Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Share Your Cup #205

I received this Spearmint plant from my sister on the week end.  It was running wild in a garden of a friend of hers and I had mentioned I would like one so she took a bit and brought it home.  I brought my pot and we gave it a home.  It needs to be in a pot so it should do well on the balcony for the summer.  I am looking forward to adding it to iced tea and lemonade over the next couple of months.

I received this gorgeous yellow ceramic basket from my niece for my birthday.  I love it!!  It is handmade in Italy and it will be added to my tea cupboard.  She called me months ago about how much space I had on tea cupboard to replace the wooden box that was there.  I completely forgot about the conversation and voila this arrived that fits perfectly.  It will hold the bags of loose tea.

This trunk is one of the items that I have inherited from my Mom & Dad. I believe it came across the country or the ocean with my paternal grandfather. 

I will be doing some research about it, cleaning it and then restoring it.  There are plates that need to be reattached, wheels on the bottom that need to be replaced, and a finish to be done. 

I will be using it as a side table in my living room so I want to create a glass top which will protect it but still allow its beauty to show through.  I will have design the top then work out who can help me create it. 

Looking forward to this project.

 My niece made my sister and I matching pouches.  The outside fabric is wool from a Japanese kimono.  The inside is lined with yellow wool.  It can be used for a cell phone, cosmetics, jewelry, or a small purse when going out on the town.  The colors are great.  She is so talented.  Thanks so much, Suzanne.

This is one shot from a photo shoot I did at my sister's this weekend.  She owns the full set of the heart shaped cups from Steeped Tea.  I really wanted to include them in the 2017 Tea Calendar I am designing.  I took about 150 shots which included my Royal Worcester bone china tea cup with her bone china tea pot.  Her good dishes teapot and cups, heart cups and several others.  

This is a sneak peak.  Keep your eyes here for an update when the calendar is available for sale.


  1. I love the little heart shaped tea cup.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. Oh I love that heart shaped cup.


  3. I can imagine many uses for the ceramic basket and as a tea grannie myself, the shape and colour of the teacup are exquisite. To think your sister has a full set!


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