Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Recent Photos

The crab apple tree in the park is in full bloom.  It is gorgeous.

Love how I got a nice bokeh background with the flower in great focus.

Pinky purple tulips for my Mom on Mother's Day.

I love how the stems are sort of wavy.

These are red roses for Mom from Dad for their 64 year wedding anniversary!

It is always close to Mother's Day and she always gets flowers from her favorite guy.

Amazing to be married so long and still living together in good health.  So many couples end up living apart because health issues. 

Yellow and blue ginger jar from my sister who hit a rummage sale recently and thought of me.

It fits perfectly into my color scheme.

Thanks so much.

Sun setting behind a granary on my drive home from the country late Sunday night. 

I moved around till the sun was being cut by the roof of the building.

The rays were escaping beyond the roof to create the flair.


  1. Your blossoms and that sunset - just wow.

    We are so blessed to be able to see such beauty.

  2. Well, Sylvia, you knocked it out of the park with this post. I can feel the love from every corner of your life. Aren't we blessed in every way?


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