Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I Love You Card

I made a card for my Dad who is in hospital and not doing well.

He is too sick to have the surgery he needs to fix his arm which was broken in a fall very early morning Friday.

I just wanted to let him know that I love him and whatever happens all will be well.

We have started the process of him moving from the apartment to a place with more care.

He is in his early 90s and has survived many health issues.

I pray that God blesses him today and that he knows how much we all love him.

I watercolored the heart, ran a line of gold metallic ink around it and spattered it with the 3 colors I used - Nick Bantock - Vermilion, Rose Madder and Plum.  Added a gold ribbon wrapped around the card front and tape to the inside. Mounted the heart to a brown card A7 base with 3D foam tape. 


  1. It's a beautiful card and I know he will appreciate it. I'll keep him in my prayers!

  2. That's a sweet card you made for your dad. I hope he improves and can have the surgery. It's a difficult time for you and your siblings.

  3. Sylvia - sorry to hear about your Dad. Injuries and illnesses at 90 and beyond are difficult -- the aged body does not recover quickly and there always seem to be complications. I hope he gets better and the transition to a new home goes smoothly.


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