Saturday, September 16, 2023

Sylvia's Simple Shots

My morning walks have garnered some good flower photos.

This summer I have been heading out later than usual for walks.  Sleep has been difficult therefore getting up at 7am like I used to has not been happening much.

Again, the neighbours have wonderful front gardens.  The pink geraniums, yellow straw flowers at the park, calendulas in the flower bed at the end of the street.

The purple trumpet flower was a new one for my walk.

I will have plenty of flower photos for my annual photo calendar which I have started working and will be here shortly.

I borrowed this book from my sister.  More than a Wise Woman - Elaine Gugin Maddox.

A book set in Ladyslipper Saskatchewan.  Tessy McGuigan is an Irish lass living her best life in Canada.  She has a large garden and grows ingredients for natural remedies. She freely shares her knowledge, time, and enthusiasm.

Some in the town do not understand her way of life, her way of dressing and her down to earth habits.  She is judged quite harshly by some.

She welcomes her new neighbors - The Tuckers. Jim, Penny with their 2 girls - Sarah and Emma and son Matthew.  Jim has come to take over the drug store in town which is a blessing.  The girls take to Tessy in a heart beat.

Their grandfather Marshall comes to visit from Winnipeg before the kids head back to school.  He is widowed and takes a shine to Tessy.  

A very heart warming story and all the herbal recipes are included in the book.  I will return that one to my sister as requested.

I attended the reception for this artist show - Betty Hirst with 2 of my aunts.  The artist aunt had received information and we followed the instructions to find the gallery.  The gallery has moved to smaller space and have had to change their business model to stay in business.  Parking was a bit challenging but we managed.

It was very nice with several large pieces on display. The artist lives in Calgary and was in attendance.

Given the limited space when others arrived we took our leave.  I had researched several places to have a snack.  I visited the Acquired Taste Tea Company down the block earlier and now we headed to find the coffee place.

The Good Earth Coffeehouse was about a block away so we got a bit of exercise.

The drinks and snacks were delicious but a bit on the pricey side.  I had an Earl Grey Decaf latte with a chocolate twist pastry.  Super good.

We had a good visit with a table to ourselves and with just a few tables inside and another few outside it was a very comfortable atmosphere.

We talked art, crafts, upcoming shows, gardens, taking in harvest of veggies and fruit.

It's that time of year! 

Concorde blue grapes are in the store.  My sister shared some with me when we met recently.

I also then headed out to get a bag for myself.

I remember always getting these as a kid.

Love them.

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