Saturday, April 6, 2019

Pocket Washcloths - Yellow

Check my previous post for more background information on this project.

Set 6 - Having run out of blue microfiber I switched to a yellow texture one.  This one is quite light and paired with the white terry cloth it makes a light wash cloth.

The hang towels had a white satin ribbon hanging loop in their center and I decided to just go with that style.  I added this nice striped cotton strip which again does not make it too girly.

I prefer the hang loop at the side but diversity makes the world go round. 

Set 7 - I put the hang loops on the side for this set. 

A strip of warm yellow, green polka dots across the top edge. 

White terry cloth on the back.

With the last few pieces I decided I would like to try this idea out so I made myself one.

It is cut larger for adult at 6.5 inches by 9 inches tall.

I put the hang loop on the side which is what I prefer.

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