Tuesday, April 3, 2018

My First Apron

I spent my day off yesterday making my first apron.  Last week I had sorted my stash of fabric and put together a couple of piece which coordinated well and there was enough to make a reversible apron.  The fabric is a solid dark green with a printed green/black stripes with white flowers.

The adjustable apron I currently use I purchased several years ago. I love the design but the fabric is very stiff and the pockets are not useable because they are straight up.  I think pockets at an angle would be more natural for how my hand will get into them. It is not reversible. It has a loop to hang it up at the end of the day.

I have researched adjustable styles on line from which I gleaned a couple of add ons to the one I have. Then I took mine to our Easter girls get together with my Mom and sisters.  We girls are of several sizes and heights so that gave me some feedback about what works and what does not work.

There was some ripping out seams and changing things as I tried it on and felt adjustments were necessary.  

Here it is!
The garden flower fabric on the left and the dark green cotton fabric on the right.

I added patch pockets in the alternate fabric on each one.

The shoulder straps for tying are long and can be brought to the front if you want.

The back features loops where you pull the shoulder straps through to then tie the apron at the back or the front.

It allows you to tie couple of ways as well.

The shoulder straps can be crossed at the back and run through the opposite loop and tied at the back or the front.

The shoulder straps can be brought straight down to the loops and then tied at the back or front.

This provides versatility to the apron wearer to adjust the apron to their comfort.


I added a loop in the front on both sides where you can pull a towel through so you have one at hand all the time.

I added a loop on the green side at the top of the bib which allows you to hang it up at the end of your time in the kitchen.

I want to thank the ladies who gave me feedback which helped with this project.


  1. What a pretty and versatile apron. Well done!

  2. Sylvia - I love how you incorporated so many realistic design features - you would think it would be normal for people who use something would be the same people who design the thing, but when you find yourself wishing for this or that, you know it's not the case! And lovely fabrics as well!

  3. You did great! It's terrific!


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