glue.  It took quite alot to get them separated.  

These are very small buttons and I think will work with future embroidery projects.

They are pastel colors but 12 is super.

I got some supplies to keep my organized in the coming years.

The page protectors are for half sheets which I use in binders to manage my sewing projects.  My niece was kind enough to order them for me.  I met the delivery guy at the door and he had 7 packages for this building alone.  I wondered how the Amazon boxes arrived at people's doors and now I know.

The small sheets are for my memo binder that lives in my every day bag which I take with me everywhere. I found these at Staples.

I visited a small home based business this week which works at ensuring that unused fabric and sewing notions are given an opportunity to see life with a new owner.

I found this fat quarter of purple fabric, 3 spools of cotton thread, a bit of lace for future embroidery projects and I could not resist the Bernina tape measure.

Nice to support a local entrepeneur and get some goodies at the same time.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Slow Stitching - No. 004 - Choice

My fourth piece in Kathryn's Slow Stitching challenge 2024.

This week's prompt is Choice.

The challenge was to put bits of fabric in a container we could not see into and then pull one piece at a time and stitch it to our foundation piece.  It was a matter of accepting our choice and making the best of it. It is what it is.  

We had the choice of which direction to place our strip, the choice of thread, and the choice of stitch.

I don't have a not of fabric bits because until recently all these went to my sister's house after I finished a sewing project.

I have been visiting the ReUse Center and they have 2 bins of fabric bits.  It has been great to dive in and find little pieces that appeal to me.  That explains why my fabric bits are mainly in blue because that is a color I like.  I did have some red and yellow ones as well but they were not pulled.  And you can see that I pulled the same fabric twice.  That is the way it goes.