Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Custom HB Card

I created this card at the request of a friend.  Recently when she was with her 2 sisters they discovered that the letters on the key 5 on a cell phone matched their initials - J K L. 

She asked for a card with the key pad with and the 5 key highlighted. 

I printed the phone onto card stock.  I printed the greeting and layered it with pink card stock.  I trimmed the top corners to match the round corners on the phone`s screen. 

I printed the 5 key again and highlighted it with pink ink and chalk and mounted it over the phone with 3D foam tape.

I found some graphic designer paper with chevrons and mounted it onto teal card base.

I added 5 teal sequins on the left hand side held in place with bling Zots.

I hope she likes it.

1 comment:

  1. Very cleverly done! I would have struggled to figure out how to highlight the 5 key!


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