Sunday, May 19, 2024

Slow Stitching - No. 029 - Desert Island Stitching

Here is my piece for Week 20 of the slow stitching challenge hosted by Kathryn at K3N Cloth Tales.
This week we took a trip to a special place on a magic carpet.  We could only take 8 things with us so we had to choose wisely.

I did choose my pieces before I watched the rest of the video so it was interesting how things went.

Check the picture below for my items.

I did iron my fabric before I boarded the carpet. 

I was able to tear several pieces to create layers.

I chose 4 different stitches on the solid green fabric, a set for each corner.

I chose 

  • 1) foundation cotton layer
  • 2) scissors
  • 3) a lipstick pin cushion with 3 applique pins and one needle to fit the baggage limits.
  • 4) a skein of purple thread
  • 5) yellow printed fabric
  • 6) solid purple fabric
  • 70 solid green fabric
  • 8) patterned purple fabric

You can see my eight pieces on the right.

On hindsight I would have appreciated a bit of darker thread for contrast.

I am glad I bought my scissors.

Friday, May 10, 2024

Small Tin Needle Cases

I found a few small metal tins at the ReUse Center and thought they could be used for Needle Cases.

You can see the Lipstick Needle case I made earlier.

I cut a couple layers of felt just the right size to fit in the box.   For this one, it was 2 pieces of blue and white for the back.  I blanket stitched around the edge and overcast stitched the join. 

I am debating whether the felt needs more adhesion to the box.  I will have a discussion with my sister.

There's enough room for a few needles and several applique pins.

Here's a small Altoid tin which has a hinged lid which is a bonus. No lost lids.

I chose white felt for the front and royal blue for the back.  I added blanket stitch all the way around the edge.

I added a line of stem stitch on the right hand side. 

These are a great way to carry a few needles and pins for a needle work project on the go.

It closes securely and will keep the sharps away from the bag.

I debated whether I wanted to disguise the branding and decide to keep it just the way it is

This black tin is just a bit wider than the Altoid one. 

I cut a couple pieces of felt in sunshine yellow and an orange and stitched all the way around the outside with blanket stitch and yellow thread.

I added a bit of an accent in green along the left hand side.

The hinged lid is a bonus and it closes securely to keep the sharps away from the inside of your project bag.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Sewing Project - Creating Blocks

I worked on creating squares from my slow stitch challenge projects.

Today, I did 11 to get caught up with the 19 pieces I have made so far.

The grey cotton squares measure 7 inches. 

I am using a navy seam binding to cover the raw edges of the pieces and stitching it would a decorative stitch which covers the width of the ribbon.

This time I used navy thread which looks much better.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Slow Stitching - No. 019 - Kintsugi - Celebrate Imperfection

My next piece for the slow stitching challenge on K3N Cloth Tales.

It is week 19 and the prompt this week is Kintsugi - the Japanese practice of mending broken vessels with gold. 

I chose a blue scrap - possibly hand dyed. Not batik as it was nice to stitch. I cut the blue to create my fissure. I layered a piece of yellow cotton between the blue and the foundation layer.

I chose to stitch the wavy edges of the blue pieces first with an overcast stitch. 

Earlier I had checked what I had in my tiny supply of pearl cotton. 

I had a yellow but I thought it too bright.  

My sister suggested tea dyeing it.  That worked wonderfully.

In the end, I chose to mix the two. I ran 2 needles one with each color and I just used them alternately along the curve of gold.  We need to cover the fabric underneath completely so it took a long time to stitch it.

It is very textured and looks really great.

I did add some fine metallic thread through out the fissure as well.

I am really happy with this piece.


Cards - Christmas Ornaments

I have to get started on Christmas Cards because it is already May. 

I created the green watercolor paper yesterday.  The water color paper is 9x12". It cut it 3.75 x 5 " so I would have leftovers.

I cut red velvet paper with the Sizzix Ornament #2 die.  I chose gold foil paper for cutting the hanger.

I had enough leftover watercolor to punch 4 SU Scallop circles. I chose a gold heart brad as the accent and it will hold the 3 layers together.

I chose a SU Real Red A2 card base.  The water color layer was then adhered to the card front with double sided tape. I then a length of Real Red grosgrain ribbon which I just inserted into the hanger and adhered with ds tape.  The front piece got another tiny piece of tape. 

I seasonal insert and a white envelope for each of the 4 cards I made.  Onto the book press for the rest of the day then into the Christmas Card box for later this year.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Cards - All Occasion - Watercolor

Another set of cards while I wait for the drywall mud to dry.

I chose to make some watercolor background paper early this morning. I used liquid mixed media paper.

Once it was dry and flattened I cut it into pieces. This is 4.00 x 5.25 inches. I chose to loosely trace some flowers. I then painted them with watercolor. These are blue.  Once dry again, I outlined in black permanent marker.

I chose a SU Brilliant Blue A2 card base.  I adhered the watercolor with double sided tape, added a white insert and a white envelope.

Ready to press under books overnight.

I drew a meadow and tree with a 4H pencil then watercolored the image. 

The blue horizon line was on the background paper so I had to work with it.

I painted the stems then added the flowers a bit later.

Once all was dry, I outlined a few things with the black permanent maker and added the birds in the sky.

I mounted the watercolor to a SU Groovy Guava A2 card base.  Glued a white quarter sheet insert and pulled a white envelope.

This was the left over piece from the watercolor background I made this morning.

I started by adding a light blue wash across the whole piece to cut down the white spaces.

I then used a plastic doily to create some marks but I was not as successful as I had hoped. My brush was too wet in places.

I then used a bottle cap dipped in the dark blue watercolor to add some circles keeping it to odd numbers. 

Once I added yellow to 2 of the circles then I cut a length of yellow grosgrain ribbon and mounted diagonally across the piece.  Still need something so i went to my brad stash and found this yellow postage stamp brad.  

That was what it needed.  I chose a SU Summer Sun A2 card base, added an insert and an envelope and it will join the others under books overnight.  

Monday, May 6, 2024

Card - Sympathy - Watercolor Flower

A sympathy card for a friend who recently lost her husband.  He has been ill for a while.

I cut a piece of mixed media paper to 4.00 x 5.25 inches.

I loosely sketched the flower and leaves with my 4H pencil. I wet the paper and added the background in blue at the top and green on the bottom. 

I then a painted the flower with an orange and the leaves with sap green.

Once dry I erase the pencil marks and added the spatter marks in blue.

Once that was dry, I stamped the sentiment with my black Versafine pad and a stamp from the Simple Sketched set.

I then mounted the painting to a Kiwi Kiss A2 card base.  With a quarter sheet insert and a white envelope it was ready for pressing.  It will be mailed shortly. 

Card - Sympathy - Watercolor Cattails

While repairs were taking place in the laundry area I decided to make some cards.

My aunt's husband lost his older brother recently so I decided to make a card.

I started with a panel of Mixed Media paper.  I lightly sketched the cattails/bulrushes with a 4H pencil.  I watercolored the background first with blues on top and greens on the bottom.

I then painted the cattails, their stems and the leaves of the plants. 

Once that was dry, I outlined in permanent marker the cattails, stems and a few leaves.

I added a bit of spatter in blue and green.

I used a Stampin Up stamp from the Simply Sketched set with my VersaFine Black ink pad to add the sentiment.  

I then mounted the panel to a brown A2 card base and added some embossed lines on the right hand side with my paper score tool.

Friday, May 3, 2024

Sewing Project - Picnic Placemats - QAYG - Red,Yellow and Blue

This is the last one for a while as I have to get ready for contractors on Monday.

The deep floral fabric in this placemat was the inspiration.  It came in the box of free fabric I received back in February.

I chose the main colors in it and added coordinating strips in the quilt as you go method. I used flannel as my foundation layer.

The zipper is upcycled and it had been cut along the way so I was able to make it longer.

I chose black for the zipper insert/pocket as well as the backing.

These ties are about 11 inches long.   These will be donated to Grandma Africa sale in June.

Sewing Project - Picnic Placemats - QAYG Warm Blues

These placemats are becoming fun to make, now that I have a system.  Here's the collection of warm blues scraps I had.

I did have more patching to do in this placemat.  Some of the scraps were not 12" long so I had to ad bits.  The zipper insert/pocket was great with a turquoise 9" zipper. The back is a light grey cotton poly so I did put grey in by bobbin so that my back seams would blend. The ties are 12" each.

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Sewing Project - Picnic Placemats - QAYG Warm Greens

After a trip out this afternoon, I made another picnic placemat.

This one featuring warm green fabrics.

I was able to get warm green cotton poly fabric at the thrift store so do the back and pocket of this placemat.

This one feels very nice because the backer fabric is heavier. 

It has a full layer of flannel as well.

Wavy stitching again to keep the layers together.

A dark green tie at 12 inches for both.

Sewing Project - Picnic Placemats - QAYG Blues

Another set of scraps put to good use.

This time I chose all blue fabric. 

I created the navy blue zipper insert/pocket on the right hand side first. 

I chose a piece of grey flannel and chose to make the size of the placemat this time. 12.5 x 17.5 inches.

I sewed on the strips of fabric starting from the right hand side close to where the pocket ended. I continued till I got to the left hand side. 

I created a tie from the polka dot fabric.  The back is a pin striped cotton poly fabric which I cut the size of the front.  I pinned the ties opposite the pocket and sewed all the way around leaving a space open to turn it right sides out.   I trimmed the fabric in the corners, turned it and pressed it nicely.  I put a line of top stitching very close the edge which closed the space I left open earlier.

I chose my wavy decorative stitch to quilt the 2 layers together 3 time across the placemat.

Another done!

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Sewing Project - Picnic Placemats - QAYG Warm Colors

I sorted through my scraps this morning and gathered like colors to see if I had enough to make the front of the picnic placemat. 

I am trying to keep the pocket on the right hand side distinct from the rest of the placemat. I created the zipper pocket like an insert with the brown fabric.

I then cut a 13x13 inch square of flannel to which I sewed the various strips of fabric. 

I chose a beige cotton poly leftover for the back. 

I created ties from the same fabric.

I laid these layers facing right sides together and pinned the ties on the opposite side to the pocket.  I ran a seam all the way around leaving a space to turn it right side out. I top stitched the wavy line to define the pocket then added 2 more similar seams to quilt the 2 layers together.

I am happy with it.

Slow Stitching - No. 018 - Pocket & Visible Mending

It's week 18 in the K3N Cloth Tales slow stitch challenge.

The prompt was pocket and visible mending.

Today, we take pockets for granted and in general I need at least one in every garment.  Such, was not the case for women in the 1600-1700s. Was it because they were considered to own little so they did not have to carry anything?I would think at least a hanky.

 This is why tie on pockets were created to wear under your dress. It was accessed through a slit in the skirt. These were precious. I chose blue fabric for my Mom and added a piece of Dad's blue plaid shirt. The bit of yellow is the nod to visible stitching. The tiny heart is for my Mom. Kathryn did an eyelet so I did one to try it out. The pin is there to hold my 3 things to the right in my pocket.  I created little tags from fabric and permanent markers. A fishing rod for my Dad, a seed packet for my Mom because she would be all in by now and the 50th is to remember my 50th high school graduation this year with white and green - our school colors..

Monday, April 29, 2024

Sewing Project - Picnic Placemats - Yellow Purple

I started working out my process for making picnic placements with a zipper pocket to hold a napkin and the cutlery. 

I cut the fabric 12 x 18 inches for both the yellow front fabric and the grey back fabric.

I created the pocket like my zipper inserts with the addition of tabs at each end of the zipper so there is no holes for things to fall out.  I inserted the pocket between the 2 layers with rights sides together.  I made some white ties which I placed at the opposite end of the pocket in between the layers.  I then ran a 1/4 inch seam all the way around leaving a space to turn the piece inside out.  

Once turned inside out, I ran a line of decorative wavy stitch to close off the left hand side of the pocket and then added 2 more lines of wavy stitching to hold the layers together.  I added purple tabs to the ends of  the ties to finish off the ends. 

The pocket can hold your cutlery and a napkin.


My ties could be thinner and longer. 

I like that this method does not introduce a third color to the mat.

It is quite thin but would do the job to give you a clean place to eat your lunch at the park.

My tab on the left of the zipper could be narrower.

Sewing Project - Wine Bottle Bag - Celery and Red

I cleaned up this morning after this frenzy of sewing.

I found this celery textured fabric that I had set aside a while back and forgot about.  It had all its elements so I just decided to make it up. 

I will be keeping a few of these for the Christmas Market and the others will go to Grandma Africa merchandise sale in June.

I found this scrap of red patterned fabric which worked well.  There was just enough for 2 stripes so I just crossed them.

This fabric is not cotton and a bit tricksy.  It is heavier than the cotton I have been using so I skipped the flannel but added a thin layer of poly cotton to stabilize it and keep it square. 

The lining is a pale yellow polycotton fabric. The thread was a pretty good match to the celery color.

I did add a small square of flannel in the very bottom which I sewed between the layers and sewed to the lining bottom.  Just some cushion for a glass bottle as it is placed on a hard surface.

The button was a great match.  I am very grateful for things to be falling into place for all of these sewing projects.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Sewing Project - Wine Bottle Bag - Bright and White

A bright and cheery bag today.

I had a limited amount of this punchy colored 100% fabric so I decide to split it down the center and put the leaf green ribbon in between.

The outer fabric is navy cotton poly so it is a bit on the light side.

The lining is some of the yellow cotton/tencel fabric. The thread is navy.

I add this bold white buckle which worked out well I think.  With the navy button to keep the twill ribbon in place it works.

I wished that I had offset the ribbon a bit so you would see more of the fabric on the front.  It is what it is! 

Slow Stitching - No. 017 - Back Story

It`s week 17 with K3N.  This week`s challenge is Back Story.

We slow stitch a piece of fabric then look at the back.

I chose a floral piece in yellow, black, grey and a bit of mint green.

It is very interesting how you can see the leaves and the flower outlines. The mint green was small berries.

I put white seed stitches in the open spaces of the pattern.

Another great evening of stitching.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Sewing Project - Wine Bottle Bag - Warm Florals

Here is the latest wine bag.

I loved the warm flowers on this part of the fabric so I cut it to make them the focus of the front.

I found a warm brown grosgrain ribbon in my stash that worked well which I placed at the top edge.  I layered a cotton twill tape on top of that to tone down the shine.

I decided to create an accent element with the same ribbon.  I cut it, sealed the ends with heat then I just folded it back and forth this it was wide enough.

I bought a couple of bags of buttons recently and this shell button was in there.  I stitched this whole element to the top left hand corner of the bag.  Done another one!

Friday, April 26, 2024

Sewing Project - Wine Bottle Bag - Blue Floral with Lace

I pulled the fabric out last night so I could sew first thing this morning.

I just love this blue watercolor floral fabric.  The flower is very large so I just centered it on the front.

I chose a length of cotton lace which I placed below the top edge. I found a scrap of blue bias tape which echoed some of the colors in the print beautifully.

I used the wavy decorating stitch again on the bias tape and evenly spaced from the back seam to quilt the outer fabric to the flannel. This means I don't have a seam directly in front across the flower.

The lining is a white microfiber fabric which works well. Navy thread and a solid flannel so it would work with the white areas in the outer fabric.

I have attached my "My Bag" tag.