Sunday, September 17, 2023

2023 Sewing Machine Cover

I decided to update my sewing machine cover because the other one was just too tight.  It fit for sure but was not comfortable to put on. 

I had 2 pieces of cotton fabric I had picked up at the ReUse Center. I needed a bit more so I found 2 pieces of beige cotton which matched well enough.

With a window just behind the machine which is left open most of the summer for ventilation the machine needs a cover when I am working on a multi day project like the linen coasters I did recently. 

I started making French seams on my microfiber bags but now I just make them as a matter of course. I like the finish it provides a project.

The beige pieces where placed on both ends of the cover.

The fabric is 100% cotton - both patterned and the beige.  The beige was a small leftover. 

I sewed down the triangles of the box corners down to stiffen the ends.  I sewed tiny pleats on the corners as well to help with it standing up. It ended up a bit taller than was needed to at the end with very little thread left I added an additional hem of about 1.5 inches.  So glad I had enough thread.

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