Monday, March 13, 2023

UnPaper Towels - Improved

Here's the second set of UnPaper Towels I've made.  

It was great to use the serger to finish the edges very professionally. 

I paired the 100% cotton grey flannel with this winter pattern which also included some grey along with teal and cranberry.

I included 10 towels in the set - 5 of each fabric.

They measure 10x10 inches square.

There are many ways to store and use these.

They can be rolled onto the roll from your paper towels.  They cling to each other nicely and would roll off just like the paper towels used to.

Whether you have a paper towel holder that sits on the counter or one that hangs under the cupboard this roll should work the same as before.

Once used, they can be handled just the way wet towels would.  A container under the sink until they head to the laundry should be just fine.

I thought I would try recycling a tissue paper box to hold them and I think that works quite well.  This box was too shallow to hold all of them but there are deeper ones.

If they were folded in such a way that one would pull the next one out  that would be cool but maybe more hassle than its worth.

A basket, a box, a bag would all be options.

This set is 100% cotton fabric and in bright primary colors.

I paired a deep turquoise color and red.  Beautifully soft.

Again, 10 in the set with 5 in each color.  

I have tied the set with a large twill tape and added a tag to explain what they are and how to use them.

These rolls will be donated to the fundraiser to be held later this year.

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