Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Shirt Apron

I thought I would take up a suggestion from a friend to make a shirt apron.  This is an apron made from a man's shirt.  I was out yesterday to my favorite thrift store and I purchased a XXL men's denim shirt.  I brought it home and washed it and today I made an apron.

You will find many tutorials on line on how to make one of these.  We take advantage of many of the parts of the shirt.  We keep the collar, the side seams, pockets, and the bottom hem.  Basically, you cut off the sleeves and the back.  Trim the front to angle from the collar to under the former arm hole which is hemmed.  I used one of the sleeves to make the ties and the other to make the two large patch pockets.

I left several buttons open at the top to allow it to come over my head.  I have sown down the button strip from the 3rd button to the bottom edge to stabilize the front so it will act as a single piece.

I made sure that the stress points on the apron are reinforced to ensure a long life of protecting our clothes while cooking, crafting or creating.

On the right is the extra stitching in the corners of the patch pockets.
Here's the reinforcement on the attachment of the ties to the apron.  It helps a lot to have kept the double seam on the side which provides a strong point to support the back ties.

The ties are about 23" long which is plenty to just tie at the back but not enough to bring back to the front.

A great project!

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