Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mosaic Monday

A young lady celebrated a birthday on the weekend with a grand party!  That is a great banner.

She invited 7 friends who thought they were arriving at Hogwarts but instead they became prisoners in Azkiban. 

There were Dementors hanging about.  The prisoners had their mug shots taken with a Polaroid.  They made owl zipper pulls.

The girls squealed when they opened their t-shirts!!  They had to solve a code written on their shirts in chibis.  There was an owl stuffie who delivered a message.

There was potion water, snacks and cake of course. The girls had a great time!

The cake on the bottom left was the one served for the family party in the evening. Note: the lighting bolts which Harry had on his forehead.

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life hosting Mosaic Monday #83.


  1. Sounds like a fun birthday party! Have a fabulous week and thank you for visiting my blog this week.

  2. Wow! Someone organized a fantastic party. My daughter-in-law would love it!


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