Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Card Club - Feb - Buckle Card

I started with the ribbon which is taped down to the inside of the card. (Turn the ribbon over to navy if you have a red card). I layered a MS medallion punch with a Stampin Up! flower punch then held them in place with a tiny silver brad. I used a tiny brad because the prongs are very narrow and it was easier to insert it through the push pin hole in the ribbon and cardstock. Stamped the greeting in navy with a small clear stamp. I punched the Stampin Up! Horizontal Punch as far as I could toward the centre. I placed the navy strip next to the edge of the card then folded half into the slot space. The next fold is even with the card edge again. That leaves a small tab which gets glued down to the inside back of the card right on the edge. The trick is to make sure it aligns with the slot. Glue the insert into the card. Now press both insert flaps towards the back and pull the navy strap through the slot and back to card edge. Slip the spiral paper clip over the edge to keep in place.

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