Friday, July 29, 2016

Share Your Cup #208 - Cardinal on Birch

I did some painting this week with my aunt who is a painter.

I was wanting to make some art of the gallery show in December.  I did some research on the internet of birch trees.  Some were very graphic, some in between and some very realistically painted.  I was leaning toward the very graphic but ended up with something more painted.

I will describe my steps in the process.

Step One: 
Draw a sketch of your concept.  I was planning a card stock cardinal to be added after the painting.  I wanted a dark center to represent the woods farther away and the horizon line.  Medium color on the bottom for snow and lighter in the sky.


Step Two: Gather your supplies.  I chose Cadmium Red Medium, Cobalt Blue Hue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Titanium White, and Phthalocyanine Blue.  I had several paint brushes and a 10x10 stretched canvas.

Step Three:
Mask off the birch trees.  I borrowed 1/2 inch masking tape as mine was 1" wide.  My aunt suggested that I use shorter pieces so the sides would not be perfectly straight as trees generally do not have absolutely straight sides.  This would provide an opportunity for branches later.  I plan to put my cardinal in the top right hand corner so I masked off a negative space for him there.

Step Four:
Paint the background.  My aunt helped me mix up my colors.  The center is orange (created from red and yellow) and cobalt blue.  As you can see the color was not mixed into an even color but was left somewhat random and painted on with a large brush which produced a variety of colors.  I managed to get my dark colors lower than the center so the top would be taller than the bottom. We don't want the painted to be divided into exact thirds.

Step Five:
Remove the masking tape. Once the paint was dry I removed the masking tape to reveal my trees. Pretty flat and one dimensional at this time.

Step Six:
Paint the bands on the trees.  My aunt suggested double dipping the corners of my .5 inch wide flat brush in the white paint and the brown paint we had mixed.   Then as I paint I will be applying both colors at the same time.  I fortunately painted several samples of a test paper because she warned me not to paint them across from each other which is exactly what I had done on my test paper.  I alternated where the brown was sometimes at the top and others at the bottom and varied the distance between bands as well.  This is really a dry brush technique.

Step Seven:
Define the edges of the trees and add branches.   Again, continuing to mix a brown color I applied the edges of the trees with a very small brush.  Working on one side then turning the painting over and working on the other side of the farthest tree to ensure I did not put my hand in the wet paint.  I painted a branch for my cardinal in the top right hand corner.  Once that was done I created a thin very light brown paint which I applied to all the spaces with no bands to remove the flat white spaces on the tree.  This was applied with a bit of a curve to the stroke to create dimension on the tree.

Step Eight:
Paint the edges of the canvas.  I mixed a dark brown color from the same colors as before.  I painted the edges trying to keep a very clean line on the top edge of the side.  With enough paint on the brush it went pretty well.

Step Nine:
The cardinal.  After checking on the internet and finding several samples that provided aspects I wanted,  I drew the cardinal.  I wanted him facing the right direction and be looking out of the painting. I drew him in black ink pen so I could scan him and clean it up.

I printed it onto red card stock a couple of times then cut him out with fine scissors.  I then traced him all again with the same black marker.  I added the eye with a white paint marker with the center created with the black marker.  I mixed up some orange yellow paint and painted the beak.  Again going over with the black marker to redefine the edges. I then cut out the wing and applied the same process again.  I then added highlights with a white pencil crayon to the bird and the wing.  I adhered the wing with 4 Zots to create some dimension.  The bird is adhered to the canvas again with Zots to add just a bit of shadow.

Here's the final painting so far. I had planned words for the bottom left hand corner to balance the bird and add more dimension.  I have not decided yet if there will be something and what it will be.  I will add another photo when I decide. I would like to thank my aunt Maria for the invitation to paint with her and for her advise and encouragement.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saskatoon Berries - Very Good

My sister and I found some wonderful Saskatoon Berries at a U Pick orchard.  Central Alberta's crop was mostly wiped out by frost when the flowers were in bloom.  Our regular place had none.  That has to be tough when that is their business.
We started searching and finally found this place, Saskatoon Valley Orchards.  The berries were plentiful, all ripe, easy to pick and we had a blast.  The price was good as well. The variety is Thiessen.

Check it out if you want berries for the freezer.

Share Your Cup #207

I headed out to the Wetlands after a visit to a gallery for my aunt's show.  It was at sunset which gives all things a wonderful glow.  There were very few birds in the water because it was way passed feeding time.  No pelicans, but everything is green and lush.

I worked on art work for an art calendar which will be for sale later this year.  I designed the owl myself using a couple patterns from the internet.  I then printed the pieces onto the back of designer paper and/or card stock and cut the pieces by hand.  The eyes are .75 inch and .5 inch circles. Small triangles for the beak and the feet. I designed the branch then printed it on a 6x6 of background paper which only had texture and no pattern.  I paper pieced the owl then adhered him to the background ensuring he sat on the branch.  I added googly eyes.
I made 12 of these for my art calendar.

I received the bouquet of flowers from a friend at church.  She prepares one every week for the sanctuary and I was the lucky girl to take it home this week.  Thanks Cheryl.



This is a shot from the tea photo shoot I did at my sister's house a few weeks ago.  The calendar is nearly ready to go and this one did not make the calendar so I am sharing it here.  This is a married bone china tea set.  I brought my tea cup and my sister the tea pot. The tea cup pattern is Serendipity by Royal Worcester.  The teapot is Mantles Knightsbridge. I will have to get the pattern.

I found a frame recently to show how my Alphabet Photography works while I am at craft sales this fall.  Very happy with this and it will provide a visual for the buying public.  

You can check here for the details for purchasing letters.

Share Your Cup #207 hosted by Carol at Art & Sand.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

HB - Stripes

I started with the designer paper features thin stripes in grey and terracotta.  I used a dark grey card stock to punch borders with the Martha Stewart Arches Lattice border punch.  I adhered these to the top and bottom edges of the designer paper.  This layer was adhered to the card front.
I cut the greeting twice with the Memory Box Jumbled Happy Birthday thin die.  Once, with the back side terra cotta of the designer paper then another with dark grey card stock.  I layered these having the grey create a shadow and adhered them with Quick Dry Adhesive.
I glued the greeting on the designer paper. I added a strip of terracotta designer paper below the greeting and adhered it to the card front with 5 tiny brads.

Sharing with the following challenges: Come and Get It Challenges - Checks or Stripes.

Happy Birthday - Embossing

I started with a turquoise card.  I added a piece of designer paper by K&C Company - Addison Blue Teal & Green Floral that features turquoise, bright green, navy and pink.
I chose a taupe card stock that repeats the light curves in the designer paper. I created an embossed band with the  Cuttlebug Anna Griffin Foulard folder and taupe card stock. I placed it across the center of the card.
I chose handmade paper Prima flowers in green and turquoise. I added a daisy flower punchie from the same accent taupe card stock.  These are all held in place with a teal mini brad.
I stamped the greeting on the taupe card stock with Tempting Turquoise ink with a stamp from the Stampin Up Little Birthday Cheer stamp set.  I punched the greeting with the SU Modern Label punch.  It was adhered to the card front bottom right with 3D foam tape.

Sharing with Cute Card Thursday - #434 Embossing

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Share Your Cup #206

Blueberries were on sale this week so I bought 5 containers.  One to eat fresh and the rest to freeze for winter time.  I love these small white plastic bowls.  They make a perfect serving and fit into my color scheme.  I placed a bit of plain yogurt, some blueberries and a dabble of honey.  Makes a great snack.  Can you guess what the original use was for the containers?  Leave me a comment.

My sister found me a glass egg cup in her travels of garage sales.  I was wanting one to use during my photo shoots to hold almost anything.  It could be uncooked rice with a beautiful spoon, turned upside down as a pedestal like in the first photo, an egg like this photo, tea leaves, legumes of any kind, a small amount of jam, and the ideas keep coming.

I wasn't looking for a water jug because I have been using my Steeped Tea Ice Tea pitcher but this one appeared with a blue handle and I could not resist. It's a better size for using on the table.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Decorative Paper - Set 2

I delivered cards to the gallery today.
This card features the Memory Box Jumbled Happy Birthday greeting cut from silver foil card stock.  I chose a blue card which worked well this decorative paper made with ink applied to photo paper with a foam brush. It was glued to the card front leaving a small border. I adhered the greeting on the bottom third of the card with Quick Dry Adhesive by Scotch.  I punched 2 holes with the Stampin Up slot punch and pulled a piece of silver metallic ribbon through and knotted it.
On this wedding card I used some paper made with the Bubble Technique.  It was trimmed to leave a small border of the card showing.
It was in the purple lavender color range so I found a purple card that would work well with the paper.
I printed the clip art wedding couple from EDigg Clipart in black on vellum then clear embossed the image and greeting.  I trimmed the vellum to be smaller than the bubble paper.
I tacked the bubble paper to the card front then placed the vellum in place and held all in place with 4 tiny white brads in each corner.  I used a push pin to create holes for the brad prongs then spread them apart on the inside of the card.

This card features decorative paper made by brushing acrylic paint onto white card stock.  It creates a nice matte finish.
I punched the one edge of the purple and the white card stock strips twith the Martha Stewart Arch Lattice border punch.  I adhered the white one on to the right edge of the purple one.  I placed turquoise grosgrain ribbon on the right and white on the left.  This layer was adhered to a turquoise card.
I stamped the Stampin Up Triple Treat Flower stamp onto white with Tempting Turquoise. I punched the Five Petal Flower punch from the same decorative paper.  These were layered and I added a TT button in the centre held in place with a Zot.
I created a bit of dimension with some white cotton thread which was adhered to the accent.  The accent was then adhered to the card front with 3D foam tape.
Great card for any occasion.

Decorative Set - Set 1

This sunburst layer was cut from decorative paper made with technique using Alcohol Inks and Floor Wax.  My mixing of colors had created some muddy colors so it was a challenge to decide which color to highlight.  I tried warm pink, kelly green, yellow cards and finally settled for this warm green card.  I cut the decorative layer with the Stampin Up Sunburst Thinlit.  I adhered it to the card front then trimmed the rays to the card edge.  I added several Prima Flowers as an accent held in place with a gold flower sequin on a gold tiny brad. I added a greeting with the SU Decorative Label punchie and a SU Word Window greeting.  These were adhered together then glued to the card with 3D foam tape.

You can check out my other cards made with this great die by following this link.

On this card I used decorative paper made by spritzing color from a spray bottle through stencils and other materials to create decorative patterns.   This piece includes yellows, greend and blues.  I chose a pale blue textured card onto which I adhered the decorative paper.  I then spread a piece of metallic ribbon across the bottom third of the card and taped the ends to the inside of the card.  I layered several Prima flowers with other silks and held them all in place with a tiny gold star brad.  Great any reason card.

This card features a clear embossed color printed greeting in bold red letters on vellum.
Once printed I decided to create a custom background. I trimmed a piece of photo paper to leave a small border then applied Tim Holtz Antique Linen Distress Stain to the center and Walnut Stain to the edges.  I made sure to touch the cut edge of the paper was well.  This leaves the sentiment very visible against the background with a great dark brown border on the red card.
I chose a red card to repeat the color in the greeting.
The background was adhered to the card then the vellum was held in place with tiny gold star brads in the corners and other areas.  This makes a great card for a guy's birthday. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birthday Card Sister

I started with a Stampin Up Night of Navy card. 
I sponged a background on photo paper with a sponge and Island Indigo ink.  I punched the bottom with the Chevron Punch.
I cut the greeting with the Memory Box Jumbled Happy Birthday thin die. Happy in Real Red and Birthday in Tempting Turquoise. 
Adhered the background then the greeting words.  I used Quick Dry Adhesive for the die cut greetings.

This is a birthday card for my sister who celebrates this week and I hope the mail system will deliver it on time.

Missed the deadline for challenge at Fab Friday but I have put the challenge graphic to show the colors.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Thanks - Rounded Squares

I started with a cinnamon colored card onto which I printed the greeting in black open letters at the bottom of the card.
I chose some double sided card stock to coordinate.  I punched 3 large and 3 small squares with the Creative Memories Double Square punch.  I corner rounded 2 opposite corners then layered them onto each other.
I placed a piece of black grosgrain ribbon across the top third of the card and taped the end to the inside of the card. I mounted the 3 squares over the ribbon with 3D foam tape.

Harry Potter ish HB Card

I created another card with the Memory Box Jumbled Happy Birthday die.  I cut the green plaid glitter paper with the greeting die.  I found a piece of navy small patterned DSP.  I ripped the bottom edge of the DSP and placed a strip of the green glitter paper behind the DSP to fill the layer back to 3.75x5 inches.  This layer was adhered to the warm blue green card.  I then adhered the greeting with Scotch Quick Dry adhesive.

This card reminds me of Harry Potter.

Prima Flowers - All Occasion

I created a couple of cards using silver metallic flowers from Prima. The designer paper is from g.c.d StudiosI - Kaleideoscope.  I placed a piece of ribbon across the top third of the designer paper and taped the ends to the back. Using the largest flower to align, I created a hole in the designer paper with a push pin. I layered a silver sequin, a white silk flower, white handmade paper flower then the silver metallic flower onto a tiny white brad.  I pushed the prongs through the DSP and press them apart on the back. The DSP layer was adhered to the front of a black card.

The particulars for this card is pink ribbon and pink handmade flower.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Prima Flowers - Thanks

I started with a teal card like the previous card as well as the other side of the designer paper.

I placed the Stampin Up Little Letters thinlits to spell Thanks onto my magnetic plate.  I ran it through the Big Kick and cut the word into the chevron card stock. 
I added some ivory grosgrain ribbon topped with a piece of teal organza which were taped to the back of the layer. 
I used a push pin to create the hole for the tiny white brad holding a large warm pink, medium turquoise Prima flowers, a small off white silk flower and a small flower sequin.

Jumbled HB - Teal and Silver

I am working on options for card layouts done with the Memory Box Jumbled Happy Birthday thin die.  I have used flowers, a punch and now I added ribbon. 
The designer card stock layer in a damask pattern has been punched with the Stampin Up Slot punch from both the left and right hand sides.  This creates a half inch slot into which I can pull a length of ribbon. 
I die cut some foil card stock from a chocolate box with the greeting die.  I adhered the dies to the bottom of the background layer. 
I pulled some half inch silver metallic and narrower teal organza ribbon through the slots and knotted them both together.  Trimmed the ends with scissors.  The layer was adhered to the teal card. 

Star Trio Birthday

I started with a Stampin Up Marina Mist card.
I created my own background with a sponge, a MM ink pad and a piece of photo paper.  I intentionally left the top part white so the happy would contrast with the card color.
Once dry, I cut it with the Memory Box Grand Happy Birthday thin die.  I trimmed to sides down to 5.25 inches and adhered it to the card front.
I cut the stars with the Sizzix Stars #2 Originals Die using Basic Gray and Real Red card stock.  They are held in place with a tiny white star brad.

Sharing with Stampin Up Color Q challenge #349.

Night of Navy Background - HB Card

Add caption
I used a background I created when working on this card
I smooshed Stampin Up Night of Navy ink onto a piece of photo paper with a wet sponge.  Once dry, I cut the paper down to 4 x 5.25 inches.  I adhered it to the Night of Navy card front.  I cut the greeting with the Memory Box Jumbled Happy Birthday thin die.  I chose Tangerine Tango for Happy and Certainly Celery for Birthday.  I adhered those to the card front with tape runner adhesive so I could easily rub off the excess.  I then above the greeting I added some handmade paper flowers in an aqua color topped with small flower sequins and held in place with tiny white brads.

Sharing at Come and Get It Challenges - Make your own background.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Welcome Card

We are welcoming a new family to our church this morning and I made a card for the occasion.

I started with a dark brown textured card.  I added a piece of red cotton ribbon across the card just above the middle and taped the ends to the inside.  I cut a medium blue scallop circle with Spellbinder Nestabilities then its corresponding smooth circle in white card stock.  These were adhered together to create the first layer.
I created a second smaller scallop circle with deep red and white.  I cut the greeting circle with my Creative Memories cutter because aligning SB Nestabilities is difficult.  I used a plastic canvas circle to align my paper piercing circle.  I glued the greeting to the red circle then added the handmade paper blue flower on the right side with a mini brad.  I then took a length of red cotton ribbon and created a flag off the bottom right hand side.  I matched these with card stock flags from the same card stock as the first scallop circle.
Both scallop circle elements were adhered with 3D foam tape.  Check out this post for the cool tool plastic canvas.

Cool Tool - Plastic Canvas Circle

This is a cool tool.   It is a circle of plastic canvas.  I use it to create even paper piercing holes on my card projects.  Using a push pin, I align the pin in the right hand corner of each hole which produces a even circle of holes on my card.

Check my next post for the card.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cuppa Tea Tuesday

I prepared tea today for myself.  I made some Oprah Chai Tea which is already sweetened combination of black and rooibos tea with wonderful spices.  With the navy cup you can't see the wonderful pink color of this tea.  No cream or sugar in this tea.

I served it with my wonderful yellow tea pot which holds an infuser so makes using loose tea very easy.

It is sitting on the wonderful wool sunflower trivet my niece made for me. I love it.  I have chosen my Ikea 365 Cobalt tea cup siting on a glass coaster. 

The plate is by Myott Staffordshire, The Hunter in blue. You can check this post for details.  I found the wonderful yellow dessert dishes at a thrift store here recently.

I'm having a small dish yummy food which includes  Chocolate Avocado Pudding shared by Sherri at To Simply Inspire a few weeks ago on Share Your Cup and the other half is Greek Yogurt with Muesli.  I have added a cranberry almond cookie for dipping and a leaf of mint from my herb pot for accent and flavor.

Sharing at Cuppa Tea Tuesday hosted by Ruth at Antiques and Tea Cups.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Share Your Cup #205

I received this Spearmint plant from my sister on the week end.  It was running wild in a garden of a friend of hers and I had mentioned I would like one so she took a bit and brought it home.  I brought my pot and we gave it a home.  It needs to be in a pot so it should do well on the balcony for the summer.  I am looking forward to adding it to iced tea and lemonade over the next couple of months.

I received this gorgeous yellow ceramic basket from my niece for my birthday.  I love it!!  It is handmade in Italy and it will be added to my tea cupboard.  She called me months ago about how much space I had on tea cupboard to replace the wooden box that was there.  I completely forgot about the conversation and voila this arrived that fits perfectly.  It will hold the bags of loose tea.

This trunk is one of the items that I have inherited from my Mom & Dad. I believe it came across the country or the ocean with my paternal grandfather. 

I will be doing some research about it, cleaning it and then restoring it.  There are plates that need to be reattached, wheels on the bottom that need to be replaced, and a finish to be done. 

I will be using it as a side table in my living room so I want to create a glass top which will protect it but still allow its beauty to show through.  I will have design the top then work out who can help me create it. 

Looking forward to this project.

 My niece made my sister and I matching pouches.  The outside fabric is wool from a Japanese kimono.  The inside is lined with yellow wool.  It can be used for a cell phone, cosmetics, jewelry, or a small purse when going out on the town.  The colors are great.  She is so talented.  Thanks so much, Suzanne.

This is one shot from a photo shoot I did at my sister's this weekend.  She owns the full set of the heart shaped cups from Steeped Tea.  I really wanted to include them in the 2017 Tea Calendar I am designing.  I took about 150 shots which included my Royal Worcester bone china tea cup with her bone china tea pot.  Her good dishes teapot and cups, heart cups and several others.  

This is a sneak peak.  Keep your eyes here for an update when the calendar is available for sale.