Monday, January 22, 2018

Card Club Kit - Set 4 - Card 4

I assembled the flower accent ahead of time. A tiny pink brad with a silver sequin then 4 handmade paper flowers smallest to biggest. Glue the flower accent to the silver square then layer onto the black square.

Glue the square accent to the top of the pink card.

Trim the banner greeting close to the border with scissors. Cut the 3D foam piece in half. Add them to the back of the banner greeting. Adhere it to below the flower accent.

Card Club Kit - Set 4 - Card 3

I chose the designer made by Doodlebug Designs - Chocolate Decadence.  It was trimmed to 4.00 x 5.5 inches.   It was adhered to the warm brown card front.

I cut a large butterfly with the Sizzix Winged Beauties thinlet set from bronze metallic card stock.  I placed it onto the oval kraft tag and used a push pin to create a hole in body of the butterfly. Push the brad into the hole and turn over and spread prongs apart.

Cut the 3D foam tape in half and place them onto the back of the tag.  Add the ginger ribbon and trim the ends with scissors.  Remove the release paper from the tag and adhere it to the card front.

Card Club Kit - Set 4 - Card 2

I chose a warm designer paper in blues, oranges and ivories made by K&Company - On the road stars.  I cut it to 5.25 x 4.00 inches.

I added a ripped strip of blue vellum which folded to the back of the designer paper and taped the ends down. This layer was then adhered to the front of a ginger card.

I added the greeting which was color printed and cut to .5 tall. I adhered it over top of the vellum.

I placed one bronze star and used a push pin to create a hole through star and card front. I spread the prongs on the inside of the card. Repeat for the rest of the stars.  Make sure at least one of the brads captures the greeting.

Card Club Kit - Set 4 - Card 1

Adhere the greeting layer to the blue card.  Glue the Teddy Bear square above the greeting.

Optional: If you want a different sentiment you can turn the white layer over and stamp or otherwise add a sentiment below the Teddy Bear.

This is a 4x4 inch photo from my 2018 Teddy Bear calendar.  You can check out my calendar page.  Teddy is hanging out on a sunflower with a coordinating button on his vest.  He has a tealight holder in copper in front of him.  I added a mercury glass bottle with orange flowers. 

Card Club Kit - Set 3 - Card 4

I just loved this designer paper - WeR Memory Keepers - Wildflower - Botanical. I spent way too much time finding the right image for this card but I am happy with this owl available from Pixabay.

I printed the owl in Early Espresso onto vellum and clear embossed it.  I trimmed the vellum to 3.75 x 5.00 inches.  I tacked the vellum in place leaving a small border. 

I cut a slit in the fold and ran the dark brown seam binding through and brought it around to the front.  I placed some double sided tape between the vellum and designer paper where it will be hidden by the ribbon. I knotted the ribbon and trimmed the ends.

I placed the leaf onto the ribbon and used a push pin to create a hole through the card front.  I pushed the tiny brad through a hole in the leaf, and captured it under the brad.  This works to keep the leaf and the vellum secure.

Card Club Kit - Set 3 - Card 3

We may need a baby card sometime during the year.  I create a gender neutral card by using green. 

I started with a stack of handmade paper flowers in a mint green color. I chose a card in same color to keep the color scheme monochromatic. I cut leaves with the Sizzix Leaf Stem medium die from card stock with is slightly greyer in tone to provide a bit of contrast. 

I embossed a white piece of card stock with the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder.  I adhered it to the card front which leaves a small border.

I placed the largest flower on the left hand side of a wide card and used a push pin the create the hole in the card front for the brad.  I stacked the white sequin, white flower, then 4 handmade paper flowers from smallest to biggest onto the mint green tiny brad then put the prongs through the hole. Inside the card I pressed the prongs apart. 

I added length of white grosgrain ribbon on the right hand side.  I cut a slit in the card fold and pushed one end of the ribbon through and taped it down the inside. I pulled it down the card front and wrapped the other end to the inside of the card and taped that one down. 

The greeting was color printed in the same color as the leaves on white card stock and was punched out with the Stampin Up Curly Label punch.  I applied some 3D foam tape pieces to the back and adhered it over the white ribbon to the right of the flower.

Card Club Kit - Set 3 - Card 2

Easter cards may be part of our seasonal card needs in this kit so I included one with a double sided greeting so those who what an alternative greeting have one.

I started with designer paper from BasicGrey - Sweet Threads - Weekend Look.  I cut the 12x12 into six 5.25 x 4.00 inch pieces.  Then I cut those again at the 3.5 inch mark to create a split layer. I turned over the small piece and tape them back together at the back. I then adhered that layer onto the pink car.

The greeting was color printed in a bright green onto pale yellow card stock.  To give the card makers an option and I printed an alternative greeting on the back. I chose the Easter greeting side for my card. I ripped the top and bottom edge and adhered it over the join in the designer paper.

Card Club Kit - Set 3 - Card 1

I trimmed the greeting layer to 3.75 x 5.00 inches.  The banner where the greeting is silver foil with a black border but when scanned it appears black.  I glued the greeting to the front of black card.

I used a push pin to create holes in the four corners of the greeting through the card front.  I place a small handmade paper flower onto a tiny pewter brad, pushed the prongs through the holes and pressed the prongs apart on the inside of the card.

Card Club Kit - Set 2 - Card 4

I started with a deep warm grey green card.

I chose a designer paper by Fiskars - Kimberly Poloson - Old Fashioned Flowers/Harlequin. The 12x12 sheet was cut into six 4.00 x 5.25 inch pieces.  Those were then cut at 3.50 inches. I flipped the small piece and taped the pieces together with silver glitter washi tape.

I color printed the black greeting and punched it with the Stampin Up Word Window.  I then layered it onto the SU Modern Label punchie in black.  This greeting was adhered to the card front with two pieces of 3D foam tape.

Card Club Kit - Set 2 - Card 3

I chose a deep warm blue card.

The designer paper is Graphics 45 - A Proper Gentleman Collection - Cultured Reserve.  It is a great plaid with navy and ivory.  The 12x12 was cut into 6 pieces measuring 5.25x4.00 inches.

I punched the top edge of the designer paper with the Fiskars Leave it to Weaver Border Punch. I did the center first then added a couple on each side. I strung the ribbon through the slots starting in the center and return to it, tie a knot, and trimmed the ends.  This layer was adhered to the card front.

The greeting includes a sailing image from CLKER. It was printed on ivory card stock. I then trimmed the layer very close to the frame. Once, trimmed I cut 4 pieces of 3D foam and placed them in each corner of the sailing greeting.

Adhere the greeting to the bottom of the card leaving even borders on three sides.

Card Club Kit - Set 2 - Card 2

I started with the four hand made paper flowers in graduated sizes featuring orange and white.

I color printed the stem layer with the greeting matching the color of the flowers. It was trimmed to 4.00 x 5.25 inches.  I placed the large flower onto the greeting layer and used a push pin to create a hole through the center of the flower into the white layer.

I layered the white sequin, then the 4 flowers onto the teal brad then pushed the prongs through the hole in the greeting layer and press them apart on the back.

This layer was then adhered to the teal card front.

Card Club Kit - Set 2 - Card 1

I chose a yellow card.

I trimmed the blue & white layer to 3.75 x 5.00 inches.  I placed the white flower over the center of the printed flower and used a push pin to create a hole for the brad. I placed the small yellow flower and the 2 white flowers onto the brad then placed the prongs through the hole and spread the prongs apart on the back.  The flower layer was adhered to the card front.

I wrapped a piece of navy cord around the card front and knotted to the right hand side.  Trimmed the ends.

Adhere the greeting to the navy blue label then cut the 3D foam tape in half and place at each end of the label. Remove the release paper and adhere the greeting to the card front in the bottom right hand corner.

Card Club Kit - Set 1 - Card 4

We always need cards for the guys in our lives.  I chose a double sided designer paper from My Mind's Eye - On the Bright Side - Grey Wood.  It features wood planks on one side and polka dots on the other.

This is another designer paper split. The 12x12 is cut into 6 pieces measuring 5.25T x 4.00W.  These pieces are cut again at 3.5 inches.  I flipped the smaller piece, butted the pieces together and taped the pieces together on the back.  This gives me a full card layer I can work with.

I added a striped silver and black metallic ribbon over the join and taped the ends to the back.  The designer paper layer was adhered to the black card front.

I adhered the greeting to the card front with 3D foam tape. 

Card Club Kit - Set 1 - Card 3

With Valentine Day in February I created a heart card with a designer paper split.

I chose a deep espresso brown colored card.

I chose a double sided designer paper.  I cut the 12x12 into 6 5.25x4.00 pieces.  Those pieces were cut again at the 3.5 inch mark.  I flipped the smaller piece to reveal the solid pink.  This piece was butted against the other and they were taped together on the back.  Now I have a layer I can work with.

I added a piece of white grosgrain ribbon across the join and taped the ends to the back.  This layer was then adhered to the dark brown card front.

I chose a deep burgundy heart punchie made with the Martha Stewart Lattice heart punch.  The heart is attached to the card front with a tiny pink brad through the center hole in the scallop border.

This makes are great card for a wedding or anniversary too.

Card Club Kit - Set 1 - Card 2

I chose another sheet of Japanese Origami paper for this card.  This time I cut it into four 3 inch squares.  I chose a blue card to coordinate with the paper. I chose a wide or landscape orientation.

I adhered the gold sticker paper across the card and trimmed it to the edges with scissors. I adhered the origami paper over the gold and placed it on the left hand side.

I selected blue and gold star sequins which I placed on the gold paper to the right.  I used a push pin to create holes in the card front, pushed the prongs of the tiny gold star brad through and spread them apart on the inside of the card. 

Card Club Kit - Set 1 - Card 1

Well I knew this day was coming and it has arrived.  I no longer have ladies attending Card Club.  I have a few ladies signed up for kits so I have decided to produce a large Card Club Kit to cover the upcoming 4 months of card club so I can move on to other activities on the third Monday of the month.  I have been doing this card club for 15 years so it means a change for me.  I had 2 participating on a part time basis in the last session so this is no surprise.

I chose a card which coordinates with the paper.

I placed a strip of gold sticker paper 2 inches wide on the left hand side and trimmed it to the card edge with scissors.  I adhered a 1.5 inch strip of Japanese Origami paper on top of that layer and trimmed it as well.  The 6 inch sheet produced 4 pieces.

I chose star sequins colors that coordinate with the origami paper.  In this case - red, gold and green. These are adhered to the card front with tiny gold star brads.  I aligned the sequins then used a push pin to create the holes through the card front for the brads.  Placed the sequin on the brad, pushed the prongs through and spread them apart on the inside of the card.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Photos Today

We had a great time of fellowship this morning with our Welcome to my Kitchen group.  We had 15 in attendance so that was a great turn out.  Here's my plate - homemade bread toast, raspberry yogurt, biscuits and fruit. It was delicious.

Of course, good black tea was in good supply served in china mugs.  It was very good.

This is was a new flavor for me.  It is Bakeapple Jam made with cloudberries.  They grow low to ground on marshy land which requires rubber boots and are picked in August.  It was home made and delicious.

The devotion was about giving and receiving encouragement.  Think outside ourselves and give a smile, a word or a hug. 

Our book exchange is going well with most heading home with books they have not read after bringing the ones they have read for others to take home.


I spent about 90 minutes at the Muttart Conservatory after running errands. The feature pavilion was celebrating Chinese New Year which falls on February 16 this year.

There were lanterns, parasols, and fans in those gorgeous reds and golds.

It was nice to unwind a bit with some photography.

Recent Photos

I tried Sour Cream biscuits this week.   I add dill and garlic powder to these which makes them yummy!

They turned out okay but they don't seem to brown the way the ones posted on the internet do.  I buttered the tops  and then put them under the broil for a bit to get this nice color. 

The stone in the background is a new addition to my kitchen.  It is 16 inches in diameter which is very large. But it held a full batch of biscuits which was the objective. 

I added a few pieces to my blue and white collection.  A nice Home Sweet Home watering can, a deep blue glass which I have but a tea light into and a very tall cut glass vase.

I have also collected a few lamps to my help light objects of my photography better.  These are great because they can hang or clamp.  They use a smaller light bulb so that gives me another level of lighting.  They are IKEA so good quality.

I also acquired these smaller still lights which have clamps.  They use chandelier bulbs which is again another step lower in power which will provide less light but will fill in shadows when needed. 

You will see that they are clamped to a stand.  Again, it was at the Thrift Store the other day and I thought that will work for providing lighting at different heights.  I believe it is a speaker stand.  It telescopes so I can clamp any of these smaller lights to it and move them up or down several feet.  Yes!  The base is heavy and will be very stable.

In an enthralling new historical novel from national bestselling author Kate Quinn, two women—a female spy recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France during World War I and an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947—are brought together in a mesmerizing story of courage and redemption. 

I finished this book this week which a friend lent me. I totally enjoyed this read about the network of female spies during wartime.  They flew under the radar most of the time because men did not think they were smart enough to be spies.   Eve Gardiner and Charlotte St. Clair are brought together through an interesting connection.  Much of the story is based on true accounts of the women and men who worked in this system of information gathering and sharing in France during the war. I would recommend this book.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hot Tea Month 2018

January is Hot Tea Month

 As many of us know a cup of tea is a pleasure, a healthy habit and provides a time to relax, unwind, and take a much needed breath in our lives.  There are many types of tea so one of every situation we experience.  Some have caffeine and will provide a boost in the morning and some contain no caffeine which are great for an evening hot drink.

“Tea is a very versatile drink. Each variety – black, green, oolong, herbal – has a unique taste, so Canadians can try different flavours, finding the ones they like best,” says Louise Roberge, President of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. There’s a tea for every palate and a time for every tea, with research showing that Canadians predominantly drink black and green from early to mid-day and turning to herbal and decaffeinated in the evening. Check out this link for more details. Tea and Herbal Association of Canada

Masala Chai is my favorite and the one I am enjoying this morning.  A bit of honey and some cream and it is a perfect cup of tea for me.  I recently discovered a Saigon Chai which is quite nice as well.  For less caffeine I enjoy Jade Citrus Mint and Chamomile is my first choice for a late evening hot drink.

Take time today to celebrate and enjoy a hot cup or mug of tea.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

500 Teapots Vol 1

I placed made a request at the library to bring this book to my branch since I so enjoyed the 500 Teapots Vol 2.  I picked it up on Saturday once the temperature here went above -20C.

I chose the teapot top left in the mosaic because it is so unusual.  It is called Roll & Pour.  The one below that is gold, teal and acorn as a finial on the lid. The 3rd one is very interesting because it looks like a teapot escaping from a box.
The top right hand side teapot with yellow strips is just a great classic shaped teapot.  I chose the bottom right hand teapot for the oval shape and the wonderful colors.

There was no need for the teapots to hold tea or pour.  It was a challenge completed by pottery artists around the world.  It is a book filled with eye candy.  Just loved the book.

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