Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sewing Project - Bags for Frames

I made bags to carry my framed photography when I go to a show. 

I found the idea posted by Roger Hicks - tips for putting on a photo show.

The frames are expensive and I cannot risk damaging them during transport.
The frames are 12x12 inches so I had chose this cotton left over from this apron I had made earlier.  There was enough to make two bags for the 4 frames I have.

I placed the fold at the bottom.  Sewed my side seams then turned it right side out and sewed the edges again.  This stiffens the sides.

The way the bags are designed so there is a central separator which allows you to put 2 frames in each bag - one on each side of the separator.  I decided to use pieces of an old heavy cotton bedspread as the separator which provide some cushion to the fronts of the frames.

I added twill tape handles white on one and red on the other.  The connections are well reinforced.

The frames hold 8x8 photos which are at the printers so I headed off to pick those up and make my decision about which are going into the show.

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  1. Clever idea - and they are very professional looking as well.


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