Saturday, August 18, 2018

5x7 Photo Card Gift Set

Another set of 5x7 photo cards given as a gift to my aunt celebrating this week.

This is a NineBark variety called Summer Wine.  Love the way the leaves frame to the cluster of white pink flowers.

This is a still life I created a while with dried rose hips with grasses.

Tree Swallow                                                                                   

                            Yarrow                                  River Bank Grape

Gold Polka Dot HB

I made this card for my aunt who is celebrating a birthday this week.

I started with this die cut which I used a while back.  It goes really well on a 5x7 large card. The die is the Sizzix Flower, Leaves & Stem #4 which I cut the from black card stock. 

This is my last metallic Prima Flowers from my stash.  I guess I will have to cut them from now on.

I started with a black card scored and folded. 

I added a layer of gold polka dots on kraft designer paper from Recollections.

I added the die cut flower, the gold metallic, the small die cut all held in place with a gold mini brad.

I adhered the stem below the flower then added a ripped piece of black card stock to represent dirt.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Washi Tape Cards

Another set of cards, this time I used my Washi Tape collection.

I chose 1 colored tape and then added black and white ones on either side.  With different widths and patterns.

I cut a layer to coordinate with the colored tape. I adhered the washi layer to the solid layer.  I then adhered it to a black card base.

I punched a Stampin Up Modern Label in black and I added a SU Word Window punchie greeting.  It is adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape. 

A couple of the cards have brads on the greetings. A couple of thank yous.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Glitter Cards - Thank You

I created these card with glitter card front which I water colored with Stampin Up Watercolor Crayons.

I coordinated the card with the largest flower and I added a quarter sheet insert.

I will add these to the selection for my upcoming project.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2019 Photo Calendars

My 4x6 Photo Calendars are ready for sale!  The calendar contains thirteen 4x6 photos which come with a clip to display it on a wall, bulletin, or file cabinet.  It can also be placed in a frame for an custom presentation.  The central image gives you a thumbnail of all the images in the calendar.

The Pretty Petals calendar features wonderful flower photos from my photo collection taken in 2018. Roses, lilies and a few different blooms grace the pages of this calendar. 

The Nature calendar features birds, animals and insects from my 2018 photo colletion.  The cutest squirrel, exquisite butterflies and a beautiful sunset are some of the images in this calendar.

As always there is a tea calendar. This year it is the Tea Pot Calendar featuring some of my tea pots and a few new ones acquired or borrowed to add some variety. 

An the fun calendar this year is Monkey Moments where the monkey is up to different antics and situations.  He is trying his hand at travel, gardening, painting and much more.

This Morning

It was a foggy morning.

I can`t see the end of the bridge across the river.

Great to get a few pigeons taking off!

It rained most of the day yesterday and it was cold this morning (6C) compared to +30C for most of last week.

Water droplets were everywhere.

Check out the thorn hidden mostly by the water drop.

This is Japanese Bayberry - Rose Glow one of my favorite bushes.  You  don`t the color here but it is great.

All the spider webs where highlighted with dew drops this morning.  It was spectacular.

This is a droopy rose with wonderful dew drops all over it.

I love the upcoming rose buds.

You can see the foggy morning still hanging in.

This is a pink cosmos which is called Cupcake which is a double bloom.

I found a nice collection of leaves too.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Sympathy Cards

I made a few sympathy cards for ladies who lost their mother and grandmother this week.  They have been card club participants so I will be giving cards in their time of need.

I chose greens for this card. Olive card with a swirl pattern designer paper.  I added 2 Impression Obsession Pine Boughs in dark green and light green.

I added a large butterfly cut with the Sizzix Winged Beauties in an olive card stock.

I used my large greetings with a sympathy sentiment.  I added them to blue card bases and added coordinated butterfly punched with the Martha Stewart punch.

The funeral for a lady who has been part of our congregation for many years is today.

One Sheet Wonder - Card Set 4

Another set of cards on which I used this swirly pink burgundy designer paper.  Paper cut with the OSW1 plan.

On this card I changed things up a bit and trimmed the one piece to 4 inches wide added a coordinating piece at the top and bridged the join with a strip of blue card stock. 

Punched the butterfly with Martha Stewart Butterfly from the same color as the top piece of paper.

Adhered it to the card front with Bling Zot.

You see the long strip turned over on the card to the left and the full 4.25 piece used in the one on the right. 

One Sheet Wonder - Card Set 3

I selected different designer for this set.  Lovely tropical floral pattern in warm tones.

This was cut with the OSW2 layout out plan.  I chose this seafoam green card stock and pea green card stock for this set.

I adhered the paper to the bottom edge of the card and then added an ivory strip at the join.  I created the butterfly with the Martha Stewart Butterfly punch in pink card stock.  Adhere to the card front with a Bling Zot.

This landscape card got a pink butterfly and the portrait on the right a rust colored one.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Craft Kingdom - Project 3 - Toilet Paper Roll Flower

I was inspired to try this craft after reading a book called The Craft Kingdom.  You can check out the website and the toilet paper roll wall decor video is featured there.

I did not want to do home decor so I decided to do a flower.  I will share my up and downs on making this project. 
Of course, collecting toilet paper rolls just happens.  I stored them until I had enough. I thought I was going to make 3 flowers but in the end I did not. More about that later.

I flattened the rolls then I cut my pieces 1 inch wide which generally gave me 4 per roll.  I discovered later that they don't all have the same diameter so pay attention if it will matter for your project.  You will see that my flower petals are longer than my leaves pieces.  I was lucky I noticed before I painted.

I elected to paint my pieces and decide they should be under coated so my yellow would be vibrant.  I used white paint for the first coat.  Be careful how wet you make these because they can fall apart when wet.  I painted the outside and the inside.

Once dry, I painted them again. 
I then applied 2 coats in the same way in yellow for the petals and green for the leaves.

The challenge came when I assembled my flower. Hot glue does not stick to acrylic paint very well so the flower would not stay together well. I had to add some double sided tape to have it hold. Next time: Either assemble with hot glue then paint it OR assemble with double sided tape.  I mounted my pieces to a green bamboo skewer. I glued a brown button in the center of the flower on both sides.  I loved using sand in a small vase to have it stand. 

On the left is the introductory page to this craft in the book.

This wall art in the book is very pleasing and the color comes from the different brands of rolls which are used.  In some the cardboard is darker and others lighter.

She has used that to her advantage in the placement of the pieces.  For me color did not matter as I painted them.

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying craft time with the kids. Try this one out for a good time and a super cute project in the end. 

One Sheet Wonder - Card Set 2

Another set of cards made with the Disco Ball designer paper.  This time I used the OSW2 cutting plan.

I used Pea Green, Salmon and Brown card bases. 
The designer paper was cut into 2" stripes.  I did not want to cut off the blue end so I glued the strip to the card then trimmed the extra with scissors. 
I cut my 1/2 ivory strip in half and placed one on the top and bottom edge. I added a royal blue butterfly created with the Martha Stewart Butterfly punch.

On the left card I glued the strip on the left and used a rust colored butterfly.

On the right I cut the strip of designer to 4.25 inches. Placed it across the card and added 1/4 inch ivory strips of card stock along with a brown butterfly.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

One Sheet Wonder - Card Set1

I am making a set of cards for friends who have lost a loved one this week.

I am using the One Sheet Wonder concept.  For these cards I used my OSW1 layout.  I used a very versatile designer paper with a bunch of colors called Disco Ball by Recollections.

The layouts can be change as desired.  Here I have chosen landscape and placed my designer paper on the left hand side.  I am using ivory card stock strips to coordinate with the designer paper. Here I chose brown but I see that green would have worked well also. On the next set!
I was able to choose 3 different colors for my card bases because of the wonderful colors in the designer paper. I chose blue and salmon. For the bottom 2 I put a brown butterfly created with the Martha Stewart Butterfly punch.  On the first I chose blue for the butterfly.  They are held in place with Bling Zots.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Harvesting and Preserving

My sister and I had a conversation about chutney. She had received some yummy plum chutney from a friend and we decided to get together and see what we could make.  After some research on the web I decided on an Apricot Ginger Raisin Chutney and she decided on a Black Currant Chutney.  This is my chutney in the pot while it cooked down.   Once the right consistency and flavor we put it into jars and processed in hot water bath for 15 minutes.  
I am enjoying mine with cheese and crackers on these hot days of +30C temperatures.  I chose to put cranberries and dark raisins in mine instead of golden raisins.  I think I will go with golden raisins next time so it gives it more of a warm look and cut back on them as well.  I loved the taste before processing but I am finding it a bit too sweet and not enough punch from the cider vinegar eating it a few weeks after processing.  I am appreciating putting away my own food rather than depending on stores for over sweet and over processed condiments.  With the abundance of fruit at this time of year it is ideal to put some summer in a jar for winter.
With no more access to Mom's great raspberry patch I was wondering if I would get some this year.  A friend with raspberries was going away for the weekend at the end of June and I could have the one day of picking the raspberries if I watered the plants and garden.  I was is in!  With a great hose that reaches everything watering was no big deal.

I picked less than a gallon but I had my fill of eating them fresh and I made Raspberry Bavarian which was one of my favorite things my Mom made.  I have posted the recipe before in this post.  I got 8 servings by doubling the recipe and I have enjoyed it as a treat for at least week.  Perfect!

On July 24th my sister and I visited our favorite Saskatoon u-pick farm for our yearly picking. We picked later in the day around 4:30 pm.  Some trees were completely ripe and the picking was great!

I picked 3 gallons. After cleaning I froze 5 bags of  fruit which will taste great on my breakfast during the winter months.  I also brought some home fresh to eat for the week.  Yummy in my tummy.

Sharing with Share Your Cup #301 hosted my Jann at Daily Cup with Mrs. Olson.