Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Sylvia's Simple Shots

I caught this sunrise shot on Saturday.  It was the first time in a long time that I was up at 7:00 am and on the road for photography instead of being there for my Mom.

I did not make it to the lake before the sun was where I wanted so I just stopped along the way and took a few shots.

It was too bad I got the power lines but it could not be helped.

Grateful to have captured it in all it's wonder.  It was gorgeous.

I watched a bit of the ceremony and remembrance of this fabulous lady on TV yesterday.

I will assume that she was happy doing what she did as she lived to 96. 

She was a rock, steady and sure, and beloved by her subjects.

She will be greatly missed.

I finished this book this week.  The Fifth Avenue Story Society by Rachel Hauck.  I always love a New York story.

Five strangers are brought together by invitation to a small library.  Jett the professor, Lexa the executive assistant, Ed the eldest at 85 trying to write a love story, Chuck the Uber driver and Dad of twins, and Coral the leader of a cosmetics company.

All of these people may look like they have it all but friendship is missing in their lives.

I love how they decide to put food into the equation even before they are sure they will continue this Monday meeting. Food is such a unifying thing.  Disarming and communal.

When they meet together they can perspectives that each one could not see on their own.  Each brings expertise and ideas which the others need.

I loved the book.

My favorite kettle is kaput! The first sign was the enamel chipping by the handle which started this summer. Then this week I found the whistle blown apart and broken.  Well that wont' do.  I used the kettle every day.

 It was the perfect kettle.  The color was exactly the right shade of yellow for my yellow and blue kitchen. I bought it with my first pay cheque when I started a new job in 2004. It was the right size and filled my yellow tea pot just right. I can't complain as it served me well for 18 years! 

Of course as trends dictate yellow kettles are not the rage these days. 

Now retired, the funds are not as plentiful as when I had a job.  As it happens, I had spied a kettle on Friday which was nice but the urgent need had not appeared yet.

On Saturday, when the whistle was broken I went back to the thrift shop with hopes that the black one was still there.

Understand black is not my first choice but when I researched this Paderno whistle kettle it sells for $100. They wanted less than $20. It was grubby but was in near pristine condition and likely has seen very little use.

I brought it home gave it a very good scrubbing inside and out, rinsed the inside with vinegar to get it back to shiny!

It is larger than the yellow one so needs to be placed on the front burner and cannot be filled so full. It pours beautifully and the whistle stays on the kettle which is a good thing.

I should not be acquiring things while my pretty stuff packed but I could not resist these 3 stainless steel bird place card holders.  They are very heavy were a good price at the thrift store on Friday.  

Their beaks have a slit which holds the card standing as shown in this picture.  I did find them on line and they are not very valuable new.

They will come in handy I am sure for Macro Monday photography for sure.

Speaking of Flickr Macro Mondays the theme this week was Sharp. The definition that the object can pierce or cut something. 

Here is a shot of a large safety pin.  I tried several creative shots but was not able to get the point and the head in the same shot cohesively.

You can check out my Flickr photo stream (SMDPics) for the shot I did submit.

I am sharing with Angie who hosts Mosaic Monday #190 and Mersad who hosts Through my Lens #355

Have a great week.


  1. Sylvia - amazing sunrise photo, and I am not sure I would have even noticed the power lines. We watched some of the footage from the funeral and the procession - what an impressive celebration of a life well-served and well-lived. I love those adorable bird card holders. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  2. What a beautiful sunrise photo! I watched some of the coverage of the Queen's funeral - it was magnificent! Definitely the passing of an era. I went right to the library and placed a hold on the book you mentioned because it sounds just like something I would love to read.
    I hope your week is going well.

  3. What a stunning shot!

    Sorry to hear about your 18-year-old yellow kettle. I actually have a yellow Le Creuset stovetop kettle. But I prefer too use my electric, variable temperature kettle. The Paderno kettle is an amazing score!


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