Monday, October 22, 2018

Grey Pinstripe Smock Apron with Red accents

I started with a Ralph Lauren grey pinstripe 16.5/36 L men`s shirt.

I decided on red bias tape around the neckline and the arm holes.

I used one of the long sleeves for the patch pockets onto which I added red bias tape on the slant edge.

I used the other long sleeve for the waist ties. I cut the stripe 2 1/4 inches wide and 80 inches long. I ironed the sides into the center then ironed it in half.  I top stitched the ties with red thread and created square ends.  This fabric would have been too heavy to turn a tied inside out.

It includes my standard features of a hanging loop at the back, tacked tied to allow them to adjust as needed, reinforced stress points on the patch pockets and the ties long enough to tie in front.

Red Denim Snug Half Apron

I started with an extra large red denim men`s shirt.  I paired it with a small amount of red and white small print 100% cotton fabric.

I cut the shirt straight across under the arm holes. 
I measured 6.5 inches from the side seam and trimmed the buttonhole and button pieces off the shirt. I hemmed the sides of the apron with a wide hem.

I created a waist band from the denim and sewed that onto the top edge of the apron leaving about .5 inch beyond the side seam.

I created a pocket which was 9 inches tall and 10 inches wide. With a snug apron the pocket needs to have some fullness in order for one to get their hand inside.   I hemmed the top edge and created 2 small pleats in the bottom edge of the pocket making it a square pocket. I sewed it onto the right hand side of the apron with top stitch.

From the print fabric I cut three stripes 3 inches wide and 35 inches long.  These when sewn together created a strip 105 inches long.  I wanted them long so they could wrap around and tie in front. I pointed the ends and sewed the strip closed leaving a space in order to turn it inside out.

I sewed the ties by aligning the center of the ties with the center of the apron. I stitched it to the waist band of the apron top and bottom.  This closed the space left to turn it over and adhered it securely to the apron.

This apron will work well for a slim person.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Burgundy with Floral Accents Apron

This apron started with a Joseph & Fiess 100% cotton (17.5/33) men`s shirt.  I had not really thought about how it being a solid color would affect my process but the price was good so I brought it home.

Well it did.  I just could not put solid bias tape on this one.  I hit the SEESA Rummage Sale today and found the exact fabric I needed to finish this apron.

It is a floral with a grey background, white, dusty pink and burgundy flowers with gold accents.  The down side is I had to make my own bias tape so there was not savings on time with this apron but it was worth it. 

I used the handmade bias tape for the round neck and arm holes.  I used the same fabric for the patch pockets. I just hemmed the open edge of the pocket. The ties were created on the straight edge of the fabric.  They were just tacked to the back of the apron so they can adjust as needed to the wearer.

The ties started out at 3 inches wide then iron flat with the seam in the center. I put a line of stitching in the center which offers a bit of structure to the ties.

Reinforced stress points on the pockets and hanging loop.

This is an XL large apron in my opinion.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Apron - Purple Plaid

Another apron for my sale in November.   This one is made from a large ENYCE men`s 100 cotton shirt in purple plaid. 

I added purple bias tape around the neck opening, arm holes and the slant on the patch pockets.

As always I have reinforced the stress points on the pockets.

The ties have been tacked to the middle back of the apron which allows them to adjust as needed when tied in front.

I added a hanging loop at the back. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Recent Photos

We had our fellowship group meeting today.  Our hostess was a recent retiree. I was on snack so I prepared Orange Bran Muffins with my sisters recipe.  It made 24 muffins and we were expecting 14 ladies.  They must have been good because I only brought 4 home.

I put together a Tupperware fruit tray including strawberries, cantaloupe, oranges and pomegranate.

Rounded out the selection with a variety of yogurt.

We collected yarn for a couple who does knitting for our Christmas Mitten Tree.

We had such a good time.

These books by Grace Livingston Hill have been on my bedside table recently.

Nice light romances in the early 1900s.  I enjoyed the novels by Hill but the one by her aunt Aldon was not as great for me.

We have had an injection of new books for the WtomyKitchen library so I will clear some of these at our Mission Possible Sale at the beginning of November.

I found this float frame at the ReUse Center on the weekend as my niece visited.

I think there are wonderful photography possibilities for this object.

I have placed a couple of my 4x6 photos in for now.

Love the angles of the stand on the back side.

I picked up this puzzle at the same center.  My niece spent an hour trying to solve it.  She came really close.

I picked it up because of the clear pieces which will surely be nice for photography.

I did find a solution on-line so I could assemble it and it would be awesome in photos.

The sunset was wonderful tonight.  I headed out a little late but I am happy with this shot.

Share Your Cup #311 hosted by Jann at Daily Cup with Mrs Olson.

Son in Law Card Order

I had a friend ask for a birthday card for her son in law.

I recycled a landscape element from a commercial card.  I trimmed it close to the border.

I printed a custom greeting layer on a piece of textured card stock.  I chose a green color to match the textured card base.

These were layered then adhered to the card front.

I added a gold star sequin in the bottom left hand corner held in place with a gold tiny brad.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Christmas Card Gift Set

I have prepared a set of Christmas Cards for a friend who moved away and loves to give handmade cards. 

I recycled a note card front into this card.

I added a blue green layer behind the tree image. 

I punched a couple of holes in the top and ran a length of gold metallic ribbon through and knotted it in the front.

The Rejoice is a digital image I designed years ago. It was color printed onto white card stock.  I added a gold sparkle star brad above the `j`.  The image was spattered with silver ink.   It was mounted onto a green card base.

A recycled card front mounted onto a purple card to pick up on the holographic image.  Love the silver frame. 

I was able to keep the greeting which was great.

This card features my Bethlehem digital.  I printed it in dark brown onto a white card. 

The star was printed on vellum and embossed with silver powder.

The edges were ripped and then it was folded over the edges of the card then adhered to the inside.

Another recycle card front with a white dove placed on a red card base.  The greeting was printed in the top left hand corner.

Monday, October 15, 2018

All Occasion Stack Class

I held my All Occasion Stack Class tonight. 

I made a set of cards while the other 3 participants made their cards.

This card came from a full of Thank You cards.  The gold scallop is sticker paper. The gold foil greeting was trimmed and holes were placed on the left and right with the Stampin Up slot punch.  I ran the gold organza ribbon through the holes and knotted on the right hand side.

We had a great time and then a cup of tea and a bit of cake.

Sympathy Cards

A wonderful man passed away quietly in his sleep last week. I spent many Christmas Eves with my sister and her husband`s family.  His father was a great support to this kids and grandkids. The funeral is today. 

This card is a 5x7 inch card on heavy card stock.  It features a beautiful chokecherry tree leaf which was adhered to the card front in portrait orientation.

I added a blue greeting color printed and punched with the Artisan Label punch by Stampin Up.  I used 3D foam tape to adhered it in the bottom right hand corner.

This card is for my brother - in - law`s sister which I have gotten to know over the years.

It features a pink rose photo which was cut to 3.5 x 4.75 inches and adhered to the front of a heavy card stock card.

I added a greeting in the bottom left hand corner created with a Word Window punchie glued to a green Modern Label punchie.  It was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.  The punchies were created with Stampin Up punches.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Decorative Paper Workshop

Earlier this year I developed a workshop on decorative paper for the gallery. I decided to provide the participants several techniques and papers to allow them a good variety of end result papers. 

Work Surface
You need an impermeable surface onto which you will place your color.   For the class I created pieces of heavy chipboard covered with freezer paper.  I have used an acrylic plate.  I recently acquired a piece of glass which I will us from now on.  It is about 16x16 inches which allow me to make larger prints. 

I used liquid acrylic ink but any liquid color would work.  My sister and I have used watercolor in the past.  A pipette or eye dropper is used to drop ink onto your work surface. Consider the opaqueness of the color which will affect your end result.

Watercolor Paper
The ink on watercolor paper is the first one my sister taught me years ago.  You lay color onto a non permeable surface then lay your watercolor onto it to produce a monotype print.  The ways to enhance this technique is to add coarse salt which repels the color and creates these star type patterns in the color.  The other is to cover the print with plastic wrap and allow it to dry.  It creates more subtle patterns in the color. 

Photo Paper
I done a lot of this type of decorative paper for the cards at the gallery. This is again a monotype print which is done with glossy photo paper.  I use the 4x6 sheets which are often provided for free with printers.  Each sheet is unique. 

Card Stock
This sample was created with wax as the resist.   The easiest way to apply wax to paper is with wax crayons.  I have collected several white crayons which will allow you to have white space on your paper once color is applies.  My sister created several clear paraffin wax crayons.  Of course colored crayons will create a different look and the color options are endless.  Consider the color combo when choosing your ink color.  The sample above used a silver metallic crayon.  It is again a monotype print with color on your work surface.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Card Exchange

I love this color combination. Yellow and black with silver which is not easy to see in the scan.

This is a sketch I have used before.  I chose a black card base.  I cut the yellow decorative floral card stock to 3.75 x 5.00 inches.

I cut a hole in it with the Stampin Up Decorative Label thinlits. 

I tied a short length of black 1/8 inch satin ribbon on the right hand side then adhered it to the card front. 

The greeting is color printed in black to match the card and punched out with the 1.25 inch circle punch.  I added a 1 3/8 inch circle in yellow to coordinate with the color in the paper. I adhered the greeting layer in the center of the label hole.  Added a quarter sheet insert.

The red card is the same sketch with a bold red and black checkered plaid.  The red circle coordinates with the plaid.

These card are off to my card exchange friends.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cardmaking - CH - Class 2

Style 3 -  Square - The designer paper chosen is Stampin Up Autumn Spice.  The card color selected is Old Olive. The designer paper was cut to 4 inches square.  The edges were rubbed with an Early Espresso ink pad. It was adhered to the card in a portrait orientation.

The buttons are from Stampin Up and matches the card color. I tied a length of Early Espresso thread through the button which was knotted and trimmed.

The greeting was color printed in Cajun Craze and clear embossed.  They were cut apart to 1" tall.  I ripped the top and bottom edge.  It is held in place with Zots. Once placed the button was adhered with a large Zot to the left of the words of the greeting.

Style 2 - DSP Split - I chose cool colored designer papers.  The 4 inch x 5.25 inch piece is cut at 3.5 inches then the 2 pieces are taped back together.

I added a piece of white grosgrain ribbon across the join and tape the ends to the back of the layer.  I created an accent of silk flowers starting with a tiny pink handmade paper one on the white brad, then the aqua one, a raspberry colored one, then the final large white one.  A hole was made through the designer paper layer with a push pin, the prongs were pushed through and the prongs spread apart on the back.

The layer was then adhered to the front of a deep burgundy card.

The greeting was printed on white card stock, punched and it was adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.  The card works without a greeting as well.

Style 1 - Ripped 4 inch - The designer paper is cut to 4 x 5.25 inches.  It is ripped and the pieces are positioned to the edges leaving the orange card showing in between. 

I chose a butterfly accent color printed and punched with the Stampin Up Decorative Label.  The colors on this one is Tango Tangerine and So Saffron.  This label is adhere to the card front with 3D foam tape.

I had 7 ladies in the class tonight.  They had a good time.  A couple of the girls had experience which was very nice.

Perfect as all kits are used and I can move onto another sketch for the next class.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Harvesting - High Bush Cranberry Syrup

I was out to visit my sister yesterday which was a much nicer day than Monday. One of the tasks was to pick up the High Bush Cranberry Syrup she made on Monday.  She picked 2 pails of them in the snow with gloves to keep her hands warm!  We generally process them together but the berries were wet and she decided to just do it!

We have decided standardized our jars for preserving. She is using pint sized Mason Jars with Gem Lids which you see in the photo that hold 1.5 cups. I brought her 2 flats of them which I unearthed from my corner kitchen cabinet that have been sitting there since I moved years ago.  I will be using the 1 cup tapered Mason Jar with Standard Lids.  Those are the ones you see in the background of this photo. 

I brought a few of the 1 cup jars back with me so I can make Chutney nearer to Christmas time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Christmas Card Challenge - October - White Dove

The challenge for Christmas Cards this month is White Dove. I made several of these.

I chose designer paper from a 12x12 glitter pad by My Mind`s Eye - Sweet Dreams - Holiday Avenue. I cut it to 4 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide and ripped the bottom edge. 

I printed the greeting on white and ripped the bottom edge.

These were layered then adhered to the front of a deep warm blue card.

The dove was cut with the Dee's Distinctively - Dies - Dove Right.  The extra wing was glued to the back of the dove.  Then adhered to the card front on the designer paper.  I added a few sequins to finish off the card.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Calendars to Gallery

I brought some 4x6 Photo Calendars to the Gallery today.

Pretty Petals which is my floral one this year.

Here's my Nature one.  I got a Giant Panda photo into this one!

I brought some Fridge Calendars as well.  I made a few with French sentiments The blue one translates to All is Possible and the Lilac one translates to It takes a little to be Happy.

I am trying one with no sentiment.  The Life too Short has been popular so I put in a couple of those.

I hoping that sales will be good without a reception for my show.  There will be a big event tomorrow and a reception for the artists on Friday, Oct 5th.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Apron - Cross Back - Blue Butterflies


Another apron.  This one is cross back again with a beautiful Blue Butterflies and it is 100% cotton.  I bought this fabric so long ago I do not recall what it cost me.  I paired it with an aqua 100 % cotton.

I added a bit on the fold and quite a bit on the back edges.  It is almost 5 inches wider than the pattern when folded.  It provides a great cross over at the back when it is on. 

The patch pockets come from the armhole cut out and I added a bit of aqua to the slant edge of the pockets.  They were top stitched onto the front piece of the apron before assembly.  Two and half inches from center and 15 inches down from the top of the bib. 

The stitching I did on this one is just at the top edge of the back pieces straight across. I ironed it then sewed it from the back side where I could easily see the crease.  Then a line of stitching from the previous line, down by the edge of the pocket to the apron bottom edge.

I put the hanging loop on the front of the apron this time.  I think that works better.
Super happy with this one as well.

I am not sure how selling these will go.  I guess people will have to try them on to see how they fit and how long they etc.

I have to move on to other priorities as this has been a marathon sewing session.  I will make a few shirt aprons for sure.

Apron - Cross Back - Sunny Side Up

I made another apron this morning.  I chose the 100% cotton fabric called Sunny Side Up by Ro Gregg.  I lined it with a piece of chocolate brown fabric.

This one is wider than the last one.  I added 3/8 of an inch on the fold as well as 3 inches more than the pattern.  Over all folded dimension was 20 inches at the under arm.

I used the remnant from the armhole cut out to make the patch pockets.  I edged the slant of the pocket with a strip of the chocolate brown fabric from the lining.

The pockets were placed a little farther apart as well at 2.5 from center rather than 2 inches.   It is a bit longer as well at 37 inches bib to hem but I maximized the length of the brown. I just could not cut off just a bit.

I did place one line of stitching down the front on the skinny brown line to keep the 2 pieces together.  Choosing the brown means the seam hardly shows.

The straps were cut 3 inches wide by 27 inches to ensure I had enough.  This time is sewed an end in order to have something to push on when turning it over. It went really well with my 12 inch chop stick.  Ironed it flat with the seam in the center.

The straps were securely attached with X stitching in the front on the bib.  The straps were crossed and securely attached to the back as well.  Still 22 inches between bib and back edge. 

I love the extra cross over at the back and the weight of this one feels great.

These are wonderful colors.  Another beautiful apron which I hope someone just wants to buy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Apron - Cross Back

Another apron today.  I tried a new design for those who do not want ties on their aprons.

I started with this warm rust floral fabric and chose a light yellow cotton for the lining.

I used my own pattern from earlier aprons and adjusted how the straps worked.

I cut two pieces of the pattern one patterned and the other solid.  I cut them at the same time so they would be a perfect match. 

I cut the patch pockets from the remnant created where the arm hole was cut. I added an accent strip to the slanted open edge of the pockets cut from the lining fabric.

The pockets were then top stitched onto the front patterned piece.

The front and the lining were sewn together, turned inside out, and top stitched to close the gap used to turn inside out. I also placed a line of stitching from the top of bib to the bottom of the apron just left of center to secure the 2 pieces together.

The straps were cut 2.5 inches wide and about 27 inches long just to make sure I had enough.  I sewed a seam with right sides together then struggled to turn the strap inside out. I like that the seam can be placed in the back center of the strap.

I securely attached the straps to the top corners of the bib.  I decided that 22 inches between the top of bib to the edge of the back worked so I cut the strap 24 with a 1 inch overlap at each connection point.  I ensured that the straps were "crossed" then securely attached the bottom end of the strap to the back edge of the apron.

I may have to do something different for turning the straps inside out.  I think I would also like to have the apron wider so there the back edges come closer together when it is one a person.

Shirt - Craft Cover or Apron

Upcycled another men's shirt into a garment that would work as a craft cover, a smock apron, or a extra layer for any reason.  It provides excellent protection for your clothes.

This was a navy 100% cotton Eddie Bauer shirt in XL.

I cut the neckline into a V this time as this is a bigger size and a larger person may need a big more room.

I cut the sleeves off leaving the seam intact with the garment.

I used the one long sleeve to make the waist ties and the other for the large patch pockets. 

I chose royal blue double wide bias tape which I added to the neck line, the arm holes and the slant edge on the patch pockets.

I attached the ties at the waist on the sides of the garments. They are 40 inches long each.  It allows the ties to knot in the front or the back.

The patch pockets were placed on the front either side of the button front about waist high and top stitched.

The back is left plain with the hanging loop added just below the bias tape.

All my aprons have hanging loop which allows it to be stored on a hook or peg. All the stress points are reinforced and the tie can be tied at the front or the back.
Another one done for the sale.