Monday, October 2, 2017

Kitchen Reno - Reveal

I have been working on an update to my kitchen since I purchased these 2 cabinets in April 2017.  I love IKEA and these are IVAR cabinets.  This was a challenge and provided many learning curves.

There have been several challenges:
  • I added IKEA EKET under frame which includes a frame and legs in clear lacquered birch.
  • The freezer needs space above for ventilation so I have decided not to install a counter.  The cabinets also have tops so it is not necessary.
  • Since the cabinets are not standard kitchen cabinets I needed a spacer behind to bring them forward to the edge of the wall on the right.  Two by fours with brackets then topped with pretty knotty pine boards did the trick. I had to cut some of the 2x4 with a hand saw but I did my carpenter Dad proud.  Thank goodness for an electric drill he gave me years ago. 
  • I added identical wooden shelves on either side for open shelving for dishes.  
  • I installed the large metal sunflower my niece gave me for Christmas as the art in the center above the freezer.  I love it!
  • Finding trays for the inside to store what used to be in there led to a journey with several options.  

New appliances rose to the top of the priority list when I was headed to Mom and Dad`s in August when I discovered that a bracket that supported the bottom of the freezer was broken.  I supported the base as best I could had headed out.  When I returned I headed out shopping for new ones.  A refrigerator, a dishwasher, a stove and a microwave were on the list.  The ones I was replacing were over 30 years old.  This is the first time I bought kitchen appliances in my life. I did my research and visited a couple of showrooms.
The new appliances were delivered September 11th. This photo shows the new appliances. I bought very basic appliances in white as the kitchen is not a place where I spend a lot of time.  The next day the dishwasher was hooked up. I have not had a working dishwasher for about 5 years so it is taking a bit to get used to how I do things. The counters are staying tidy. It took till September 28th to get all the issues addressed but I finally have the fridge door opening the right way, the fridge is no longer freezer my food and the damage on the front door repaired.

The photo above also shows the painting of the cupboards. I posted in summer that I had put paper in the centers of the doors to see how much of an effect it would make to the room.  It was dramatic and brighten up the room a lot considering there is no windows.  I lived with paper until this week.  I will post later the process.  I am very happy with the change.

I bought a new rug at the sink in white and navy.  I don`t think it is the final solution but it will do for now.  Easily washed and good colors.

The tea cupboard is still in it`s place.  I moved the pot holders to the range hood since that is where I need them.  Navy sunflowers are there pattern.  One of the reasons I bought these appliances because of the handles. I like to hang towels on the stove and fridge.

I found a small glass lemon to compliment the other two in my blue cut glass bowl.  A day with my aunts on Tuesday found us visiting a high end second hand store.  I have been looking for a while. There it was and the price was great.

The bowl lives on top of the microwave sitting on a yellow crocheted doily.  I added a microwave splatter cover.  The microwave has a rotating glass plate.  The old one did not which tells you how old it was.  It has been sent to the eco station.

Super happy with this presentation. 

I recently found a silver tin which is exactly the same as the blue ones I have been using in the tea cupboard.  The price was $2 so it came home with me.  I have been looking for 2 years for a matching tin.

I printed some labels for each of them. Earl Grey, Herbal, Chamomile and Green tea.

I recently found a blue spray bottle for the mixture water and bleach that I use all the time in the kitchen.  Works great on stained teapots and tea cups.

I have chosen to store my dishes on wooden open shelves.

On the right, I have my yellow and true blue set of dishes. A few white plates are also on this side.  The yellow and the stainless steel teapots live on the top shelf.  I have managed to find a sugar and creamer and a covered condiment dish to match my stainless steel teapot.

On the left, I store my blue nd white dishes. The Blue Nordic dishware received a boost the other day.  I now have four White Regency teacups and saucers and 6 Blue Nordic.  I have the clear glass plates, red plates, and the Cobalt blue glass plates.  The top shelf holds the IKEA Cobalt Blue teapot and the Blue Nordic coffee set as well as the large white porcelain teapot.

You will see that sunflowers are the flower of choice in my kitchen.  On the left is a painting from Italy, a very large metal sunflower art in the center, on the right a framed tile from Mexico, and a watercolor print.

I love the plate stand, another recent purchase, as it will hold any of my plates which allows me to customize it to the dishware I am using on my table. My brother in law is working on supports for a black wire rack which will hold my plates vertically instead of horizontally on shelves. 

Further updates:
The original plan was to place some open shelving higher up on the wall.  After some discussion with a friend I am holding off for a while.  I have stored my Tupperware elsewhere for now.

The wood shelves, the spacer boards need to be oiled but I will wait till the plate rack is ready and do it all at once. 

I want to make fabric runners to be placed under the shelves on both sides. 

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  1. You did an amazing job renovating the kitchen, it all looks so fresh with the yellow and blue accents. You might be spending more time in there now that it's finished!

  2. This is just four-star fabulous, Sylvia. I love the yellow and white -- the cabinets look great and it's so cheerful. Lots of storage -- I love that. I fear I must soon replace appliances and my kitchen is so tiny I'm just not sure I can find one anymore that will be short enough to not require cupboard reconstruction above it. We'll see. It's all a project isn't it, but boy, how amazing you should feel for finishing this. Every cooking task must be even more of a joy!

  3. Hooray for new appliances! Your updated kitchen looks great, Sylvia. I'm impressed by your handiness.

  4. You've been very busy! It feels so good to have a space organized and decorated just the way you like it. New appliances are a big help, too. Your dishes are very pretty displayed in the open.

  5. Sylvia, i just love this kitchen re-do. I love IKEA too ... and we did our whole 'Canal Cottage' (the little home in Florida) with their cabinets .. kitchen/TV area and computer den (the Florida room) are all IKEA. Did you hang yours all alone? Bill and I did ours... another one of those projects where when we were done we said 'wow, done and we're still married ;>) ....

    Your kitchen is so bright and cheerful and clean looking, but still room for your collections, tea cupboard....(I love that you have room for all that ... you planned so well.) Ours is pretty basic, we have a very small home (which of course made IKEA ideal for us)


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