Monday, April 8, 2019

Recent Photos

We still have frost in the mornings.  I found this leaf quite covered with water crystals one morning this week when I was out with the camera to catch sun rise. 

I love the contrast in colors with the warm golden background with the darker grey of the leaf. 

Nice to have the stem out of focus but the frost in the center and edges in focus.

But a sure sign of spring is to see the Canada Geese near the wetlands at Lois Hole Centennial Park. 

Unfortunately, not much open water for them yet. We have to admire the tenacity of nature because if there was no open water when I arrived I would be saying to my mate let's head south for a few more days.  Thanks anyway.

The pond in Spruce Grove had some open water when I was there later in the week.

I loved the light that morning.  I noticed that the white patch on the smaller is darker which I presume is the female.  There were 2 set of geese at the wetlands and this was the case in both. I have not noticed that before.

I made a stack of fold top bags for sale at a fundraiser for my grand neice's trip this summer.

The majority of those I made are snack size.

These are larger because the piece of fabric was just nice to split in half.  I paired it with some warm turquoise fabric.  You can check here for sewing instructions.  This smaller bag on the right was just right to hold feminine pads.  A nice pretty bag for storing these in a purse or back pack.  Great for the girls and moms who will be attending this fundraising event.

The Flickr Macro Monday challenge this week was Look Up.  We were to look up in our environments and take a picture with our lens pointing to the sky or ceiling. 

I took this photo of the tassels on my mini blinds. 

You can check out what others took photos of at this Macro Mondays link.

You can check out my photo stream at SMDPics.

I have finally resolved my log in issues now that the process was updated not to require a Yahoo account.

Sharing with Mosaic Monday #22 hosted by Angie at Letting Go of the Bay Leaf.
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  1. I love those snack bags and should try to make some. I have plenty of fabric and this would be handy for the nuts I always carry with me. Enjoy your afternoon!

  2. Great photos! I love the geese. And I wouldn't have know what the tassels were if you hadn't explained. Once I read that, I could see it though.

  3. Sylvia - sometimes the simplest of photos delivers immeasurable beauty, such as your leaf picture. The more I look at it, the more I see. Keen observation on the geese - I probably won't look at them the same way ever again! We have seen sandhill cranes here in the last week or so. They are gradually moving north as the water opens up on more lakes. Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday!

  4. Our geese are back too. The spend most of their time in the bay behind us or across from us, but three came inside our breakwater and started eyeing my floating garden. I had to chase them off. If the get a habit started I won't have anything to harvest. - Margy

  5. spring is coming to your world while autumn and cooler nights are coming to mine. I love the little bags you made. Have a fabulous weekend and thank you for visiting my blog this week.


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