Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Card Club - March - Monarch Butterfly

This a great looking card. It has different fold in it. The card stock paper is cut 11 x 4.25" then scored at the 5.5 then again 8.25 which is halfway on the card front. I folded the short flap back onto the front towards the centre fold. I cut the scrapbook paper to the card front with a small border. I then glued the rectangle onto the small flap first then turned the card over and trim it even with the fold. Now the leftover is glued to the card back which creates a full rectangle on 2 levels. The black layer was designed to leave a even border all the way around. The gold paper was trimmed to just a bit smaller. This layer was then glued only on the left side an attached to the small flap. The butterfly was adhered to the gold layer with a Zot. Check out the right hand picture to see the fold.

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  1. What a pretty card and unique fold. I am really enjoying trying different folds these days. Nice to change things up a bit.


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