Monday, February 8, 2021

Sylvia's Simple Shots

I took this photo at the bird feeder when it was still decent temperatures -12C.   

It is a Downy Woodpecker getting seeds and fat to stay warm.  I have to say I don't know how they do it.

As you can see it is now Crazy Cold and will last for another 2 weeks they predict!

This is a story about Martha Connolly who lives in Liverpool England in Court 5 very near the docks where her husband goes everyday in hopes of getting some work.  It is 1938 and the Great Depression has caused great unemployment and poverty. They live in squalor, cold, with little food and means to earn wages.  Her and Patrick live with 8 of their 9 children in one room.  One of the girls has gained employment in a large house and sends a bit of money each month. Brian, the oldest son works and contributes as well. Martha sells rags at the market. The young ones follow the coal cart and gather the bits that fall off for the range which provided heat and the ability to cook. The photos on the right show the courts.

The other timeline is 1965 where Martha as fallen, was hospitalized and now is placed in a seniors residence where residents are expected to be quiet, not make a fuss, and stay in bed. She is now alone with no husband or children. No one comes to visit and she is lonely and sad. She shares with the staff when they come to the room she shares with 4 other women. They are not very engaged so it is very isolating.

Eventually, Martha is reunited with her youngest referred most often as Number Nine whose real name was Jamie who is now a priest.  She lives with him in the presbytery.

I have been doing a lot of sewing this week.   I have already posted the blanket for the car.

This is a set of bags for the car.  The largest bag in the upper left corner holds my winter or summer gear depending on the season.  The tall skinny and Bento Bags are for other things which need to be stored in the car on a temporary basis.

The small bag on the bottom left holds the other bags until they are needed.  

They are made from black microfiber which is polyester so will last a long time and wear well.

I received this late Christmas card from a friend who moved away a few years ago. They normally don't send cards but since this was not a "normal" year they decided to do this year.  It did my heart good to get it in the mail last few days in January.  

On my day out on Monday I stopped by the hardware store to purchase some C-Clamps.  

I have used them now to secure the lamps on both sides of the photo studio.  The lamps have been known fall and then I have lost a valuable light bulb so they were worth it.  

Eventually I want to make a backdrop holder for the studio which will be secured by clamps as well.

I am happy with the progress I am making with the studio.

Vibrant Minimalism is the challenge at Flickr Macro Monday this week.  This is one of the shots I took for it. You can check out my photo stream (SMDPics) to see the one I submitted.

I am sharing with Angie who hosts Mosaic Monday #117 and Mersad who hosts Through My Lens #278.


  1. Sylvia - it is also very cold in Montana, but not a patch on -31C! Wow! The book sounds sad but it certainly gives us perspective - we shouldn't complain about anything! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and stay warm!

  2. Wowza, minus-31 temperature! Shiver, shiver. I've got stuff sprawled in a big box in the trunk. Maybe it would be a good idea for me to group them in bags. I like that shot of the yarn.

  3. Having winter gear in the car this time of year is wise. Nice job on the bags.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  4. Skeins of yarn are always so colorful , they make me wish I knew how to knit so I would have an excuse to keep a basketful on display!


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