Sunday, July 17, 2016

Share Your Cup #206

Blueberries were on sale this week so I bought 5 containers.  One to eat fresh and the rest to freeze for winter time.  I love these small white plastic bowls.  They make a perfect serving and fit into my color scheme.  I placed a bit of plain yogurt, some blueberries and a dabble of honey.  Makes a great snack.  Can you guess what the original use was for the containers?  Leave me a comment.

My sister found me a glass egg cup in her travels of garage sales.  I was wanting one to use during my photo shoots to hold almost anything.  It could be uncooked rice with a beautiful spoon, turned upside down as a pedestal like in the first photo, an egg like this photo, tea leaves, legumes of any kind, a small amount of jam, and the ideas keep coming.

I wasn't looking for a water jug because I have been using my Steeped Tea Ice Tea pitcher but this one appeared with a blue handle and I could not resist. It's a better size for using on the table.

Sharing with Carol at Art & Sand for Share Your Cup #206.

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  1. Sylvia, love the egg cup. It has so many wonderful uses! Thanks for sharing and I love blueberries, also! Pam @ Everyday Living


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