2021 - 4x6 Photo Gift Calendar - (13 pages)                                                                       $10
Shipping and handling    Canada $2.00                USA     $3.00                     International $6.00

This calendar features 13 pages (index and 12 month pages) in the 4x6 size.  They are professionally printed.  The pages can be displayed with magnets, any 4x6 frame, or hung with clips.

 2021 Garden Flowers

2021 Nature

2021 For the Birds

2021 Poster Calendar - Ready to Give                                                                                          $4
This is a 11x17 photo poster calendar. With magnets it can be put onto a fridge or file cabinet.  It can be added to a notice board or bulletin board with push pins.  It can be taped to almost any surface making it readily available where you need it.  I decided to provide subject matter that would appeal to almost anyone in the population.  It is sold wrapped in seasonal cellophane with a gift tag which makes it ready to give.

Shipping and handling    Canada $2.00                USA     $3.00                     International $6.00



  1. These are beautiful, Sylvia, and very reasonably priced.

  2. Beautiful photos! Well done Sylvia!

  3. Wonderful!Love all of them!Congratulations,great job!


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