Monday, April 1, 2019

Recent Photos!

My Mom lent me this book.  It was very interesting to see a peek into the life of girls in London in the 1930-40's.  The poverty, the slums, the violence, prison time and the desperate measures taken to survive.

The sisters are Kathleen, Peggy and Eva.  All very smart but used their intelligence in much different ways.

I was intrigued about what the place the lived in looked like.  The grimy streets of Lambeth, nestled beside the river Thames. A couple of photos from the internet.

The war time was very terrifying.  Shelters, black out curtains, the sounds and smells of bombs and warfare.

In the end, stuck together and were still a close family after the war. 

I was over to my aunt's for supper after my art reception on Saturday. 

She is a great cook and obviously has a green thumb.  Check out that Christmas Cactus.

The cyclamen was a gift which has flourished in the last year.

The amarylis is wonderful.  My Mom and sister also have these wonderful flowering plants.

It was a great visit with a couple of my aunts and uncle.  We crossed over with her kids which were over for a birthday party earlier in the day.

Family and exercise are important to  this lady.

I won a prize in the Juried Members Show.

I placed 3rd out of 49 entries.  Not bad me thinks.

This  is is the winning photograph.

It was taken at an antique mall here in town earlier this year.

This was my entry into Flickr Macro Monday this week.  The theme was April's Fools. 

I put a sticker to cover the optical sensor on the computer mouse which made it not very functional. 

You can check my photo stream at SMDPics.

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  1. Sylvia - congratulations on your 3rd place finish. A well-deserved accomplishment! I made note of the book. My husband's parents were youngsters during the second world war and they have told me stories that curl my hair. I am very interested in reading more about it. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Congratulations on your excellent finish in the Show! I hope I can find the book ... I am probably of around the same age as the sisters (born in 1940] but people of my generation on this side of the pond certainly didn’t experience the War Years in the same direct way. I am very interested in reading memoirs and books about that time from the perspective of those in England.


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