Monday, April 9, 2018

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I read this book on window sill art from the library on the weekend. I just happened upon it last week and I am so glad I did.  She has a blog with her photos.

I was out for my first morning walk since the fall with a temperature of -8C so a tuque, gloves and a good coat were in order.  The sun was out and warm.

Having been inspired by the book I was on the hunt for plant material.

I found this dried hydrangea but it is in a building's flower bed so it was off limits.

I headed into the river valley where I would not have worry about picking dried weeds.

Some of you will have plant material readily available because you have a garden. 

Some of you already do this I am sure.

That book inspired this photo which is Windowsill Art. 

I used a trio of narrow necked vases and I created have a small piece of art.  I know I have dirty windows and when spring really arrives I will wash them.

The author recommends this process as a meditative exercise.  I support the concept.

I was working on another photo challenge and decided to use the few weeds I had picked. This mosaic is the result.  I am happy with it. You can check my Flickr here.

Sharing with Maggie at Normandy Life for Mosaic Monday #80.

Through my Lens 40 hosted by Mersad


  1. Your glass vases in the window remind me of my sweet mother. She often did this in a large window in our living room. It had shelves for display.

  2. Great artistic composition, your window sill looks pretty indeed!

  3. Such a great idea ... our new house has wide window sills which will work perfectly for this type of display, and we certainly have plenty of material to draw from on our property!

  4. Your windowsill still lifes of dried flowers are beautiful! My one regret of the house we live in now is that there are no windowsills! Our windows are flush with the walls.

  5. PS: Thank you for your condolences. I really appreciate them. I checked out the author's blog--interesting. It reminds me of japanese Ikebana

  6. amazing what we can create with just a few bottles and a few bits of pieces. Happy creating! and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  7. I love these arrangements ... very Zen-like, which appeals to me...and small enough that they’d fit in my small spaces! I have blogged about hyacinths and how they are lovely in every stage.

  8. You window art looks lovely ... I can remember my mother and grandmother using bottles for wild flowers... the dried weeds and flowers really do look fabulous...Nice work... Thanks for the info on the book....ENJOY your day !!!

  9. Syliva I love this idea. I have a windowsill in my kitchen and I always put practical stuff on there, the salt and pepper shaker etc. But I also try to add other things to make a story out of it as well. Thank you for making me feel like I am crazy caring about the windowsill.


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