Thursday, November 16, 2023

1 of a Kind - Tree Scent Oranments - Set 4

It has been very enjoyable to pick up needle and thread while I watch TV in the evenings.

I pulled out another 5 wooden spools from my stash and started another set of One of a Kind Christmas Tree Scent Ornaments.

Here we have red wool with black blanket stitch around the top and bottom edges.

I added open circled around the center of the essential oil diffuser.

A black felt circle cut with the smallest die in the large smooth circle set for both ends.

The buttons matched the wool very nicely.

I did find a few new small pieces of felted wool at the ReUse Center again last week.

This is one is charcoal grey.  

I added plum blanket stitch on the top and bottom edges.

A turquoise daisy flowers with a yellow center in the middle.

Turquoise felt circles on both ends topped with warm golden yellow buttons.

The hanger is the same turquoise thread as the flowers.

This Tree Scent ornament starts with felted wool with a herringbone pattern.

I used ivory thread on the blanket stitch as well as the arrow pattern around the middle.

Black felt circles on top and bottom with tan buttons which coordinate with the wood in the spool.

This is a more masculine pattern as every one can use aromatherapy.  Essential oils diffuse completely which allows for a change of scent the next time. 

Most do not stain the fabric but the black is for sure not going to show.

This is the felted wool has aqua stitching accents.  

I followed suit and used aqua for the blanket stitching around the top and bottom edges.

The short and long stitch pattern around the middle in the same thread color.

Dark felt circles and aqua buttons on the top and bottom with stitching pattern around the outside edge.

The tree scent ornament mimics the warm green tones of a real live tree.

The felted wool is multi colored in warm tones.

I added a coordinating tiny button on the front with arrow pattern around the middle with brown thread.

The felt circles were cut from the same wool and I added warm green button on both ends.

I really anticipate a good response to these precious hand made gems.

They are all unique - One of a Kind - and will be a special ornament even if not used as a diffuser.

I really love this one!

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