Sunday, July 24, 2016

Share Your Cup #207

I headed out to the Wetlands after a visit to a gallery for my aunt's show.  It was at sunset which gives all things a wonderful glow.  There were very few birds in the water because it was way passed feeding time.  No pelicans, but everything is green and lush.

I worked on art work for an art calendar which will be for sale later this year.  I designed the owl myself using a couple patterns from the internet.  I then printed the pieces onto the back of designer paper and/or card stock and cut the pieces by hand.  The eyes are .75 inch and .5 inch circles. Small triangles for the beak and the feet. I designed the branch then printed it on a 6x6 of background paper which only had texture and no pattern.  I paper pieced the owl then adhered him to the background ensuring he sat on the branch.  I added googly eyes.
I made 12 of these for my art calendar.

I received the bouquet of flowers from a friend at church.  She prepares one every week for the sanctuary and I was the lucky girl to take it home this week.  Thanks Cheryl.



This is a shot from the tea photo shoot I did at my sister's house a few weeks ago.  The calendar is nearly ready to go and this one did not make the calendar so I am sharing it here.  This is a married bone china tea set.  I brought my tea cup and my sister the tea pot. The tea cup pattern is Serendipity by Royal Worcester.  The teapot is Mantles Knightsbridge. I will have to get the pattern.

I found a frame recently to show how my Alphabet Photography works while I am at craft sales this fall.  Very happy with this and it will provide a visual for the buying public.  

You can check here for the details for purchasing letters.

Share Your Cup #207 hosted by Carol at Art & Sand.


  1. Everything looks so pretty in the evening. Love your cute owl and joy artwork! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. Your photography is beautiful and your art is charming!


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