Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Card Order - JOY Nativity

I received a request for a large order of Christmas Cards late in November.  I prepared 3 samples within a price range which fit their budget. They made their selection quickly and I got started.  I proposed 4 different colors of card stock to provide some variety in the cards. I did not have enough card stock in any one particular color either. I used Stampin Up card stock for the project.  Very good quality card in 8.5 x 11 size and I planned to use the coordinating ink in the spatter final touch.  

The holy family die cut was cut in heavy black card stock with the Penny Black Manger die. It was adhered to a white card stock layer where the J and Y were printed in black and the die cut was the O.  The die cut was held in place with a mini star brad.  The JOY layer was adhered to the card front with double side tape. The quarter insert was glued in with glue stick.

There was pressing when the card was folded then again when the JOY layer was adhered.  The spattering was the final step and then they were dried overnight.

The card stock is Lucky Limeade.

The spatter was mixed from other reinkers as I did not have that particular ink.  I had to experiment a bit. In the final color I used 4 drops of Old Olive to 2 drops of Kiwi Kiss.

This card stock is Lovely Lilac. When I checked the package which had been opened I discovered 4 sheets of textured card.  Another bit of variety to the overall project.

With out the exact reinker color more experimenting was needed.  The final color was 3 drops of Orchid Opulence to 1 of Brilliant Blue.

The card stock for this card is Buckaroo Blue.

It's interesting to see the weight of the card stock change over time.  It has become quite a bit thinner over the years.

I had to mix this ink for this one as well.  After some experimenting the final was 1 drop of Brocade Blue to 1 drop of Baja Breeze.

I was very happy to be able to create the colors I needed and it went pretty well.


The card base for this is Regal Rose. 

I had the exact reinker for this color so that was a breeze and it was a good thing as it was the last set.

I am sure the cards will be a blessing to those who receive them.  I expect some folks are just not doing Christmas at all this year which includes no Christmas cards.  

With no craft sales to attend this year, sales were way down so I really appreciate this order.

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  1. Wow -- late November was -- LATE! But I'm glad you got the order. I didn't do any shows this year and really appreciated every order I got before! Merry Christmas to you!


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