Wednesday, July 21, 2021


I picked 2 ice cream pails of saskatoon berries today.  

Between my sister and I we picked 6 pails some of which are for Mom and another sister.

It rained over night so the bushes were wet but overall it was very good picking.

We visited a new place this year which has acres of bushes!  They opened on Monday and we picked on Wednesday but it was easy to pick around the unripe ones.  This gave me 4 plastic bags in the freezer.   

We visited the ice cream place nearby after we had cleaned our berries and has supper.  It was great dessert and they had Maple Walnut hard ice cream.  The best.

This was one of the first times where we got a little closer to NORMAL.  We are all vaccinated so we were careful but it was very good.

There was a couple of good storms - one was just wind and bluster but the second one was pea sized hail.  My car was protected in the garage.  

Thanks so much!  I  also got 4 freezer bags of BC Blueberries.

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