Saturday, April 6, 2019

Fundraising Project - Pocket Washcloths

I volunteered to make these for a fundraiser my niece is participating in on May 1st as a Girl Guide Leader.  Her daughter needs to raise fund for a trip with GG this summer so these hopefully will sell well and put a few bucks in the trip fund.   It was my niece who suggested Pocket Washcloths for kids.  They had small hands and a pocket makes it easier to manage.  She suggested microfiber and terry cloth. 

I purchased a couple of microfiber towels from dollar stores.

The left one is the blue one and I have just scraps left and at a cost $1.30, that was good value.  The yellow towel was one of the 3 this the red packaging set so that is less than $1.00 for each.   I selected terrycloth from my stash and reused the white ones I made to go with my aprons.

Set 1 - This is the first set I made based on some samples I had seen on line.  I cut fabric 5x8 inches.  I made .25 inch seams.  I sewed a strip of cotton butterfly fabric across the microfiber layer first. Then I sewed the front (microfiber) piece and the back yellow terrycloth piece together right sides together.  I added a yellow grosgrain ribbon aligned with the cotton strip in this step.  It is aligned along the cut edge and sits in between the 2 layers.  I trimmed the corners then turned the pocket inside out.  For this set I hem the top edge. I then top stitched the pocket on all three sides.  For sets going forward I took full advantage of the finished edges on the microfiber and terry cloth and placed the finished edges on these pieces at the top.  The other edges will all be covered during the top stitching.
Set 2 - Finding the first set a bit small I chose to make this set cut at 6 inches square.  I found that it may be a bit short for my liking.   I must remember this is for small hands.  All the fabric used in this set is the same as the first set.  Now you can see the finished edge of the microfiber at the top of the pocket.
Set 3 - For this set I cut the fabric 6.00 x 7.5 inches. Now they are a big rectangular.  I chose bug fabric for this set.  Still using the yellow grosgrain ribbon and the yellow terrycloth fabric.
Set 4 - I decided to choose a more masculine fabric for this set.  A nice graphic design in light and dark green.   In this set, I started using the white terry cloth from the hanging towels I made for the aprons.  As these did not sell they were up for reusing.  I also chose to use turquoise satin ribbon for these to coordinate with the microfiber towel.  This white terry cloth is a bit lighter than the yellow stuff I had.  Just makes a bit lighter cloth.
Set 5 - This set continues with the last piece of blue microfiber fabric.  The turquoise satin ribbon and a bit of again masculine wavy square colorful fabric.  This allowed me to use small pieces of fabric as the strip is cut 2" tall and 6 inches wide. Turn over a .25 inch top and bottom and top stitch in place. 
I hope these are a good seller. 

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  1. These are so lovely auntie! You always add such nice details to your work. Mine for home use are just plain towel - no hang loop or coordinating coloured ribbon. Thanks for putting in the effort!


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