Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Oil Diffusers - One of a Kind - Set 3

Another set of One of a Kind Oil Diffusers

Marble Cube

This diffuser features a cinnamon colored marble cube with an matching insert with a hole.  I have placed wooden rods in the hole which will be the diffuser. I have placed a piece of felt under the insert to catch any drops.  The sticks are held together with a bit of jute.

This diffuser would fit nicely on a desk, in a man cave, or near a favorite chair.  The outside cube will protect your furniture.

Place a drop or two of pure essential oil on the wooden rods and enjoy your favorite scent. 

Amber and Gold 

Glass beads in gold and amber have been strung on this crystal glass square.  

I have placed a chocolate brown felt under the beads which is the diffuser.  Place a drop or 2 of pure essential oil on the beads which will makes their way to the felt.

Sit back and enjoy a time of rest in your favorite personal space.

Greek Tea Cup

I have used an old tea cup made by Pratt Potteries with the Greek design featuring beautiful horse and lady image on the front with key stone pattern around the inside edge of the cup.

I have added a black felt stuffie in the cup with a vintage button and bronze thread embroidery which coordinates well with the metallic accents on the tea cup.

Place 1 or 2 drops of pure essential oil on the black felt and relax in your favorite spot.  The cup will protect your furniture from any stray drops.

Will fit into any favorite spot as you enjoy a cuppa.

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