Monday, May 21, 2018

Apron - Shirt - Tan Burgundy Navy Stripes

I made up a shirt apron as well.

This process takes a men`s XL shirt and makes it into a quick apron.  I started with a 100% cotton shirt in a stripe pattern.

I cut the front on a slant from the arm hole to the collar then along the back of the collar down the other side.  This was hemmed by folding the fabric over and again and stitching to create a hem.

I used half of the back which was removed to make the 2 front slanted patch pockets.  I switched the direction of the stripe so they would show up nicely.

The pockets are reinforces on the corners to ensure they will hold during regular wear.  The original pocket on the right hand side is still there but because the lines align you can barely see it.

In this case I did not sew down the front button hole layer as I did not what to have navy stitching on my tan front stripes.

I used some of the other half of the back to create the ties.  Cutting along the stripes I cut a 2 inch strip, folded each side into the center and then folded in half again.

I stitched along the non fold edge with the navy thread in the machine.
Makes a sturdy tie but not too heavy to create a bow.

I reinforced where the tie connects with the apron with stitching in a box pattern to ensure it does not come loose.

The ties were 30 inches or so and tie nicely at the back in a knot or bow.

Because the shirt had short sleeves it just provides enough fabric to create the extras one needs.  There is very little fabric leftover.

This fabric is not as heavy as I had hoped so the apron is lighter weight than I would like it to be.

I expect it will do its job of protecting your clothes none the less.

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