Sunday, April 22, 2018

How To: Spinner Art

I'm starting to get some creativity back and this morning decided to create some spinner art for cards for the gallery, my exchange partners and classes.

I settled on the salad spinner after checking a few things on line. 

Pros: The mess is contained within the container
          You can spin very fast
Cons: You can't see the art as it happens

I see some recent salad spinners have a hole in the top where you can add water which would be great to allow you to add paint on the fly which I think would create a different look to the art.  Not buying a new one for this feature. 

The kids art spinners are kind of cool and they run into $40-$50 range. Salad spinner around $10.

I used 4x6 photo paper as a I have good supply of those and for making cards the are the perfect size. 

  • a plastic tablecloth to keep table clean
  • a salad spinner
  • 4x6 photo paper
  • a collection of liquid acrylic paint
  • water
  • small containers to hold the paint and a place to thin it
  • double sided tape
 I selected my colors and placed a few drops in each container.  Generally, I added the same number of drops of water as the ink did not spread if it was too thick.

Into the process I decided on 3 containers.
1. color one
2. color two
3. combination of the 2 colors

I used a bit of double sided tape on the center spindle to keep the paper flat to the bottom of the bowl.  I gently pressed the sheet of paper onto the tape so as not to create a mark on my paper.

Sometimes the paper released early and I would open the spinner to find my sheet against the side.

Apply drops of ink on the paper, close the lid and spin.  Open the lid and see what happened.  Repeat process until you are happy with the results.  Thin the color to add shades of the same color.

I also splattered a few with the same ink with a toothbrush and knife to add more dimension to the art.

Ta Da you have art!  The sheets are placed on plastic to dry.  When dry, they can be pressed under books to flatten them.

This is a great process and I just loved it.

Keep an eye for the stuff that I make with these wonderful papers.


  1. Brilliant -- I wish I were as talented as you because I have a salad spinner that I never use .....

  2. Let me check with hubby and see if our salad spinner survived all of our moves .... I think I could handle this kind of art!!!

  3. I keep meaning to check the thrift stores for a salad spinner. Have enjoyed seeing the cards you have posted recently using these spun papers. Well done!


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