Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Photo a Day Challenge - Last 2 Days

Here's the last 2 photos for Kati's June Photo a Day Challenge.

Day 29 - Grass

I chose the clump of new sprouted grass.  I like the fact that the grass has variety of colors including red and green. The rock provides a decent background with texture.

Day 30 - Looking Up

I've had this idea from the first time I read the theme for today. I bought myself a large bubble maker and set out. It's taken a while to get a shot I was happy with.  I went out several times in the evening but the wind was just too much.  This time I spent an hour in the morning, less clouds in the sky but also less wind.  Having to blow the bubbles then chase them around was an exercise.  I didn't really know what I had till I got home and looked at the pics.

I would like to thank Kati for this challenge. It's been fun!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

2015 - Alberta Photo Calendar

I've been working on my 2015 4x6" photo calendar. This time I've selected photos from across Alberta. I've traveled the province quite a bit it seems and no trouble finding photos from 13 places across the province.

Nifty Notes - Landscape Drawing

This is a set of note cards I made as a donation to an event I am attending this summer.
This is a collaboration because the drawing was done by my aunt Maria. You can find her work here.  She did the drawing as a donation to our fund raiser and I thought it would be nice to have her art available in a different way.  Just used my standard template for Nifty Notes and it was done in a flash.  I made three sets.

Photo - Foxglove Flowers

I'm joining Claire at Another Deep Day with a free space photo this week.

Given the choice I picked this photo I took yesterday at the conservatory.  I went to renew my membership and thought I would nip around the pyramids for about an hour.  I was low on battery power but I did get some shots.

This is purple foxglove flowers.  There were others which were white with purple dots. This one was well situated amongst the green foliage with hints of purple around.  

June Photo a Day Challenge - Week 4

Here's another week's worth of pictures for Kati's June Photo a Day Challenge. We could post every day or once a week.

Day 22 - Green

I thought I would put a twist to my green photo and chose a golf green.  I was not sure if I could close enough with out getting beaned in the head with a ball but I just had to try.  It worked and there was no one around.

Day 23 - Pair

I found this pair of chairs at the Ellis Bird Farm on the weekend. They were located at the Wetland Center on the farm and the white and navy blue were perfect for the water focus of this area. They matched the trim on the building perfectly. Looks inviting!

Day 24 - Hot

This is a cup of hot tea!  I chose a different angle for this shot. I shot it from the absolute top which shows the doily encircling the cup. I'm happy with it.  

Day 25 - Cold

This is a cold lemonade drink we had at lunch today at the downtown square.  I love the idea of putting an actual lemon in the glass. It was full of ice cubes which put condensation on the outside of the glass. 

Day 26 - Thermometer

I chose an outdoor thermometer with a digital display.  It was a really nice day with a bit of a wind to cool me off a bit. The display rotates with the time so I had to wait for the temperature and ends up with several shots to get it right.

Day 27 - Fruit

I chose rhubarb as the fruit.  My sister gave me some on the weekend and I'm chopping it up and cooking it up to eat with yogurt.

Day 28 - Yellow

You will know that yellow is one of my favorite colors from my earlier post.  It has to be a golden warm yellow not the clear green kind.  My favorite flowers are sunflowers which are yellow.  I placed them in a nice yellow vase. I glad the shot work out so well.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Card - Geometric Label

I made a couple of these cards for my exchange group friends.
I started with a black card and added 2 pieces of geometric card stock.  I cut a black piece with Spellbinders Label 22.  I then layered a Stampin Up Decorative Labels frame lit die in the geometric paper. On to this a circle greeting was mounted with 3D foam tape.  It is comprised of a green 1 3/8, 1 1/4 circle then a 1 ink circle.  I stamped the greeting with Versafine on ivory then punched it out with the 1 inch circle.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Paper Decorating and Cool Tools

I spent time with my sister on the weekend decorating paper.  I was wanting a darker piece in browns.  My Christmas Card challenge for July is background paper so I designed the pink and green for that project. I really like the green, blue, and yellow piece. The bottom pictures identify the tools we used.  Tim Holtz distress inks, Nick Bantock ink, spritzer bottles, liquid acrylic ink and tooth brushes, sponges, eyedropper.
Texture comes from a variety of common every day items.  Commercial stencils, baskets, fish net pattern of plastic and much more.

I pinned my paper to a piece of card board so I could spray it vertically.

The colors I brought to play with that day were: Radiant Rain - Plum Crazy, FWliquid acrylic - Indian Yellow, Marine Blue, Rotring liquid acrylic Blue Violet and White Pearl. Nick Bantock Ink in Cerulean Azure, Rose Madder, and Chartreuse Leaf.  Tim Holtz Distress Stain in Peacock Feathers, Crushed Olive and Victorian Velvet.

Photo - Ellis Bird Farm

My sister and I visited Ellis Bird Farm on the weekend.  What a gorgeous day!
Mr. Ellis set out to provide a safe place for blue birds to nest and raise their young.  The farm has many bird houses. Birds like purple martins, wrens, cedar waxwings and others are flying over head. Bird song can be heard at all times.
Ms Ellis set up the gardens to attract butterflies to ensure pollination and production of fruit and berries.  There is a new visitor center building will be helpful in their continued education programs.
There is a wonderful tea house where we sat and enjoyed a tea and dessert.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Photo a Day Challenge - Week 3

Here are this week's photos for this challenge hosted by Kati at Kati's Little Corner.  We could post every day or once a week.

Day 16 - Backyard

Here's a picture of my backyard.  It has a large tree which faces the back alley.  It was not very warm this week.  It's pouring rain.

Day 17 - Stripe

This is a napkin from the summer potluck I attended this week.  It's bright and perky and the word is worth repeating.  We certainly did! We had a good time and the food is always good!  I usually have a grilled hot dog at least during the summer.  

Day 18 - Something Old

This book was printed in 1808 which is over 200 years ago.  Of course, the bible is much older than that.   I chose to open the book to the 23rd Psalm. It's identified with the Roman Numerals XXIII.

Day 19 - Refreshing

This is a glass of Sparking Berry Punch.  This is a punch that has been used in our family for years.  I put it in a tall clear glass with a hexagonal base.  I added 3 ice cubes and a white plastic straw.  The white doily finishes it off nicely.  On a hot day it really hits the spot.

Day 20 - Book

This is a book I read recently.  I enjoyed the autobiography.  It was interesting to read about challenges one faces and how they handle it.  It was a good read.  She sang most of her early years and was destined to entertain. She has a great personality.

Day 21 - Summer

Aren't lilacs really symbolic of summer?  I love the way they smell. I like the shape of the cluster.  They have varigation in the colors because some blossoms are open and lighter in color and others are yet to, so they are darker.  Love the beautiful blue sky with a few white clouds which is a great look for summer.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Card - Tea Cup Birthday

I made this card for my sister.  We are getting together this weekend.
I started with a light green card. I chalked the background with a Heidi Swapp stencil.  I added a layer of vellum to soften the card and frame the elements.  I added a greeting of a color printed oval on a Stampin Up Decorative Label punchie in warm coral color. This is mounted on the card with 3D foam tape.  I added 2 flowers on the left with warm pink tiny brads.  The tea cup was cut with the Cricut and the Folk Art Cartridge.  I chalked it with warm pink.  Looking forward to time with my sister.  We are planning a decorative paper session.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2B Green - Re-purposed Cards


Some people feel badly about throwing out the cards and sentiments they received throughout the year and Christmas. As a card maker, some people give their old cards because they know I can re-purpose them into something useful.   Here's a set of cards I made from such cards.  Maybe I've discovered a new line of cards!!

Since most commercial card are larger than the A2 I make I have enough in the card to make several elements.  Like the turquoise one I punched the label from a piece of the card I cut off so the color matches perfectly.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Challenge - ATCs with a Theme

I created these 4 Artist Trading Cards for a Challenge on CST.  The challenge was to create 4 ATCs with a theme.
I chose to use paint chips in 4 different colors with 4 different words.  I cut my white paper to 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  Then I cut my paint chips with the Tim Holtz Stylized Labels.  I glued them to the top of the card and trimmed off the excess.  I stamped the music note from All Night Media in black onyx Versafine ink and clear embossed it. The words are handwritten with a fine black marker.  I then spritz the whole thing with Nick Bantock Lamp Black ink.

June Photo a Day Challenge - Week 2

Here are this week's photos for this challenge hosted by Kati at Kati's Little Corner.  We could post every day or once a week.

Day 8 - Childhood

I chose a coloring book and Laurentien Pencil Crayons.  I filled many coloring books in my childhood.  I loved staying inside the lines and making it look really nice according to me.  I had my name on each of my crayons so I would not lose them to siblings. When there is lots of kids things can get territorial at times.  I loved coloring because it was an individual activity and quiet time.

Day 9 - Macro

This is a yellow dragonfly and you can see her looking at me and my camera wondering what is going on!  I loved the focus I was able to get on the nearly invisible wings.  I took tons of shots to get this one.

Day 10 - Upside Down

I staged this photo because I wanted similar shapes in different colors and one was upside down.  I wanted a shape that it was obvious that it was different. Not sure I was all together successful in that aspect. These vases are complementary in their shape so it accommodated the closeness better. I chose to put the metallic on in the center because the others were more solid.  The fact that it has a reflection adds interest.  The black was has some reflection as well.

Day 11 - Jewellery

I chose the jewellery I wear most every day because I don't often change it.  On a special occasion I may wear something different but on average this is it.  I like pieces in silver.  A Timex watch, a brooch that I hang my reading glasses on when I don't need them, a magnetic bracelet, a white gold cross, and a set of Stella Dot Hammered Ball stud earrings.

Day 12 - Flower

I chose this Alberta Rose photo. They are blooming right now. I try each year to get a few good photo of this great pink flower. They can range from very deep pink to almost white.  I will keep an eye out for them on the back country roads.

Day 13 - Shadow

This is a picture I took of my sister and I.  We had been out on photo shoot for a few hours capturing all the cool things in nature around where she lives. There had been birds, flowers, ponds, cattails, dragonflies, and much more. At one point, I saw this shot and I'm glad I did not miss it.

Day 14 - Red White and Blue

I'm working on a stash of decorative paper using a variety of techniques.  Today, I chose these colors so I could include it in this challenge.  I rubbed the with wax candle to create a bit of a resist.  Then, I painted the paper with Tim Holtz Distress Stain in Faded Jeans and Aged Mahogny which I had dabbed onto a palette and then spritz with water. I applied it to the paper with a foam brush.  It was feeling a little blah so I decided to take a piece of acetate and brush some blue onto it with the dauber end.  It create these light brush strokes.  I then placed the acetate paint side down onto the paper and they squished and became much more visible.  I really like the way it turned out.

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Stormy Weather

I put together this trio of photos of stormy weather for Donna's Personal Photo Challenge.  For June the theme is Stormy Weather.

We have seen plenty of this type of weather this year.  I wanted to capture the heavy, puffy, dark clouds as it prepares to dump rain again. The centre picture it was actually raining and debris was swirling around in the air.  I had walked a ways chasing the clouds and I got caught in the first bit of rain.  I was trying to protect the camera and get a shot too.  Delicate balance.  I find it interested how green the center on is.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

June A Photo A Day Challenge - Week 1

I have decided to join this challenge hosted by Kati at Kati's Little Corner.  We could post every day or once a week.  With the class prep I had to do this week I decided to post at the end of the first week.

Day One - Leaf 

I chose the photo of a leaf with a water drop on it.  It had rained earlier and all the plants were wet.

Day Two - Favorite Color

Yellow is one of my favorite colors.  I have mugs, clothes, bags and my water kettle in this color.  My kitchen colors are yellow and navy.  Many years ago when I spent over a year unemployed I bought this kettle with my first pay cheque at my new job.

Day Three - Weather

I took this photo after I decided to join the challenge. It's rained quite a bit lately and this day I could see the clouds darkening so I chose to head to the river valley and what shot I could get.  I liked the bright green at the bottom against the dark of the clouds at the top.  It seems we have construction cranes everywhere this summer.

Day Four - On the Wall

I was looking for a mural painted on an outside wall but was not able to get one I was happy with so I chose a wall decal instead. 
One of the girls at work has this wall decal in her office.  It's a good philosophy and good words to live by. 

Day Five - Sunglasses

I took this photo of my Foster Grant sunglasses.  I wanted to take the photo from a different angle and I was able to get the name in the foreground.  Works for me.

Day Six - Dot

This is decorated paper I made myself this morning.  I made this polka dot paper with a technique I found on line a while back. I made some bright with purple and orange and pastel paper with blues and pinks for baby cards. Today, I chose red, green and gold because I will be making Christmas cards with this paper. The color is Tim Holtz Distress Stain - Pine Needles, Fired Brick and Tarnished Brass. Check back later to see the cards.

Follow this link for How To make this paper.

Day Seven - Water

I chose this reflection of a large building in the lake. I took a walk around this man made lake where I live and the water was not smooth for a perfect reflection but I thought it looked pretty good.  I love the blue sky.  One of the days recently when the weather was good, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was good the be outside.

Check back for my post next week.  Later.