Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fabric Frenzy Buys

I attended the Fabric Frenzy in my area this past Saturday. This is a fundraiser put on by the Grandmothers for A New Generation (GANG).  This is a fabric sale which provides support for the grandmothers in Africa who were left to raise grandchildren when the parents died in the AIDS epidemic.

All the fabric is donated and the costs are very low.

I arrived at Noon following it opening at 9:00 am so most of the areas were picked over but I found what I needed.  They have a whole room for quilting fabric.

I exercised extreme discipline because the fabric was wonderful and the prices were crazy.  I had a list of what I needed based on the fabric I  had on hand.

My plan is to make aprons for our fundraiser for missions in the fall.

Top left: I had the yellow needed a coordinating pattern - found this rich dark floral
Top right: I had the bee fabric so I added a solid green

Middle left: I added the teal aqua leaf pattern to my teal solid.

Middle right: I had the solid warm pink so I added the beautiful pink and green garden floral.

Bottom left: I added this brilliant blue with red and green leaves to the solid red I already had.

Bottom right: I had the aqua solid so I added the patterned in pinks, green and blues.

I am very happy with my choices and am anxious to get started.

Ladies were walking out of there with large garbage bags of fabric. Amazing.

I am sure they did well. It will support women raising children to ensure their health, education and safety.  It is always held in April.

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  1. Oh, I love shopping at something like this...buying things we love and helping a good cause as well. It makes you so happy! Love your choices. And you'll have fun sewing with them! Hugs, Diane

  2. Your fabric choices make a beautiful mosaic and I know the finished crafts will be even more beautiful.

  3. You collected some beautiful fabrics and have some great combinations there. What a great project to sew for.


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