Friday, May 10, 2019

Artist Get Together - Printmaking

I hosted a morning of mark making, paint mixing and playing with texture with a couple of artist friends.  They were in town for an art show set up later this afternoon.

The 2 ladies MS & DM arrived at 9:30 am and the space was all ready to play with paint, paper, and texture.

Of course, the coffee was on.

The tools and supplies were out.  Craft table, work space mats, acrylic paint, water spray bottle, rubbing alcohol and rags for clean up.

Tools were brushes, collagraph plates, rubber stamps, brayer, stencils, and gelli plates.

Texture -The first was playing with texture and the ladies had brought collagraph plates.  Paint was applied with brushes then a damp piece paper was laid on the surface and pressed with fingers into each nook to capture the print.
This is a plate created by one of the ladies.  It is sort of trees.  It is hot glue onto board.  What a fun thing to do - creating art with hot glue.

Rubber Stamps - Paint was applied to the gelli plate and used like a large ink pad.  The stamps were pressed onto the plate and stamped onto white card stock.

The advantage of this method your print is permanent when dry.

Stencils - The gelli plate was cleaned with rubbing alcohol.  The stencil was laid onto the plate and paint was applied with a brayer.  The stencil was carefully removed and then a piece of white card stock was placed onto the gelli plate to capture the print. 

In a couple of hours several prints were created with various methods, we got to know each other a bit better, the creative process include collaborations and discussions and a good time was had by all.

This is one of the pieces created by DM

It was created by using rubber stamps as texture on the gelli plate then capturing the print onto card stock. 

I think it is wonderful.

Some of the prints stayed at my house as they were not dry yet.  I will connect with MS in a couple of weeks.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Recent Photos

I found this Robin at the very top of an evergreen tree.  I could hear it but it took me a while to find it.  I always look in the tree but generally the birds are up high taking in the rising sun!

One and half hours this morning for my walk because it was above 0C for a change.  Last week it was freezing at -4C and I have found that as the sun comes over the horizon it gets colder.  Gloves and tuques last week wonderful temps this week!

One of my challenges on Flickr was fences so I found quite a few this morning.

I created a mosaic with three that I shot on my walk.

I have said for years I would not start quilting but I have capitulated.  I did make several in my 20's but it has been years.

Now that card making has gone to the way side I have to have something.  I have all this fabric I bought for aprons which was a bust.

Now, I will be making a few quilts for trauma victims.

I was able to find at mat at the ReUse center, blades for my ancient rotary cutter, a selection of fabrics and a large square quilt ruler.

I am going to be using the Quilt As You Go Method.  I will post a photo when I am done.

This Dark Eye Junco was also filling the air with its song on my walk.  It has a chirping sound so I thought it was a Chirping Sparrow but when I downloaded it, it was a bird of a different feather.

Lovely bird sitting high in a tree and nice to spot as the trees have little leaves yet.

The challenge at Flickr Macro Monday was Four Elements - Fire, Air, Water and Earth. 

I chose Fire and Water in this shot.  You can check out this link to see the one I submitted as I was able to get earth in there as well.

I am sharing with

Angie at Letting Go of the Bay Leaf who hosts Mosaic Monday #26.

Mersad at Through My Lens #190.

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Sympathy Card - Funeral

I attended the funeral for a friend today who was gone much too soon at 64. She was hospitalized for about 3 weeks and then gone.

She attended my Card Club for a few years.

She moved on to the quilting group and participated for quite a few years.  She was involved in the Fabric Frenzy fundraiser for grandmothers in Africa.  The fundraiser is being held today.

I did not know her very well but she was a service oriented person who sang in the choir, cared for her small dog, regularly met with friends, visited family and baked really good cookies.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Photo Blogging - Color Makes the World Go Round

I love this painting that is called Yellow Trees. It has very bright colors which are my favorite. 

I have not found its home yet in my house.

I purchased this painting at a Gallery Show in March.  It was on this display for that month. 

I met my aunt Maria the artist this week and she delivered the painting.

She produced a set of cards with the 2 designs in this series.

This is the flower of the Tamarack Larch Pine Tree. 

It is a great bright pink color and appears early when there is no other color on the tree as the green has not yet appeared.

It is a sure sign of spring but we have snow again this morning!

This was taken at the park down from my house along the river valley.

This yellow glass cat was at the gift shop at the Muttart Conservatory when I visited this month. 

I love it because it is glass and yellow and since the theme this month was color I took it's picture as it posed for me.

The ear is not broken it is like that.  Love the black button nose.

 Spring sure has some great colors coming in.

These bright orange leaves are on this Japanese spirea bush. 

I took the photo on a visit to the Heritage Hill Wetlands earlier this month.

As you can see the ground is still very bare and dull but the leaves provide a nice contrast.


Orchids are wonderful flowers.  I was not able to find the name of this one with an internet search.

I took the photo when I visited the Muttart Conservatory earlier this month.

This one was quite small at about 2 inches tall.   Very spring and Easter colors.

Sharing with P.J. host at A Lil Hoohaa for the Photo Blogging Challenge - Color makes the world go round.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Recent Photos!

I bought tulips for my Mom and sister at Easter.

I decided that I deserved a bouquet of them myself so on the weekend I added these to my table.

I chose the same color that my Mom loved.

They were pretty closed so they will last a few days!

I finished this book this week. 

It is a very intriguing book and the tag line is what inspired me to bring it home.  "Creative Living beyond Fear"  by the same author as Eat Pray Love.  I have been struggling with the end of my card making classes and was looking to find some ways to move forward with my photography.  Basically, I took away the following: Stay Curious, Always Do Something!, When Stuck - Look in a different direction, Inspiration is always looking for a place to land so be open and accepting, Everyone is Creative, and “It`s just that inspiration comes from another world, so sometimes we have trouble understanding each other.”

I bought this watch on the weekend thinking I could adapt the bracelet for my watch. 

Well, that was not possible so I bought a battery for it but that was a bust too!

I finished my taxes today. I had to pay this year which was unusual for me so I had to learn a lot to figure out what happened! 

The research I had to do sort of fell into the lessons in the book above. 

I found these shadows this morning. I will have to learn how to photograph these better. 

This was the best composition I captured this morning. 

Love the softness of the edges.

This was an idea was generated by a book I read quite a while ago, Window Sill Art.

Again, following inspiration from the book in this post I had nothing to lose by trying something new.

I created a mosaic with my bouquet of tulips. 

I used several backgrounds and captured some nice colorful bokeh!

I remember when creating bokeh was a challenge and after a couple years of practice I can do whenever I want.

Sharing with
Angie host of Mosaic Monday at Letting Go of the Bay Leaf.

Mersad host of Through my Lens

The challenge for Flickr Macro Monday was "Eye of the Beholder"
I took a picture of this spinning wood top.  I love this object.

You can check out my Flickr photo stream.

Monday, April 22, 2019

This Week in photos!

I had an Easter Bunny at my place at the breakfast table Sunday morning.

Milk chocolate my favorite and in such a cute shape.

The bell around his neck actually jingles. Way too cool.

I shared it around the table and had  the left overs with my supper last night.

I always bring flowers to Mom for Easter so those are the pink tulips.  They will open later this week. There was a basket of mums on the table and see the blue bunny hiding amongst the blooms.

There was a little boy celebrating his 2nd birthday on Saturday.

His Mom had made this beautiful cake.  The train actually ran around the cake on the track.  Very cool!

The fondant decorations was very well done.  Hills, mountains, gulls, flowers, a big sun were all around the cake.  Chocolate cake was great.

I stopped to take a photo of these stands of trees along the highway.  They soon will lose their silhouettes and but leaf covered.  It was early evening and the sky was starting to be multicolored.

The theme for Macro Monday this week was "bottle cap". We could photograph anything which would seal a bottle.

This is a glass stopper for a glass perfume bottle.

I added some bokeh in the background.  You can check Flickr hereMy photos here.

Sharing with Angie who hosts Mosaic Monday and Mersad who hosts Through my Lens.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Birthday Card - Circle Greeting

I made a card for my sister who celebrates her birthday this week.

A No.8 card using designer card stock as a base.  Great blue and green graphic design.

I added the required card stock strip in the center of the card. 

I punched a 2 inch circle from the same navy card stock, added a 1.75 inch color printed greeting.  This was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.  On its way to her today.

Happy Easter 2019

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

This is a piece of bead craft made by my Moms neighbor. 

It has gorgeous jewel toned small pony beads assembled in this cross design.  Very well done.

Love the colors.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sympathy Cards - Recycled

I refurbished a couple of commercial Sympathy cards for Mom.  At their age Mom and Dad have a need for quite a few of these. 

I have put together a couple of sentiments for the inside and I will let her choose the one she likes.

Cards are so expensive these cards.  This will save her cash for other things.

I know she has a funeral this week to attend.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Card Making Session - OSW Cards - Fundraiser

I have been making cards with a friend once a month.

This is a One Sheet Wonder card kit.  I brought the kit to Compassion House and these are the left overs.  The ladies there wanted the Thank Yous so I have birthday greeting in this set.

These cards are designed with the One Sheet Wonder design which makes efficient use of designer paper.  This my OSW1 layout design for 6x6 inch paper.

The greeting is from the So Happy For You stamp set in the same color as the card was trimmed with scissors to the frame. The greeting is cut to 3 inches. It was then layered onto a square of white card stock.  This layer is adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape centered on the card front.

The greetings are for these 2 card are designed with Stampin Up So Happy For You, Owl Occasions and Blooming Marvelous stamp sets.

The designer paper is from the Patterns Print III pack.

These will be in a Greeting Card Gift Set in our fundraising event at Welcome to my Kitchen.  This effort was unsuccessful as only 2 of us brought contributions.

Welcome to my Kitchen

We had a room full of ladies this morning for Welcome to my Kitchen fellowship group.

We had waffles, syrup, fruit and whipped cream this morning.  I had several wonderful cups of tea.

I had to go back to get photos as I wolfed down my waffle in a hurry.

A couple of readings were taken from this book.  I got it to read then it will be passed to the group in our book swap.

We had a great time as usual.

There was a good prayer time. Several cards were taken to send to those we prayed for.

This group is such a blessing.

Unfortunately, our fundraising effort was a bust with only 3 of us participating so I just brought my cards home.  Am I getting the message?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Exchange Cards - Alchohol Ink background with black accents

I made this cards for my card exchange buddies.

I started with 4x6 photo paper.

I applied drops liquid acrylic color to my glass plate surface and spritzed with water.

I pressed the paper into the color and pull back.

These were allowed to dry completely.

I just love making these backgrounds.  They needed focal points so I moved to black paint.

I then used black liquid acrylic to make marks on the colored surface.  The circles were made with a plastic lid dipped in the black. The spots were dropped with a eye dropper. 

Again, these were left to dry completely.

Once dry I adhered them to heavy card stock in the A7 size.

I hope they enjoy the cards.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

2019 Cardmaking - CH - Class 4

I had a class tonight with the ladies at Compassion House.  I am using the Tropical Note Card stack kit.

The accent layer is glitter paper which has been painted. It was cut with the Tim Holtz Cabinet mover shaper.

The yellow was cut with the TH Cabinet die.  I added a circle punchie layered with a Stampin Up Five Petal Punch and held in place with a yellow mini brad.

The yellow layer was embossed.  I added a length of yellow fiber. 

I decided to add greetings to this set. The greeting was color printed on ivory and punched with the Stampin Up Large Oval punch. It was mounted with 3D foam tape.

The greeting on the blue one is the Stampin Up Modern Label punchie.

The purple greeting was color printed and punched with the SU Modern Label punchie.

These were printed on white & turquoise card stock respectively.

I brought this kit as well and we made most of these as well.  Great stash busting session.

Check out the details with these links Eiffel Tower  Butterfly   Bee & Flower

Thank You Cards - donated

I dropped another set of thank you cards at Compassion House as I was there to facilitate a card making session.

The women staying there for their cancer treatments are encouraged to prepare a thank you card for those who donate funds to keep this wonderful house running.

These are recycled commercial cards with additional layers added to provide more interest.

Love the gold foil ones.  I have the backs which will show up somewhere in card making on my desk.

I love these daffodils.  Watercolor always feeds my soul.  I love the border and the cute butterflies.  With a good variety to of colors I was able to coordinate them with ivory and yellow card bases. I added green layers.

These glitter cards I was able to watercolor myself.  They are very sparkly and I really enjoyed the process of applying color as I saw fit.

I added thank you circle greetings in turquoise to coordinate with the handmade flower to these copper flower cards.

I added layers to these beautiful blue stripes and marbled ones.  Adding turquoise card base on the first with a daisy punchie in the bottom left and corner.  I added black to the second one.  

I added purple silk flowers to the one on the left.  Then coordinated the card base with the flowers.

The one on the right I added to a burgundy card base to match the border around the greeting.  I added a daisy punchie from burgundy card stock and held in place with a small brad.

That is 14 cards.   I do not really know how many the house uses but I keep the box full as I can.