Monday, May 21, 2018

Navy & Block Print Apron

I put together another apron this weekend.

I started with this wonderful botanical print in navy, red, and ivory.  It is a Guaranteed Wax Block Print by HiTarget on 100% cotton.

I selected a navy 100% cotton fabric for the other side.

I made the shoulder ties from the print fabric.  Cut the strips 3.5 inches wide and sewed a half inch seam and turned it inside out.

It is a long apron measuring at 39 inches from the top of bib to bottom edge.

I sewed on 2 navy buttons on the top center corner of the pockets which allows the hanging of a towel on either side.

I used the same strip for the loops at the back which provide adjust-ability to the apron.  I placed 2 loops about an inch apart. 

The wearer can choose both as in the photo or just one of them at the height which works best for them.

Rectangular pockets with slanted openings make them very accessible when the apron is worn. 

You can cross the straps or pull them straight down to the back loops.

The straps are long enough to allow a nice bow when tying the apron.

The print has been brought to the other side of the apron.

There is a band at the bottom and a patch on the bib.

The apron has a loop to hang it when you are not wearing it.

A close up of the back loops.

The buttons placed on the pockets to provide a place to hang a towel at hand.  It can be hung on the left or the right hand side. 


  1. Love the vibrant fabric, Sylvia - makes me think of a peacock!

  2. It's fabulous, Sylvia! I love your colors and the basic pattern!


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