Thursday, April 19, 2018

Recent Photos

I found this bird seed bell hung in the crab apple tree at the park today.  The sparrows were having a good feeding and the pigeons where on the ground picking up the scraps.

The flag at the Legislature is at half mast to remember the 16 members of a junior hockey team who died in a bus accident on April 6th in Saskatchewan. Over half of those on the bus passed away.  Several are still in hospital in various conditions. #humboltstrong

Here's my Window Sill Art this week.  I added some dried cone flowers and some rose hips to the small vases.

I soon will be able to wash the windows and there will be green leaves on the trees.

We held our Welcome to my Kitchen fellowship get together today.  We welcomed 2 new members and were 17 in attendance.
I had a few great cups of tea.

Our snack maker provided a fruit crumble, raisin scones, lemon tarts (delicious), fruit and cheese.  We did some de-cluttering and raised some money for missions.  Our book exchange saw some new to us books and others were taken for the month. 

We had a great devotion on Freedom from Depression, prayed for those in need, and signed 3 cards for those who are undergoing surgery in the next few days.

I brought home a beautiful blue dish towel, a puzzle for Dad and a loaf of home made bread.  It is all good.


  1. Sylvia - I want you to know that your window art helped inspire a table centerpiece arrangement that I created this week - picture in my blog posted today, if you want to take a look. Thank you! It is hard to wrap our minds around God's plan when so many young people leave us ... but we must accept His will in bad times as well as the good. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Angie, I have been looking forward to seeing the new house filled with furnishings. Congrats again. I love the center piece on the table. You a lots of fodder for making this window sill art inspired bouquets. Wait till the color and the flowers come. Thanks so much for sharing. Sylvia D.

  2. Such a lovely week except for the reminder of that beyond sad tragedy -- the world mourns with you. -- Your snack maker outdid herself (whoever is the snack maker for your fellowship group always seems to do so!)...... and I am even more in love with your windowsill art than ever. I'm glad springlike weather is coming for you!!


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