Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Recent Photos

I found these napkin rings at the thrift store the other day.  I just could not leave them there.  The price was good as well.  The box contained 10 of them.

Silver wire Bee Napkin Rings.  The bottom ring is flat so they will sit nicely on the table.  I used a black napkin so that they would contrast nicely.

A stop at the Community Garden yielded some nice shots.

Lovely red poppy was terrific. 

Now thistles are not necessarily welcome at the garden but the bees were checking them out.

I found purple in the Sweet Peas, the delicate Alium in a purple shade, and burgundy crab apples.

On the right is a nice red, very large rose hip.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Blank Card Set

I made a set of cards for my aunt.  A funeral is a time where friends, service personnel and family are pitching in to make the arrangements.  Having cards handy makes it easy to express appreciation for the help.

In this set of cards I used a grey green card bases with a subtle floral designer paper in shades of green and grey.  The ribbon I used is called Knitting Ribbon.  It is beautiful soft ribbon about 3/8 inch wide. Love it.

I have use Prima Handmade Paper flowers as well with coordinating brads.

The flowers were peach, green, and shades of pink.  I have created a variety of designs with the flowers.

The other card has heart punchies in pink and white with small plastic pink flowers held in place with Bling Zots.

Sympathy Card - Aunt

This card is for my aunt. My uncle Henry's funeral is today.

I started with a grey green card base.  The designer paper is from a pad.  I loved the subdued and tone on tone pattern.  It is a floral with leaves.  It was cut to leave a small border.

I cut a Sunburst with the Stampin Up thin die from silver textured paper.  I cut it larger than the quarter sheet so I could position my center.  I adhered it to the designer paper then trimmed off the excess with scissors.

I added the greeting in the center of the sunburst. It is a color printed greeting layered onto a circle green layer. 

 They included these small candy bars at the reception for my uncle's funeral.  His name was Henry and he had a sweet tooth.  I thought it was so fitting. 


Exchange Cards

I made a couple of cards for my exchange partners.

I started with a rust colored card base.  I added some designer paper from an autumn pad.  It features geometric designer with chocolate, orange, yellow and olive green colored triangles with wavy lines. 

I cut the bottom piece 4 x 3.25 inches and the top 4 x 2 inches.  I taped them together on the back to make a single layer.  I adhered it to the card front. 
I added a chocolate band of card stock along the join. 

I added Prima handmade paper flowers in warm tones.  Peach, kraft and rust.  They were placed along the piece of card stock and held in place with rust colored brads.

The card layout is very versatile and allows for both portrait and landscape card orientations.

These are off to my partners today.

Monday, July 9, 2018

My Recent Photos

Last week I took a trip to Drumheller for a photography job.  I spent the day before doing some sight seeing and visiting some of my favorite places there.

A visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum was a must. It is a world renown museum for dinosaurs.  It is situated in a provincial park which has yield fossils.

This is an ammonite on display in the museum.  Gorgeous color and a wonderful shape.

This is a beautiful stone I purchased in the gift shop.  I think it might be quartz but I will have do more research. 

The dinosaur below is a Dimetrodon. It is an extinct genus of synapsids that lived during the Cisuralian, around 295–272 million years ago. It is a member of the family Sphenacodontidae.

Flowers are always objects for my camera.  The top one is Ninebark - Summer Wine.  The middle one is Echinacea Tiki Torch, a hybrid orange coneflower with large showy pumpkin-orange colored flowers.  The bottom is a beautiful sample of clover.

This is a pottery button about 2.5 inches across.  I bought it at the Pottery Guild's gift shop.  My aunt and I visited the shop before my reception on June 30th. It's nice to support other artists.

Blackberry tea with a few dried cranberries and a beautiful rose.  I took advantage of a Goodwill special recently of 3 vases for $1.00.  This square cube vase has a hole in one corner and a slant on the opposite corner.  I chose my Tea Lover's Teacup by Steeped Tea which is the same light clear glass to repeat the blown glass theme.  I served the cranberries in a small crystal glass.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mosaic Monday - Recent Photos

I took these yesterday.  The top photo is a Chipping Sparrow sitting high up in a tree.  It took me a while of listening to locate him.

I took photos of roses in a rose garden down the road from my house.  Most of them were passed their prime but some were fresh.  They are so pretty and smell wonderful.

The bottom is a Summer Azure butterfly at the wetlands.  When their wings are open they are a pretty blue. They flitter about so and it was impossible to take a photo during flight.

I received these dishcloths from a friend.

I have not tried them yet so I will post a review once I have used them.

Here's a review which sings their praises.

I am working on setting up some tools for my photography.  I was wanting a back drop stand that would collapse and carry easily.

I researched some DIY options on line and then went shopping.  It was pretty easy doing my shopping in the plumbing department.  Cutting with a hack saw was easy.

I set it up with the sides being 3 feet and the top pieces are 1 foot or 2 feet.  This one is set up at 5 feet.

The PVC pipe has letters printed on them so I checked out a solution which is acetone.  I will get some of that today.

I will make a carrying bag to hold all the pieces.

I watered a friend's garden and plant pots over the weekend.

I picked some pansies and placed them in this small crystal vase.

I was working on my Macro Monday challenge (line symmetry) and created this image.  I placed the vase on a large mirror and captured the reflection as well as the real object. The background is the ceiling and the gradient aspect happened naturally.

It was too large for the challenge but I think it turned out really well

I took this sunset when I was visiting Mom and Dad for Father's day.  They have a lake in their town and I had researched where the sun would set.  I thought that I could this kind of shot.

As they headed for bed, I headed out with my camera.  With sunset at 10:10 pm it took a while for the sun to be at the right height.  You can see birds on the water.  There was lots of waterfowl. The reeds provide a wonderful foreground for this shot.

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Photo Competetion Invite

I have 3 of  my photographs in this competition.   I dropped them off yesterday. I found out there are 45 participants in the show all the art will be displayed in the gallery.  The reception is Saturday, June 30th where the winners will be announced.  I will be there. 

I would like to invite all those in the area who are interested to attend. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Craft Kingdom - Project 1 - Geometric Painting

This is my first project from the book - The Craft Kingdom.  Check out my first post.  Find a link to the book here.

I hope that you are inspired to do art today. Check out the book at your local book store.
I chose Geometric Painting on page 14 of the book.

You will see that I chose a second hand canvas.  Many of these are showing up at thrift stores now that painting nights have been the rage.

I primed the canvas with plain white acrylic paint.   It took 2 coats to cover the previous color.  I made sure that I switched the direction of the brush strokes to make a nice even end result.

I used washi tape left over from previous craft sessions.  You must press the edges of the tape very carefully to ensure the paint does not bleed under it during the painting.  I placed my tape to ensure there was a natural focal point where I will place my flower accent.

I chose acrylic paint in colors that worked with flower accent I had selected.  For painting the smaller spaces I chose a small paint brush.

You will see that I added a few pieces of washi tape as I started painting.

Once the painting was complete I let it dry some before I added the gold.  I had a gold flower in my accent so I decided to add it to the painting too.
I use gold acrylic and spattered it onto the canvas by rubbing an old toothbrush against a old butter knife.

Once spattered I let it dry completely.

Once dry, I removed the tape and revealed the wonderful design.

I created the flower accent with 6 silk flowers held together with a black brad.  The I added a piece of 3D foam tape on the back and adhered it on the focal point I had created.  Remember to sign your art work.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Recent Photos

I set tea out on the balcony this afternoon with the small round table and the white patio chair.

With the weather, it was iced tea instead of hot served in a crystal glass.  Goodwill offered 10 glasses for $2.00 this week.  I filled a few holes in my collection.  A couple cobalt blue glass, this crystal and a few wine glasses for photography.

This daisy arrangement has lasted so well. 

The background is a wicker hat with a yellow organza ribbon and a coordinating Gerber daisy. 

I worked quite a few hours today framing the photos for the photography competition at the end of the month.  I prepared a how to on the basics.

The gallery had very specific requirements for the preparation of the frames for hanging. 

* Must use pivot hangers placed one third from the top of the frame.
* A paper dust cover on the back.
* The wire must be attached as shown with no sharp edges to scratch the wall.
* Bumper pads on the bottom corners.

I still need labels.

I will drop off these pieces on Saturday June 23, the reception is held Saturday, June 30 at 1:00-3:00 pm, they will be on display till Friday, July 20th

Cash prizes and a ribbon are available for winning.

Spruce Grove Art Gallery, 35-5th Avenue [Located in the Melcor Cultural Centre on the east side of King Street Plaza].  Here's a sneak peak to the pieces I am submitting.

I have seen this bush several times at a few locations over the last couple of weeks.  I just love the cluster of small flowers. 

When I take a photo then I am compelled to come home and find the name for it so that when I post it I have the right information.

This is Physocarpus opulifolius 'Summer Wine' commonly known as Ninebark.  My sister informs me that there a many varieties of this bush with different colored blooms and leaves.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Craft Kingdom - Book Arrived

I was contacted a while ago asking if I would do a blog post featuring this wonderful book.  If so, they would send me a copy of the book, The Craft Kingdom.

I was contacted on June 10 for contact details so after some consideration I trusted and sent off the information.

Yesterday, a neighbour let me know that I had a UPS notice at my mail box.  I quickly checked it out and dropped by the UPS pickup place and brought the book home.  Exciting!!!

I will read the book and decide which project(s) I would like to feature on my blog.  Keep an eye out here for more details in the upcoming days.

A quick perusal of the book leaves me wanting to dig in!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Recently at My Place

We had a great BBQ on Sunday as a fund raiser to send kids to music camp.

The spread of food was wonderful.  The salads were delicious with great variety.

The meat in forms of burgers and hot dogs was well done.

As you can see I had a plate full which was delicious.

I finished this book last week.  I did not connect as much with this one as I do with the One Thousand Gifts.  We are all broken in some way and how we use that to connect with others serves us well.

I borrowed it from a friend a while back.

I returned it this week with a few Nifty Note cards as a thank you.

I found this DVD series of all 4 seasons at the second hand store a while ago.  I have seen some of the shows on PBS TV several years ago but did not get to watch it in an orderly fashion.

I absolutely loved this shows.  The story is set in 1860s. The main character Laura Timmins raised in the poor hamlet of Larkrise moves to the post office in the market town of Candleford.  She works for her mother's cousin Dorcas Lane who has inherited the post office from her father. It is very unusual for women to own businesses in this time.  There is a couple of sister who own a dress making shop in Candleford as well.
It included stories of love, heart ache, being responsible, working hard, learning big and little life lessons.

I have been to the wetlands often.

In the top left is a Red Neck Grebe, a Barn Swallow on the right top.

This little bird with fuzzy edges I believe is a fledgling Robin.  It sat very very still and I think it was scared stiff.  I hope it got the courage to move.

The American White Pelicans are also at the Beaumaris Lake in the north end.  I heard someone saw a Loon there.

This is one of the images I prepared for the Macro Monday Challenge - Hand Tool.  I am starting to be able create a bokeh background regularly.  This my jewelry wire cutters with a bit of gold wire.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cards - Thank You

I made cards for the ladies who have been working with me on a website project.

We had our final meeting today and I wrote each of them a thank you for the work the put into it.

The photo here is a spring blossom on an apple or plum tree.

I love the contrast of colors on this rose bush.  They are almost Christmas colors.

I'm not sure the fuzz adds anything to it but it becomes part of the natural world for a while.  I expect rains will come to clear the clutter.

The Alberta Rose in in full bloom and they are everywhere.  This one has a little antennaed visitor.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Recent Events

We had our Summer BBQ for our women's group on Monday night.

I prepared some door prizes.

This is a box of photo cards from my own photos.  I included a few images from my upcoming Simple Nature 2019 calendar.

I put in 12 cards and then created a insert to provide details and fill the additional space in the box.

Turned out really well.

On the weekend as I was working on photos, mats and frames for my photo show at the end of June I was forced to evaluate what I had in stock.

I found several frames which would not the type required for gallery shows. I decided to fill them with photos and donate them as prizes for the BBQ.

On the right is "Bright Sparrow" which was framed in a float frame 6x8 inches.  The frame as a claw hanger and a wire stand.

This is a Spring Blossom in wonderful shades of pink.

This is a plastic frame 8x8 glass which held one of the photos I printed for consideration in the show at the end of the month.

Photographing frame art is difficult and challenging. The reflections of what is around just appear hence the plaid of my shirt in the right hand corner.

These were well received.

We played some games in guessing flower plants and the names of birds.  We also played the first letter game which I love.

I won a couple of prizes related to gardening.  A yellow watering can and a box for seed packets.

The table cloths where aqua. Don't you love the nature napkins we had at our place settings.

The table center pieces were vases filled with daisies and baby's breath.  Our theme was "Bloom where you are Planted".

Our guest spoke about seeds holding the power to grow and how we can use our power in Christ to bloom where we a planted in different phases of our lives.  

I was lucky enough to bring home one of the centerpieces so I am enjoying fresh flowers on my table this.  Thank you.

I have all green lights on the new internet modem installed yesterday.

I have to say that living with out internet is becoming difficult as much of the information we use is only available there.

Addresses, reviews, email, websites.  I was lost for a while but I am back on-line.

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