Thursday, April 12, 2018

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My window sill art for this morning.  It's nice to spend a few minutes putting together small arrangements to enjoy through out the day and week.  My trip to the thrift store added the small green vase to this sill.  You can check out this post for the details on how I discovered this art.

I finished this book this week.  It is about a female war photo journalist who followed in her father's foot steps.  After her father passes away she goes through his large collection of photos to produce a book of his work.  She discovers some interesting photo which leads to the secret the family and friends have been hiding from her.

The locales of Venise, Nice, and New York make for some terrific back stories.  Who would not love to live in a large house in France with a house keeper.

The relationship with the 3 sister was interesting but I found the love relationship was to tumultuous for me.  He is a war correspondent as well which adds wrinkles.

This morning was a breakfast of yogurt, rolled oats and saskatoon berries.  I had some Rooibos Chai tea steeped in a cute leaf green tea pot.

The green plate under my cereal bowl is very old and dates back to the 30's  by the Stanley Potteries in England.  I bought it because it reminds me of dishes my Mom had when I was a kid.

I was very fortunate to put away several bags of saskatoon berries last summer.  Delicious.

The white tea cup and saucer is by Johnson Brothers - White Regency.

I have 4 set which can easily be paired with my Blue Nordic or blue "Hunter".  The Rooibos Chai is a great tea and I discovered in my cupboard a bag which is several years old but having been stored in Tupperware still tastes great.

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  1. I’d love a cup of Rooibos Chai... What a delightful little teapot...One doesn’t often see a pot in green( pretty) .... “ Secrets from The Past “ ..Looks like my kind of book ..I’ll have to check it out...Thanks for the quick review... Have a happy day !!!

  2. Oh how I love your pretty windowsill bottles! The book sounds like a good one too. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Your cute green teapot is perfect for spring. I also like the versatility of your white teacup and saucer.

  4. That green plate looks wonderful!Beautiful teacup too!Hugs!

  5. First - I love that photo of the vases in the window and it looks like a "winter" scene outside. I've never heard of saskatoon berries but they look like blueberries! Interesting. Thanks for participating and sharing.

  6. Lovely window sill art with the addition of the green vase. I think I read that book a long time ago ... I think I had a hard time accepting that a family could keep such secrets from each other .... if it's the same book ...

    1. Angie, Yeah, I thought her sister were nine when she was born so it's not like they did not know what was up. Sylvia D.

  7. Your windowsill is so pretty with the coloured glass. Freezing berries in the summer is a great way to enjoy them year round. We do the same with our blueberries and raspberries. The freezer is running low these days!

  8. What a pretty windowsill you created, Sylvia! I love Barbara Taylor Bradford books, but have never read that one. Your teatime looks perfectly wonderful. Are saskatoon berries similar to blueberries? I have never heard of them.
    Happy Springtime!

  9. Everything is so pretty as always, but my inquiring mind really wants to know more about saskatoon berries... I've never heard of them. We eat fresh (or frozen) fruit every morning and I love berries. (I'll go visit Mr Google and see what I can find out -- if I still have questions I'll come back here and ask!). They really look good.


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