Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cuppa Tea Tuesday

I prepared tea today for myself.  I made some Oprah Chai Tea which is already sweetened combination of black and rooibos tea with wonderful spices.  With the navy cup you can't see the wonderful pink color of this tea.  No cream or sugar in this tea.

I served it with my wonderful yellow tea pot which holds an infuser so makes using loose tea very easy.

It is sitting on the wonderful wool sunflower trivet my niece made for me. I love it.  I have chosen my Ikea 365 Cobalt tea cup siting on a glass coaster. 

The plate is by Myott Staffordshire, The Hunter in blue. You can check this post for details.  I found the wonderful yellow dessert dishes at a thrift store here recently.

I'm having a small dish yummy food which includes  Chocolate Avocado Pudding shared by Sherri at To Simply Inspire a few weeks ago on Share Your Cup and the other half is Greek Yogurt with Muesli.  I have added a cranberry almond cookie for dipping and a leaf of mint from my herb pot for accent and flavor.

Sharing at Cuppa Tea Tuesday hosted by Ruth at Antiques and Tea Cups.


  1. What a bright and cheerful tea! I love the yellow teapot. Myott is a favorite maker, and that's a favorite pattern. Looks so welcoming and cheerful! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. What a lovely tea setting, Sylvia. I love chocolate and avocado so I'm intrigued by the chocolate avocado pudding!


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