Thursday, October 31, 2019

Photo Blogging Challenge - Liquids

I'm joining the challenge for October which is liquid.

This was a shot taken this month for one of my challenges on Flickr.

I placed some water and a bit of blue color into a pretty clear glass jug. 

I then added a mirror and chose netting to provide a soft background.

I love the oval stopper in this jug.  The movement of the color in the water was interesting. 

I went on a photo taking afternoon with my aunt.  We headed for the river that afternoon. 

The leaves were yellow and red, the animals were enjoying time near the water, and the weather was really wonderful.  We spent several hours with our cameras and walked a good portion of the river downtown.

This is a reflection of a reed in the water with the ripple produced by a muskrat very close nearby.  I missed him because I was focused on the reflection.

I love the cream creating a pattern in the Roobois Chai Tea held in a Chines tea vessel.

This was breakfast one morning this the month.   This is whole wheat cereal, yogurt, bananas and milk.

I am working on a caffeine free tea since my doctor has recommended this approach.

I will have more on a Masala Chai Rooibos tea later.

I use liquid honey was the sweetener in my tea each day. 

I buy it from an apiary which is located in the small town in which I grew up as a kid.  I find the price in grocery stores is very expensive and I rather spent my money support local businesses.

I have known these folks for years and trust their product.

I warmed it up a little to get it to run smoothly. 

It is yummy!

Water is a regular part of my daily routine.  I down a glass of warm water first thing in the morning before eating anything.

I try to have several 8 oz glasses of water a day. 

I decided to include an orange straw as a nod to Halloween today.

It is held in a crystal glass with straight cuts along the outside.  I love how the line of the straw is offset by the pattern in the glass

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  1. I love how much thought and time you place in each of your pictures!
    Caffeine free tee, you must be very brave :-) Chai is the only tea I actually like.

  2. What a great mix of nature shots and staged shots. You've done a terrific job minimizing reflections for both the glass jug and the orange straw in crystal glass photo. And thanks for pointing out how the crystal pattern does a zigzag job on the straw - I might otherwise have missed that detail. Good for you for taking your doctor's advice and switching to caffeine-free tea. I could probably manage that, but would have a majorly-difficult time giving up coffee.

  3. Such wonderful creations for the prompt this month! đŸ’– I especially love the glass bottle and mirror effect. Beautiful!

  4. You have a wonderful eye for creative captures. I love the reflection of the reed in the water and the composition of the tea and bowl of bananas is lovely.

  5. I like all the lines you have in your photos. So geometric. The abstractness of the straw is quite unique. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Interesting take on the theme. I always love to watch the milk move around when I pour it into my morning coffee.

  7. I also buy my honey locally. Did you know what is sold in stores is sometimes not 100% honey but corn syrup with food coloring? Blew my mind when I found that out. Now, if I do not know exactly where the honey was made, I don't trust it to be the real thing!

    1. I did not realize that at all! Amazing. I am glad to have a local supply that I can count on.

  8. You did a wonderful job with staging and the outside shot. I can see lots of thought and effort.


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